Act Of 20 July 1990 On Factoring Work Periods In Individual Farm To Employee Seniority

Original Language Title: USTAWA z dnia 20 lipca 1990 r. o wliczaniu okresów pracy w indywidualnym gospodarstwie rolnym do pracowniczego stażu pracy

Read the untranslated law here:,ustawa-o-wliczaniu-okresow-pracy-w-indywidualnym-gospodarstwie-rolnym-do-pracowniczego-stazu-pracy.html

Article. 1. the [Crediting work in individual farm to seniority] 1. Whenever the law or the provisions of a collective agreement or an agreement on the share remuneration system provide for saving to seniority, which depend on the permissions of the employee resulting from an employment relationship, the periods of employment in other workplaces, to the placement of this includes the employee also: 1) the periods of carrying out individual agricultural holding or work in this farm, run by a spouse, 2) payable before 1 January 1983, periods of work after completing 16 years of age on the farm run by parents or parents-in-law , followed by the inclusion of this farm and starting his pursuit of personally or together with your spouse, 3) payable after 31 December 1982 periods of work in individual farm as a household within the meaning of the provisions on social insurance individual farmers and members of their families.

2. The provisions of paragraph 1. 1 shall not apply if, under the provision or provisions to seniority shall include only periods of employment in a given workplace, in a specific industry or periods of work on specific positions or work performed under specific conditions.

Article. 2. the [cases of niezaliczania work period in individual farm] periods of work in an individual farm, referred to in article 1. 1, do not include the period of employment, it depends on the acquisition of the right to annual leave or other benefits of over a year's work, or a period of less than one year.

Article. 3. the [certificate of work in individual farm] 1. At the request of the person concerned the competent municipal office shall determine, in accordance with article 3. 1, her work in an individual farm, by issuing appropriate certificate for submission in the workplace.

2. If the authority referred to in paragraph 1, does not have the documents justifying the issuance of a certificate of employment of the person concerned in an individual farm, it shall inform it of the circumstances in writing.

3. In the case referred to in paragraph 1. 2, periods of employment in individual farm can be proven testimony of at least two witnesses residing at that time in, on which is located the farm.

Article. 4. [entry into force] this Act shall enter into force on 1 January 1991.

The President Of The Republic Of Poland: Wojciech Jaruzelski