Report Of Portugal's Participation In The Process Of European Construction 21 Year-2006

Original Language Title: Relatório de Participação de Portugal no Processo de Construção Europeia 21.º Ano - 2006

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ASSEMBLY of EUROPEAN AFFAIRS COMMITTEE motion for a resolution paragraph 211/X Report of Portugal's participation in the process of European construction 21 Year-2006 Enjoying the participation of Portugal in the construction process of the European Union during the year 2006, the Assembly of the Republic resolves: 1 – Analyze the report provided for in paragraph 3 of article 5 of law No 43/2006 , 25 August, within the framework of regular consultation and exchange of information between the Assembly of the Republic;

2-Reaffirm the understanding, previously expressed in various resolutions, that the above-mentioned Government report should have an essentially political or, find at least relieve the political interpretation of the various components;

3 – Underline the efforts within the European Union to promote a debate on the future of Europe in the wake of the difficulties raised by the results of the referendums on the Constitutional Treaty in France and the Netherlands. This debate is a sign of democratic culture and may constitute a factor of assertion of a "European spirit" and contribute to the deepening of the European integration process;

4 – Highlight the important role that Portugal has sought to play on that and other points on the European agenda, preparation of your Presidency of the EU in the second half of this year and as a sign of your constant commitment in the European issues;

5-Register the efforts made by the Union and applicant States, in terms of enlargement to new members, namely, in the ASSEMBLY of the REPUBLIC with regard to Bulgaria and Romania, who came to become members of the Union in January 2007 1 day. 6 – emphasize the continuation of negotiations that could lead to the entry of Croatia, the former Republic of Macedonia and Turkey, through the achievement of a broad consensus about further enlargement;

7-point out that the assessment of this report relates to the effort, the contribution and the broad consensus between the political forces represented in Parliament as to the integration of Portugal in the European Union, without prejudice to the different assessment of priorities and guidelines followed in this process.

Assembly of the Republic, May 24 2007