Approves The Revision Act Of The Convention On The Grant Of European Patents (European Patent Convention), Adopted In Munich, 29 November 2000

Original Language Title: Aprova o Acto de Revisão da Convenção sobre a Concessão de Patentes Europeias (Convenção sobre a Patente Europeia), adoptado em Munique, a 29 de Novembro de 2000

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RESOLUTION No. 67/X whereas Portugal is a Contracting State of the Convention on the grant of European patents (European Patent Convention), since 1 January 1992; Given that Portugal participated in the diplomatic conference for the revision of the Convention which took place in Munich on 29 November 2000 and signed the text, and the protocols that resulted from this review; In the case of a review which had as objectives to ensure a more effective promotion of innovation and economic development of Europe by creating foundations that allow future developments of the European patent system and to adapt the Convention to the technical and legal developments that took place since your conclusion in the face of international developments of the patent system; So: under d) of paragraph 1 of article 197 of the Constitution, the Government presents to the Assembly of the Republic the following resolution: to approve the revision Act of the Convention on the grant of European patents (European Patent Convention), adopted in Munich, 29 November 2000, the text of which, in the authenticated version in the French language and its translation to Portuguese language as well as the consolidated text of the European Patent Convention, as revised, on authenticated version in French and translated to the Portuguese language, published in annex.

Seen and approved by the Council of Ministers of 25 October 2007 Prime Minister of State and Minister for Foreign Affairs the Minister of Parliamentary Affairs Minister Presidency