Elevation Of The Village Of Tavarede, In The Municipality Of Figueira Da Foz, Coimbra District, Village

Original Language Title: Elevação da povoação de Tavarede, no Município da Figueira da Foz, Distrito de Coimbra, à categoria de Vila

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Read the untranslated law here: http://app.parlamento.pt/webutils/docs/doc.pdf?path=6148523063446f764c3246795a5868774d546f334e7a67774c336470626d6c7561574e7059585270646d467a4c316776644756346447397a4c334271624463304e5331594c6d527659773d3d&fich=pjl745-X.doc&Inline=false

Draft law ° 745/X/4.  ª 1 GROUP Bill n. ° 745/X/4.  ª Elevation of Tavarede, in the municipality of Figueira da Foz, a village display of motifs I â € “ Brief Optical characterization of 1. ³ Rico story framing the word Tavarede is still today to constitute a a ³ gnita. However, there are references to the those of Tavarede derive from the word Tavah, meaning mark or limit.
The settlement of the territory by ³ rio de Tavarede made before the series c. XII. Not far away stood the remarkable medieval castle of Santa Eulà lia will (or Santa Ovaia), based on a free fortà castro from the iron age. This castle, still in the c. XII to XIII, was called € œ civitasâ €  â, which was domestic, without doubt, the whole coastal zone where you understand Tavarede. In any case, the population does not exist here without interruption of µ s, as leads to assume the State site of the present City of Figueira da Foz, in the second half of the c. XI, place which then seems to be a € œ €  â logoâ or after th contents of the pria œ ³ € â €  alti-medieval villaâ of Tavarede. Depopulation, of course, was is action from the Moors, as given on the site of the present, as with Tavarede, as it is known to all of µ documentary about ruÃ, es for they caused, the Church of s. Julià of Foz do Mondego, and then entrusted, for restoration and restocking, the Abbot Peter who had come from the land of the Saracens, and that was a moà § Arabic as d. Sisnando. If the Abbot Peter, as he himself says, extended to your action of presà º ria and town centre to the South of the River, until current Lavos is not surprised that also had North € œ € â logo⠝ Church of s. JuliÃ, that is, for being too close to Tavarede. In 1092 d. Elvira and your husband, the Governor of the territory by ³ River, d. Martim Moniz, make donation â € loco œ sancti Martini in villa Tavarediâ €  the next cer ³ D. John Gosendes, opulent master that was especially inherited in Beira Alta (present municipality of s. Pedro do Sul).
The limits stated in the diploma sees that the donation included at least the current parish of Tavarede, with your Church: â €  East the Villa several rzea, which limits with Tavarede by Azambujeiro penalty, and hence arrives at the sovereiro moving in curved direction of the tumulus;
