Elevation Of The Village Of Navy Waves, In The Municipality Of Figueira Da Foz, Coimbra District, Village

Original Language Title: Elevação da povoação de Marinha das Ondas, no Município da Figueira da Foz, Distrito de Coimbra, à categoria de Vila

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Read the untranslated law here: http://app.parlamento.pt/webutils/docs/doc.pdf?path=6148523063446f764c3246795a5868774d546f334e7a67774c336470626d6c7561574e7059585270646d467a4c316776644756346447397a4c3342716244557a4e6931594c6d527659773d3d&fich=pjl536-X.doc&Inline=false

1 DRAFT law No. 536/X ELEVATION of NAVY WAVES, in the MUNICIPALITY of FIGUEIRA DA FOZ, a village the explanatory memorandum, the parish history of Navy waves belonged to the older municipality of Lavos and Paião, extinct in 1853. In 1928 was constituted a civil parish.

The village of Navy waves exists since 1886 and comes from the agglomeration of several existing couples to the East of the main road that runs through the current village, these couples that already existed around 1809.

Part of the territory of the current parish, Northwest of E.N. 109, belonged to Couto de Seiça. The Cistercian monks of the monastery de Seiça have been due the boost given in these lands to settlement and agriculture. Another part of its territory (West of E.N. 109) was part of Couto de Lavos. Advocates that, in times when the coastline was further East than the current, had existed here salt sea, reason that would have justified the choice of place name.

Praia da Leirosa is certainly its oldest settlement, initially characterized as a group of barns (very closely related to those of the grave and the Costa de Lavos). Fishing and fishermen land par excellence started to meet seasonal activity practiced by men from the interior here meijoeiras networks launched. His most significant settlement will have started in 1865 by impulse of José Francisco da Silva 2, son of José da Silva, fisherman drag arts, since 1815, on the coast. Their huts on the beach, covered with straw (or reversing), there are no any traces, even those in wood, replaced, some with ground floor, adobe, and upper floor with wooden balcony facing the front and outer staircase. With the appearance of the brick and concrete, these dark wooden buildings and buffeted by the wind and sea air disappeared and Praia da Leirosa took new setting, losing individuality. The sloop was the fishing boat here adopted by the esgueirões (so called Praia da Leirosa fishermen) able, because of its configuration, the Riptide, dangerous predicament but usual in homeless beaches. The religious festivities of Praia da Leirosa honor, as it should be, who protect the fishermen. Nossa Senhora da Boa Viagem is the local Patron Saint, to whom men and women indulge in prayers asking for blessing and protection for sea travel.

Without doubt the biggest impetus for the development of the Navy waves due to the installation, in 1965, of the pulp industry (Paper) that, with the industry of production of paper (Soporcel, 1984), in the nearby parish of Lavos, come from employing since its installation in this region, a very significant number of local labour.

In addition to the work that is still fishing engage the coastal population, agriculture remains resource for little more than the family livelihood.

Stands out, however, in this scenario the cooks, in place of Woods. With an area of about 100 hectares, holds 12 acres dedicated to the cultivation of different varieties of vines. Of them dominate the Berry (or Poeirinho) in reds, and Maria Garcia (or Fernão Pires) in white. Your cellar, well equipped for the treatment of wine grapes, associates modern technology to tradition, preserving the traditional stone lagares, along with modern stainless steel tanks. The recognized quality of the wines of the Quinta dos Cooks put today the county on national wine route. 3 the legend of the Lady of the waves that, around 1600, a Miller named Fernando, lived a water mill near the stream came from the Pond of the linens and would result in the sea near the site where later founded the village of fishermen of Leirosa. This Miller that periodically carried flour to distant places of Coimbrão, would have found on one of his trips, the image of a Saint. Later a his family have built a chapel where you put the image, giving it the name Lady of the waves.

Wanting people to strengthen this story include that between 1725 and 1770, clashing right ship crewman with a violent storm and risk of shipwreck, promised to erect a chapel to our Lady of the waves if its boat and crew if saving. So going on, was fulfilling the promise and, thus, would have been built the Chapel, in 1744, in honor of Mrs. miracle worker.

The primitive temple would be, however, ignited by the wave of destruction left by the French invasions. The image of the patron saint was removed from the flames and given the store a family who later took up residence in Cascais, having, however, lost the whereabouts.

When he was finally found, returned and restored, the image of the patroness resumed its place in the chapel.

At the end of last decade to 50 going on aim in the Constitution apply to autonomous parish (1958), this chapel was temporarily elevated to the category of Church. However, another main temple if he engineered. The new parish church was born and would be inaugurated in January 1961.

