Elevation Of The Town Of Portland, In The Municipality Of Vagos, Aveiro District, Village

Original Language Title: Elevação da povoação de Soza, no Município de Vagos, Distrito de Aveiro, à categoria de Vila

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Read the untranslated law here: http://app.parlamento.pt/webutils/docs/doc.pdf?path=6148523063446f764c3246795a5868774d546f334e7a67774c336470626d6c7561574e7059585270646d467a4c316776644756346447397a4c33427162444d344c5667755a47396a&fich=pjl38-X.doc&Inline=false

Draft law of elevation of the town of Portland, in the municipality of Vagos village [1/5] DRAFT law No. 38/X ELEVATION of the TOWN of PORTLAND, in the MUNICIPALITY of VAGOS village EXPLANATORY MEMORANDUM i. background/historical reasons the name of Soza date of time immemorial in a territory that today is the parish with the same name , located in the municipality of Vagos, Aveiro district. The first document that refers to the Latin name of Soza refers to the year 1088-inter uilla et uilla lliauo partner. Have existed in Soza two churches. A in the order of the Templars and donated by Sancho I of Rocamador; another dedicated to San Miguel, where there is a current. With the downfall of the first, the image of our Lady of Romacador was transferred to s. Miguel. Dates from the 12th century and is in the custody of the parish Museum. That is exposed to the public date of 14TH or 15TH century. D. Sancho I gave Soza, in 1192, the Santa Maria of Rocamador, donation confirmed by d. Afonso III, d. Dinis and d. Fernando. Rocamador is in the Lot department in France, raised in high limestone cliff, which staggered the buildings that make up the shrine of our Lady of Rocamador, that was great pilgrimage centre. The devotion spread to Portugal, it is not known to what extent, but what is certain is that d. Afonso II and d. Isabel of Aragon left him bequests in wills. Had goods in our country, as in Coimbra, in the yard of the Fuzeiros which is referred to the year 1360. Soza was the main donation. The patronage of Soza understood, by donation after Rocamador, Twickenham and Clown (today the municipality of Oliveira do Bairro). The territory left the possession of Rocamador in the first half of the 15th century. Pope Pius II confirmed Soza to João de Sousa, as Commander of the order of St. James.

Draft law of elevation of the town of Portland, in the municipality of Vagos village [2/5] d. Afonso V obtained from Sixtus IV in 1478, which Portland became Commendation for life in the same order and that the Kings had the padroado. Was João de Sousa, the Romanisco, who served as an intermediary in the granting of the bull and carried to Rome. The King, the 8 of August 1481, in Évora, before entering Portland, according to the terms of the papal document gave the patronage at the same, as a reward for services rendered in the papal court, and Homestead, with none of the Kings clause might prevent the succession. D. João II asked for confirmation to the Pontiff, innocent VIII, who granted the 21 July 1492. However, dying four days after, there was no time to plow the brief. Was Alexander VI in August 1492, who awarded. Followed in the field of the Sousas and transverse and by female line, so wide off the donation of King, nothing usual commendations. After the death of the sixth Lord, Diogo Freire, third grandson of the first grantee, took care of the second Earl of Portland Miranda do Corvo, Diogo Lopes de Sousa. To your son, count Marquis of Arronches, Henrique de Sousa Tavares da Silva, was contested the succession, by sentence of 1674. This election was of such importance that in the several titles, he mentioned several jurisconsults. By family Alliance, the commandery of Soza passed to the Dukes of Lafões. So if explains that the patron Saints appear designated by these various titles. D. Manuel I granted a Charter to the village of Soza on 16 February 1514. After the extinction of the municipality of Portland in December 1853, being the last President Dr. José de Almeida Ribeiro, the village and parish of Portland was incorporated in the municipality of Vagos. It was then constituted by places of Soza, Boco, Fontão, Lavandeira, willow, Pedricosa, Valley of the Mayans, Listen, Uncle red, Tabuaço and Castro. On 19 January 1934 was extinguished the civil register of the parish by order published in the Government Gazette, series II, of 2 January 1934. By Decree No. 47033, of 30 May 1966, the parish of Portland were taken the places of Ouca, Rio Tinto, Carregosa and Tabuaço to "be born" the parish of Listen.

Draft law of elevation of the town of Portland, in the municipality of Vagos village [3/5] II. Economic activity economic activity have relevance in the primary and secondary sectors. Agriculture, dairy and livestock are important in the local economy. There are Cafe, pastry shops, markets, construction industry, computer items, insurance mediation, trade in electrical appliances, among others. It is expected in the near future to open a delegation of agricultural credit Box of Vagos and the construction of the Social Centre day care of Soza.

III. Equipment, historic and Social activity, Cultural, sporting and religious parish of Soza has joint headquarters building, extension of the health center, schools for preschool and basic cultural and social centre, sports complex and pharmacy. Soza is Patron Saint San Miguel. The heritage is constituted by the ruins of the Convent, Parish Museum, Church, Pillory, Quinta das More and do Morgado da Pedrigosa. The festivals and fairs are our Lady of the angels (first Sunday in September), St. Ignatius (2 February), our Lady of the pillar (15 August), s. Sebastião, our Lady of grace (last Sunday of August), Saint John (24 June and s. Miguel (September 26). The parish of Portland's cultural, social, sporting activities, carried out by the following religious associations:  Social Centre in the parish of Portland;  Columbófila Society of Portland;  the House of the people of Portland;  Sports and Cultural Association Sozense;  Hunting Club in the parish of Portland;  Little singers;  Choir San Miguel;

Draft law of elevation of the town of Portland, in the municipality of Vagos village [4/5]  youth group;  Brotherhood Senhora dos Passos;  Commission of Improvements of Soza;  Commission of the Church;  Group Portland theater.

IV. Final Note the settlement of Soza meets the requirements established by the law No. 11/82, of 2 June, to be elevated to the category of village. In addition to other, has significant historical and cultural reasons that justify it.

In these terms, the members of the PSD Parliamentary Group present the following Bill: sole article the settlement of Portland, in the municipality of Vagos, district of Aveiro, is elevated to the category of village.

Assembly of the Republic, 14 April 2005.

Members of PSD, Luís Marques Mendes José Manuel Ribeiro Regina Bastos Herminio Loureiro lifting Bill of the town of Portland, in the municipality of Vagos village [5/5] Jorge Tadeu Morgado

Luis Montenegro