2 PARLIAMENTARY GROUP to the West, the Villa Alamede; to the South is the site of the salinas near the Mondego River; to the North the Villa de Quiaiosâ € . In 1406 d. Afonso Navy, with the consent of your husband, made donation to the monastery of the Seià of their goods ³ and root method in Tavarede and other places, to be € œ familiairaâ €  â the convent be join of prayer µ s and good works and be buried, if the were to apply, at the monastery. From a very early age was Tavarede a couto and municipality, which King Manuel I gave foral, in Lisbon, on 9 may 1516. By that time was founded by ³ nio Antônio Fernandes of frames € Tavaredeâ House œ â € , which was created by the family read Frames to the third count of Tavarede, extinguishing the tà tulo with the death of this last in 1903. In the 18TH c. There were three shrines of Lord do Areeiro, the Lord of the ground and of Santo Aleixo (this, University), all well equipped with lace, by donation µ s, but which are there in ruà ³ purposes of sà © c. past as well as the monastery of Franciscan Nuns of Santo Antônio ³ nio, of our Lady of hope , founded in 1527, with protection of d. João III. The municipality of Tavarede ended in 1834, extinct by liberalism. Ever since the Pombaline Decree of 12 March 1771, which had created the District of Figueira da Foz, belonged to this, unlike the ancient privilege of the Christian.  œ € Big Enciclopà © Brasileiraâ €  and Portuguese day recorded for the following locations: Tavarede Mills, Caceira, Carritos, Casal da Areia, Casal da Quinta and Couple of Robala, ground, counties, hope, Rusty, Matioa, weight, London, Lord of Areeira, Tavarede and several rzea. Tavarede is three kilometres from the mouth of the Mondego ³ metres and along with are JuliÃ, Buarcos, Village Green and are Pedro, is include of the urban area in the municipality of Figueira da Foz. Tavarede is also known for Limoneteâ land œ € â € , a term originated in a legend that has as protagonists a moura encantada and a Christian Knight, this last was the service of Cidel Parents, Lord who had Tavarede under your protection. Reportedly, the Knight the way Chen to participate in making this city the Moors when on Mount Santa EulÃ, found refugee in a cave 8 enchanted Moorish, there fangs for a spells that your father, a Chief Arabic, had them released for hunting not rem in power of the Christian. One of them, Lipika name, explained that the your the spells would be broken, so a ncipe you repeat three times: â € œ are beautiful as the Solâ € . The Knight soon broke the spells, saying the phrase, to which he added: â € œ the Earth to bring you the one who comes find you will be a aprazà land, rich of plants aromà practices including a PARLIAMENTARY Group 3 # frog and smell nice, persistent and gentle, that will give you name and achieved will famaâ € . Thus joined to odours aromà Tavarede static from limonete.
2. Situation and structural geogrà General Tavarede is one of eighteen parishes of the municipality of Figueira da Foz and include, along with are JuliÃ, Buarcos and are in your area. Has an extension of km ² 9.70 to the area and is located roughly 3 km from the Centre of the municipality of Figueira da Foz. It is located northeast of s. JuliÃ, Northwest of Vila Verde, West of Brenha and Trouble South of Quiaios and Brush and East of Buarcos and are JuliÃ. 3. Optical characterization of the demographic is Tavarede has, according to the CENSUS of 2001, 7,722 inhabitants, with a population density of 796.1 km ²/inhabitants. In 2004 the number of voters was 7,000.

