Promotion And Appreciation Of Embroidery Of Castelo Branco

Original Language Title: Promoção e valorização dos Bordados de Castelo Branco

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DRAFT law No. 132/X PROMOTION  ‡ à ƒ ‡ à ƒ VALORIZAà and the EMBROIDERIES 1 BILL N° 132/X  ‡ à ƒ PROMOTION and VALORIZAà ‡ is ƒ the EMBROIDERIES of CASTELO BRANCO exhibition statement in the last parliamentary term was presented and approved in principle the draft law nº 422/IX towards promotion and valorizaà of the embroidery of Castelo Branco but with the dissoluà of the Parliament, the Bill was not voted on specialty and new poll end. Given the importance for the region of this matter and the reason descreverà below, is fully justified that the project will be presented during this legislature. White Castle stands out in matter of crafts for beautiful quilts is hand-embroidered with the famous embroidery of Castelo Branco, characterised by the used materials and motifs drawn. The quilts are in natural silk embroidered linen loose with predominà point instance launched with µ s prison. The predominant reasons are the birds, the pairs that appear in the central medalhà with alusà µ s to the five senses, the bicà guide © speaks, individually or in association with the tree of life and/or with the heart pierced. Are heirs of Oriental embroidery quilts entered in large quantities in Europe from the Portuguese expansion in the East.

2 Copy, modify and recreate the main themes of the indo-Portuguese bedspreads and use as a base point-White Castle point-a point of oriental origin. Beyond the Eastern root, incorporate embroidery experiences influence European scholar and other influence of popular Fund. They were originally applied in quilts, being common today to see if also in frames and trays. The embroidered White Castle are a true national wealth, a value incalculà ³ nio heritage that urge to preserve and encourage. Thus, in accordance with the rules and applicable constitutional, Parliamentary Group of the Socialist Party signatà required feature is the Assembly of the Republic the following Bill: Hood title I Center for promotion and Valorizaà of the embroidered White Castle Article 1. º creation € ” à ‰ â 1 created the Center for promotion and Valorizaà of the Embroidery of Castelo Branco , hereinafter referred to as the Center. 2 â € ” the Centre is a legal person of public law.

Article 2. Â º Headquarters has your Centre in the city of Castelo Branco, and may open delegation of µ s in any location of the national territory by ³ River.

3 Article 3. º µ assignment are assigning µ s from the Center: a) Set «embroidered» Branco Castle, through of its features materials and pedestrian artery which characteristics; b) establish the sort of embroidered White Castle provided for in article 8. º of the present law; c) Organize the certification process of the embroidered White Castle; d) Promote, control, certifying, inspecting the quality, authenticity and other precepts of the manufacturing of embroidered White Castle; and) encourage and support the activities of embroidered White Castle; f) Provide technical assistance is activity of embroidered White Castle; g) Promoting, by means of own ³ themselves or in collaboration with µ s specialized institutions, studies with vista is promotion and valorizaà of the embroidered White Castle; h) Promote and cooperate in the study and creation of new µ and standard drawings, respecting the genuineness of the Embroidery of Castelo Branco; I) Promote action µ s of formation and valorizaà of the profession; j) Collaborate with other entities, public or private, on promotion and valorizaà of the Embroidery of Castelo Branco; k) contribute to the application of the regulatory sector regulators of the craft industry, the artisan and of the productive unit, in particular for the purposes of acreditaà and of access to certification, taking into account the provisions of Decree-Law n° 41/2001 ', on February 9, as amended by Decree-Law No 110/2002 °, of 16 April;

4 l) Propose legislation is adequate promotion and valorizaà of the Embroidery of Castelo Branco.

Article 4. º representation integrarà Center is the National Commission for the promotion of micro-enterprises and craft OfÃ, created by resolution of the Council of Ministers n° 136/97 ', on August 14, with the redacà of the resolution of the Council of Ministers n° 4/2000., on February 1.

Article 5. º the ministerial tutelage from the Centre is exercised by the Ministry of Social Security and labour.

Article 6. º technical services and consultancy 1 â € ” the Center creates technical service practical ³ themselves, and may, for that purpose, constitute a ³ query body. â € ” 2 the Centre may use the services of µ s institutions public or private, to ensure the heat exercà of its µ s function, in particular for the purposes of consultation.

Article 7 paragraph 5 financial means to Constitute the Centre dotaà recipes of µ s to the effect provided for in the State budget, as well as income from, inter alia, of: a) Income own ³ themselves; b) µ s donation, inheritance or legacy; c) delicate rendering of services in the domains of activity of domestic Center; d) Subsà dios or incentives.

Front hood title II classification Castelo Branco embroidery Article 8. º classification 1 â € ” embroidery of Castelo Branco is classified as source and as for quality. 2 â € ” as origin, embroidery of Castelo Branco should necessarily have entered the place of manufacture. 3 â € ” as quality, embroidery of Castelo Branco is classified in function of the materials, the design and your composition, of reason, of the points used and your composition, chromaticism and adopted.

Article 9.  the certification number 1 â € ” geogrà area is the manufacturing of Castelo Branco susceptà Embroidered of appellation of origin or indication is geogrà will be proposed by the Centre is guardianship to homologaÃ.

6 2 â € ” On the determination of the area of the appellation of origin or indication is geogrà must meet the uses, history and local culture ³, as well as the interests of local, regional and national economy. 3 â € ” the Center should register international and national Embroidery of Castelo Branco in accordance with the Industrial Property CODE ³, approved by Decree-Law No. 36/2003,  of March 5.

Article 10. º µ s conditions of access to the certification for the purposes of access to the certification, the craftsmen and the productive craft units must meet the requirements set out in Decree-Law No. 41/2001 ', on February 9, as amended by Decree-Law No 110/2002 °, 16 April, and respective regulations.

Front hood chapter III wrapping and final transient ³ µ rias Article 11. ° â Grand 1 € ” the establishment Government nomearÃ, within 60 days of the installation of the Central Commission, the constituà by: a) a representative of the Ministry of Social Security and labour, which is presidirÃ; b) a representative of the Ministry of economy; c) a representative of the Ministry of culture; d) a representative of the Municipal Chamber of Castelo Branco;

7 e) A representative of the Association of producers of µ embroidered White Castle.

2 â ” € to those of the representatives referred to in in neas d) and e) of the previous number is the jurisdiction of the respective entities and should be communicated to the Ministry of Social Security and labour within 30 days. 3 â € ” the installation submeterà Commission is approval of the Government, within 120 days from the date of your naming, the draft statute of the Centre, with the definition of your structure, competence and functioning.

Article 12 ' th entry into force 1 â € ” this law shall enter into force on the day following is your publication. 2 â € ” standards with incidence amental budget come into effect with the budget of the State.

Assembly of the Republic, 8 June 2005. Members of PS: