Approves The Scheme Of Presences And Absences To The Plenary

Original Language Title: Aprova o regime de presenças e faltas ao Plenário

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DRAFT RESOLUTION ‡ is ƒ N. º 448/X Approves the scheme of presence and f ASSEMBLY of the REPUBLIC DRAFT RESOLUTION š ‡ à ƒ ° N 448/X Approves the scheme of presence and fouls to Plenà is the presence of the Members in the meeting are plenà µ s is necessarily carried out by registered next ³ themselves. The system of faults to Plenà it is poured in the resolution of the Assembly of the Republic n° 77/2003 ', of 11 October, and is based on the signature made by each Member in the presence of the placed for this purpose in the living room of µ s Session. The Member card, now created, besides replacing the previous credit card new poll and of possessing the µ s function of digital signature and new poll ³ nica electronic, allows your use for the markup of the presence in µ s Plenà Session, the system computer Parkash PlenÃ. Eliminates the presence of partial registration, corresponding input during the course of the meeting plenÃ, until because in days of new poll, if a second time for verification of presence for purposes of how rum ³ new poll. Thus: the Assembly of the Republic decides, pursuant to paragraph 5 of article 166 Â.  of the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic , the following: 1-The presence of the meeting µ s plenà are scanned from the numerous registration session made cio personally by each Member in its computer in the House. 2 â € “ support services at Plenà to register ex officio on the basis of data that makes the management of presence, from the elements of information in your possession, the members who, because they are in parliamentary mission, does not attend is meeting. 3-the members who do not register during the meeting or are not in parliamentary mission is marked missing.
ASSEMBLY of the REPUBLIC š 4 € ” â PUBLIC the procedures referred to in the previous numbers refer to each meeting, which may allocate for several perà odos a sane 5 â € ³ day. ” for the purposes of a possible application of Rufous of µ s only relates to a lack on each day, the relative to µ s plenà meeting various on the day in which these take place.
6 â € ” Members have the right to submit justificaà to fouls, under the terms established in its Statute and in the rules, observing the respective demands of fundamentaÃ. 7 â € ” the word have faith, not lacking for this additional evidence.
When it is invoked by the reason of the disease, however, can be required medical certificate, if the situation continues for more than a week.
8 â € ” for the purposes of eventual exercà heat of this right, the services of Plenà support to deliver personally to the Deputy or the Member of your Cabinet that, to this end, it has been indicated, by Protocol, the registration of the lack or shortcomings given on the first day of parliamentary work after ³ s lack. 9 â € ” the Protocol should be signed by the next element or ³ for he indicated.
10 â € ” the communication mentions expressly the deadline for presentation of the justificaà and she will next printed for this purpose.
â € ” justificaà 11 the of faults shall be submitted within five days of the notification or, in the case of continued fouls, from the notification of the last Miss. 12 â ” € To justificaà effects of faults, are counted within just days.
13 â € ” compliance with the deadline checks by the date of entry of the justificaà in the Office of the President of the Assembly of the Republic.
14 â € ” sold out the term, the justificaà is not appreciated and is counted as unjustified.
ASSEMBLY of the REPUBLIC š 15 € ” â PUBLIC services in support of the Plenà to communicate to the person concerned, in accordance with paragraphs 8 to 10 and within three days, the decision of the competent authority to judge the justificaà of faults, in the case of being negative.
16â € ” support services to Plenà to send to the President of the Assembly of the Republic the list of all the fouls judged unjustified in every month, within the first three days useful of the second subsequent month.
17 â € ” the President of the Assembly send notify personally each of the Members missing, under behind above.
18 â € ” After eight days after ³ s reception of the notification by the Member, checked by the delivery protocol, the process is sent to the President of the Assembly for decision. 19 â € ” the order of the President of the Assembly is referred to the competent services for the communication and possible follow-up to the process of Rufous of µ s.
20 â € ” in the case of removal from Office as a member, order of the President of the Assembly, with the process on, is shipped is Committee of ‰ tica for opinion. 21 â € ” miss any new poll previously scheduled, in PlenÃ, follows the arrangement of the meeting µ s plenÃ, as justificaà and to the legal effects relating to Rufous of µ s pecuniÃ.
22 â € ” ³ ³ are standalone treatment nomo fouls at rate of µ s of the data Members as gifts in the register own ³ the meeting itself, plenÃ. â € “ ‰ 23 is repealed the resolution of the Assembly of the Republic n° 77/2003 ', of 11 October.
Potala s. Benedict, on March 12 2009.

ASSEMBLY of the REPUBLIC š REPUBLIC the Council of administration, Jose Manuel Lello Ribeiro de Almeida President Jorge Fernando Magalhà dogs the coast representative of the GP of PSD Jose Batista Master Soeiro PCP GP representative John William Noble Fragoso Rahaman GP Representative, CDS-PP Helena Maria Moura Pinto BE GP representative Francisco Miguel Baudoin Lee Wood TEV GP Rep