(II) â € “ Optical characterization of social, cultural, economic and population ³ 4. Paà monuments of Tavarede the Paà of Tavarede is the ex-libris of Tavarede. Warrant to build in the 16TH century by ³ nio Antônio Fernandes, 1 Morgado de Tavarede, a Knight of the Spanish ascendà which provided different services is Portuguese Crown, particularly how Tin of azemmour, the

who was confirmed by letter of Cotta Of the brazà Weapons that, even today, the old facade the Paà sports. Over the years, the cio's building was the target of important changes µ is your initial architecture. At the end of the eighteenth century was recast the north façade and during the 19TH century the works of restoration, in false Manueline changed almost completely to your strokes the original, that was just the Northern facade, the passage to the page inside the main door's uncle and a Manueline window which is is guarding the Municipal Museum. Already in the 20TH c., the Paà of Tavarede passed from hand to hand until it was acquired by the Municipal Chamber of Figueira da Foz in 1981. Was classified as Imam ³ of public interest by Decree 28/82, of 26 February. After ³ s a long period of slow perà agony that led is ruà on, numerous cio is rebuilding your, which are kept in concluà ³ princà principles of 2006. There work the services of DASE and Division of youth and sports of the Municipal Chamber of Figueira da Foz 4 PARLIAMENTARY GROUP and, since November 17, 2006 there is also running at â € œ â € already Point Store  in the municipality of Figueira. Are laid down to brief, on this site, other substances linked Valencia is youth. Tavarede source the source of Tavarede is the Apple of the eyes of the inhabitants of the town centre, which is reputed to have the best water in the municipality of Figueira. Built in 1876, was then the target of various changes µ, the last of which in 1993. Flanked by two panels of tiles, where it is praised the quality of the water and the beauty of the locale, in two blocks by the poet Carey Martha, the fountain is topped by another Panel, depicting the baptism of Jesus Christ. In one of the side walls, also in tiling, are honored "those who have freed themselves from death by honoring and dignificando Tavarede". We can read the names of Master Jose da Silva Ribeiro, Violinda Medina and Silva, Joao da Silva Paste, ³ nio Antônio Jorge Silva and Jose Nunes Medina, which constitute the honor roll of the parish. Largo d. Maria kind lia de Carvalho in the Centre of the town centre and in the square with your name is honored Maria kind lia Vaz de Carvalho, the first primary school teacher officer teaching in Tavarede. Beyond your bust, toponà mica plate has the following to say: â €  Largo D Maria kind lia de Carvalho, illustrious Teacher who for more than 20 years was selfless mother some spiritual generation µ s of tavaredenses. Tribute of respect and gratitude of the people of Tavarede. Spring 1947â € . Statue of Digg already the µ s rural tradition and their employees are immortalized in the statue of Digg, located in the area where in ancient times were the most productive fields in the region. 5. Religious equipment parish church the current parish church s. Martinho de Tavarede already existed in the c. XI, being that could be much earlier (the Holy Bishop turonense is the most remote of µ s devoà hispà ¢ nicas) and had been destruà by the Moors and the mare's your aro, since the your neighbor was s. Julià of Foz do Mondego. The Church of St. Martin must have been the Earl d. Sisnando, yeah it passed into the possession of your daughter d. Elvira. On the other hand, do not speak of your Foundation, which leads to assume, by the way, it was already old, but outside presð or sisnandina settlement, as are ³ so why have her d. your â € œ as Elvira Church ³ priaâ €  building, without having established her or her father. Inside, there is a sink of holy water dating from the year 1600.
GROUP 5 Chapel of Santo Aleixo within 50 meters of the church lies the chapel of Santo Aleixo. Works as a Parish Hall and Sunday school room of children. On toponà off mica plate Santo Aleixo can read that â € œ the primitive Chapel standing by the site was the headquarters of a brotherhood that kept a hospital to wrap up the pilgrims and the poor, sec. XVIâ € . Love that nourishes the theatre has Tavarede your most representative monument in bust of Master Jose da Silva Ribeiro. Opened in 1990, in front of society wide statement Tavaredense, honors a great man that stage art, who died in 1987. Chapel of São Antônio ³ nio s. Paio Chapel Church of all saints of the š recent Days 6. Feasts and fairs feast of s. Martinho every year, on 11 November, the population of Tavarede solemnly celebrate the Saint Martin. The tradition, religiosity and involve the most important folklore and ancient neurologic manifestations of faith of this locality. The celebration is initiated with the mass, moment in which residents and visitors that Flock is party pay homage to the Patron Saint and thank thanks granted. Then, the procissÃ, which runs through the main streets of the seat of the parish. The procissà is composed by several walking frames, representing the places for which people make donation µ s. And, finally, to accompany a drink good water-feet and roasted chestnuts, an auction aimed at selling the gà © genres donated, whose proceeds in favour of the Church and its charities. Day of the parish Celebrated the day on May 9. Date of the Charter by assign El-Rei d. Manuel in the year 1516 1 may of a popular Party with a lot of tradition in Tavarede and which is thus described in the publication "aspects of the Figueira da Foz" of 1945: GROUP 6 "Drink in alvor in the morning of 1 may, pure water, hot and fresh , the source of the miracle worker go rzea of Tavarede-is the tradition that provides health, happiness, joy and luck for the whole year. So all the people of the land to the neighbourhood of the beautiful and bubbly village groups and join the praxista morning in largo where the spout rumoreja in a crystalline wire. There is the moÃ, which does not consume the ultimate night April blossom your crock-pot red-what is big contest at present, whimsically adorned, the camera, enjoy lovely ntaras. Yet the sky is a riddle of stars and barely laiva the spring a tà © nue and soft clarity, already down from the ncaros page of the cruise, the Robin's azinhagas, the road of Mira â € “ following the path easy and handy of several of rzea Tavarede â € “ ranchadas moà people and rrula gas singing and dancing, among laughter and folgares. " At present, as no longer exists the source of several rzea, ranching moving to Figueira