4 Party of the Holy Traditions of the Pretty Chapel of s. Jorge takes the name of the Nice village that began to take shape in the middle of the Moor and dos pinhais by mid-century. XIX. Small, truly popular feature, especially for your front porch adorned main, only opens once a year, on Sunday fat, to receive payment of the promises made to s. Jorge, this popular and affectionately called "Saint of Fighting". "In the old days, you could see oxcarts, donkey carts and animals giving several laps to the Chapel, in the fulfillment of promises of devotees. The sale of the pork reaches the peak of the party, followed by music that starts dancing. It's a party not controlled by the Church, eminently popular root ". (Manuel da Costa Cintrão). A tradition that counts more than a century of existence.

The Geographic and demographic Characterization the parish of Navy waves stretches over an area of about 36 km ², where 3,039 inhabitants (according to the 2001 Census), of whom are 2,701 active voters.

The Parish consists of the following villages: Cypress, Woodlands, giant, St. George, Matos, Seiça, Cabeço da Pedra, Sa, and Navy wave Leirosa, the latter being the seat of a parish.

In these villages there is some trade and industry, and to point out the deployment of the Celbi pulp mills (in its entirety) and Portucel/Soporcel (partially).

5 currently Marine wave village has about 1,500 inhabitants, of which 805 are active voters.

The Collective Equipments In Marine village of the waves we can find several collective equipments, among which:-the building of the Parish;

-Medical assistance station, with two doctors, two nurses and auxiliary and administrative personnel (all working days);

-Pharmacy (open 6 days a week);

-C.T.T. station (open all days);

-The Bank branch, with ATM (open all days);

-Two Communities: – Associação Cultural Recreativa e San Marino national Sports-based, ballroom and covered Sports Pavilion for the practice of sports practiced in Hall;

-The House of the people of Navy waves – one for the 3rd Age IPSS, day care and home support.

6 the day care is open every working day and the home support is permanent.

The House of the people also has headquarters, ballroom and other rooms.

-The Scout group 1224, with its own headquarters.

Navy of the waves is served by collective public transport, road (Road of the Tagus, s.a) and by rail (C. P) taxis.

In addition, it has a primary School of the 1st cycle, with about of 30 students, and a kindergarten, with 25 students (having same, nowadays, the waiting list).

Navy of the waves is currently served by State Road 109/IC1 and in the future, it will be by the A17 to exit node on the northern boundary of the village.

Navy waves offers the following facilities:-market, with its own building and enclosure discovered where in 2 days of every month the Monthly Fair, as well as the Sunday Market;
-Church-Where originates the religious festival in Honor of the Patron Saint our Lady of the waves;
-Centenary Chapel;
-Discovery pool.

7 economic activities and commercial and industrial establishments: Industry-Cellulose Beira Industrial Celbi –, S;
Portucel Soporcel S.A./-;
-Lusiaves – industry and Food Trade, s.a, with about of 450 workers;
-Coelho Neto & Cª. -Civil construction and public works, with about of 24 workers;
-Transel – Sociedade de transport, Lda. -With about of 9 workers;
-Pavinnetto-industry and construction, Lda. -with about 8 of workers;
-Plastdiversity, Lda. -Processing of plastics;
-Ruijocar-building society, Lda. -Civil construction and public works;
-Gil & Pedrosa, Lda. -National and international transport operations;
-Adelia da Conceição Angela-cattle and milk production;
-Mary of the Annunciation r. Marques-exploration of cut flowers and ornamental foliage.

-Butcher shop;
-3 Mini-markets;
-2 Bakeries/Patisseries;
-3 Restaurants;
-8 Cafes;
-2 Gold/watch shops;
-2 barbers/Beauticians;
-1 hardware store;
-1 Laundry;
-1 ready-to-Wear; 8-1 shoe store;
-1 Florist;

-1 shop for housewares;
-2 sports shops;
-1 Computer Shop;
-1 Stationery;
-1 Furniture store;
-1 knitting Store Curtains and others;
-1 machine shop and hygiene and cleaning products;
-2 Stands for automobiles;
-Mechanical Workshop 1-Auto;
-1 Workshop-sheet and auto paint;
-1 repair workshop and selling mopeds with and without motor;
-Lathe Workshop 1;
-2 fuel pumps;
-3 road transport companies;
-2 retreading and auto cleaning Firms;
-2 accounting offices;
-1 law firm;
-1 art and embroidery shop;
-1 Undertaker;
-1 Carpentry;
-1 store;
-2 insurance agents;
-1 individual clothing Entrepreneur;
-1 mounts put firm and high voltage.

9 So, in accordance with the rules and applicable legal, Mr petition presents the following draft law: Article only the settlement of Navy waves, in the municipality of Figueira da Foz, is elevated to the category of village.

São Bento Palace, June 4 2008.

The Social Democratic Party Deputy Miguel Almeida