The Defense Mounted And Enhancement Of Cork Industry

Original Language Title: Defesa do montado e valorização da fileira da cortiça

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PORTUGUESE COMMUNIST PARTY Parliamentary Group DRAFT RESOLUTION N° 478/X-4th "DEFEND the MOUNTED, valuing the ROW of CORK" in deciding to set up in June 2006, on the proposal of the parliamentary group of the CFP and the favourable vote of all parties with parliamentary representation, the Working Group "DEFEND the MOUNTED, valuing the CORK ROW", the Parliament gave a first and very important contribution in order to be given to this important and strategic national rank the attention that was long due.

In approving a year later, June 6 2007, unanimously a resolution on the same subject, "DEFEND the MOUNTED, valuing the CORK ROW", the Assembly of the Republic, as set out in the preamble to the resolution, took on a new and decisive political commitment in order to follow so attentive and continuing this important strategic sector and the national economy and take the initiatives considered necessary for the protection and development of the same.

It is from this new way of looking at this important fact and bearing in mind the strategic line of "DEFEND the MOUNTED, valuing the CORK ROW", the parliamentary group of the CFP has been monitoring closely the evolving situation in the sector by promoting to that contacts with workers and businessmen connected to the same so as to grasp better the difficulties , their causes and possible measures to be taken in order to overcome successfully.

2 in the course of these contacts has the Parliamentary Group of the CFP was informed of situations and facts which require thorough and urgent investigation by the competition authority and, consequently, of measures to unlock the stranglehold that will be victims hundreds of entrepreneurs in the sector, they say, by the position and monopolistic measures that have been imposed by the Amorim Group and even satellite companies in particular at the level of marketing, or the amount you want downstream of the transformation.

According to information gathered in the course of their recent Parliamentary days held in the District of Aveiro, on 6 and 7 April 2009, there will be at the present time about 600 of micro, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs at risk of bankruptcy and consequently approximately of 5000 jobs at risk due to the deliberate strangulation the marketing of your production.

Are entrepreneurs who know the area, know produce and want to produce, but you will be unable to commercialize the product of your labor due to unfair practices that have been intensifying.

The amount there will be pressures and intermediate actions along the Cork producers aiming at hindering the acquisition of raw material on the part of some companies and the instability of prices that have nothing to do with any actual market changes and. At this time there will be producers with production manifests itself in difficulty in the last campaign what is really driving the decision not to proceed to new extractions.

Downstream will be to use mechanisms and influences in the sense of not allowing the normal disposal of production, there will be recourse to companies based in "offshore" for marketing operations of dubious legality and legality and dumping with the manifest aim of liquidating the competition.

"DEFEND the MOUNTED, valuing the CORK ROW" requires stability in the sector, effective policies to combat monopolistic practices and measures that can contribute to overcome bottlenecks that are 3 check and that can, everything indicates, result not so much of market instability or of so-called "international crisis", but more of the deliberate action of a few to by taking advantage of the situation, strengthen their positions in the sector, eliminating competition and getting new and unjustified state aid.

Against the exposed: the Assembly of the Republic decides, pursuant to paragraph 5 of article 166 of the Constitution of the Republic, to recommend to the competition authority the in-depth investigation and urgent about what's happening in this important and strategic sector for the national economy, in particular at the level of upstream and downstream marketing with a particular focus on imports and exports and measures taken or proposed recommendation as it considers necessary for the normal functioning of the market and stability of the sector.