where acting on several sites. Feast of Santo Antônio ³ nio Sto. Antônio ³ nio is the patron saint of the existing chapel in place of Carritos in June is carried out the party in your honor.
7. Population clusters Tavarede encompasses the following clusters: Tavarede, Rusty, Borleteira, various, mature sand rzea, Pig Valley, ground, Carritos, low Caceira, Senhor do Arieiro, Couple of Robala, Araà # jos, Matioas, counties, Quinta do PaÃ, Robin, Mills, hope, and Vergieira.
8. collective Equipment Tavarede µ and has following equipment:-day and A.T.L. of St. Martin;
-Home of St. Paul;
-Garden of childhood and EB1 from the House of our Lady of Rosà in-store Point-already A single medical Clan;
-A single Clan, DentÃ;
-A Clan of Hemodià analysis;
GROUP 7-1 pharmacy;
-A swimming pool;
-Three public EB1;
-Secondary School Dr. Joaquim Carvalho;
-Three tennis courts covered;
-Three tennis courts discovered;
-Two tennis;
-1 is dio;
-Three day care centers;
-Workshop of painting pottery mica;
-Four public sources;
-Two public wash-houses.
9. µ s Cultural Association, Sports and recreational Tavarede µ and the following features: authorities-Society statement Tavaredense;
-Carritense Musical Group;
-Tavaredense Musical Group;
-Sports Club and friendship of London;
-Sports and recreation Group of the ground;
-CNE € “ 1215 Group; â
-Association of the Scouts of Portugal â € “ 30 Group;
-Aero Club of Figueira da Foz;
-Rancho Rico ³ Folclà de s. Martinho de Tavarede;
-Goju Ryu Club Figueirense;
-Gym Club Figueirense;
-Naval membership January 1 may;
-Association of students of the school, Dr. Joaquim de Carvalho;
-Portuguese Association of disabled people;
-Cooperative grain to grain. IPSS:-Parish Center of St. Martin;
-House N th Mrs. Rosà is;
-Association Live in Joy;
-Fig membership Alive.
GROUP 8 10. Trade and services Tavarede has the following establishments and µ:-condomà management domains;
-Two companies of civil construction;
-Carpentry and joinery;
-Two big superfan cies;
-Two bakeries;
-Three bakeries and confectioneries;
-Fourteen cafes;
-Five stationery-Four grocery stores;
-Two medium superfan cies;
-Three companies of products for the civil construction;
-Five fast-food shops;
-Seven restaurants;
-Three hairdressers and barbers;
-Cosmetic products company;
-Two shoe shops;
-Two studies, management, accounting and consulting;
-Three electrodomà stores users;
-Three cinemas;
-Warehouse of plants and flowers;
-Carglass Workshop;
-Three automatic ³ stands available;
-Three automatic ³ workshops.

III € “ µ s Completion â the elevation is a village of Tavarede, in the municipality of Figueira da Foz, Coimbra district, apart from responding to the legitimate aspirations of the legà population, is based on important reason ³ µ s historical nature rich, social, cultural and economic ³ mica that were summarily described in the exhibition grounds. Thus, in accordance with constitutional and applicable regulations and in accordance with the provisions of law No. 11/no. 82 Â, of June 2, the undersigned Members of the PSD parliamentary group present the following Bill: PARLIAMENTARY GROUP Article 9 only the town centre of Tavarede, in the municipality of Figueira da Foz, is elevated village.

Mr Miguel Almeida