Establishes The Obligation Of Information Relating To The Primary Energy Source Used

Original Language Title: Estabelece a obrigatoriedade de informação relativamente à fonte de energia primária utilizada

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Draft law No. 444/X  Establishes the requirement in draft law No 1 ° 444/X establishes the obligation of information relatively is primary energy source used Portugal consumes, still, about 85% of your primary energy sources not to be renewable energy (59% ³ oil leo, 14% natural gas and 12% charcoal) and fully acquired abroad.

Despite the strong focus on renewable energies, this dependency are ³ if alterarà is the term given the time required for construction of the necessary infrastructure, especially in the domestic domain of hydroelectric exploitations © ctricos, whose program of new potentials was recently approved.

In Portugal, in the last two years were adopted decisive action in the area of renewable energy sources to be putting our paàs as the most ambitious of the European Union in terms of the per capita emissions of greenhouse gases (CO2 t/capita 7.6 versus an average Community of 10.0 t of CO2 per inhabitant) and 3. ° with the highest goal in the production of electricity from renewable sources is energy levels (45%).

2 Furthermore, whether the regime established in Decree-Law n. º 29/2006  and  º 172/2006 of, respectively, on February 15 and August 23, and the dispatch No.  º 17744-A/2007 of the regulatory authority of energy services ticos (ERSE), published in DR, II series, August 10 August, already very clear objectives as to € œ electricidadeâ €  labelling.

However, recognizing that the information and the consciencializaà of the consumers is need for increased relatively efficiently energy, either as the primary energy sources used, is today, and increasingly a necessity.

In Constitutional terms and the rules applicable, come the Members of the parliamentary group of the Socialist Party to submit the following draft law: Article 1. º the present law is applicable to all power sales companies operating in the domestic market of energy (electricity, gas, oil and other Jet ³ source ssil ³ fan levels).

Article 2, paragraph 1 '. Ã ‰ consecrated the obligation of detailed billing (as a percentage) is primary energy source used. 2. The detailed billing, put into place well view invoice level individual consumer, it shall indicate the calculation of still issuing of CO2 and other greenhouse gases, which corresponds to its consumption. .

3rd Article 3 the present law shall enter into force 180 days after your publication, producing effects from perà odo the billing immediately following.

Potala s. Benedict, January 10 2008 Members,