Regulation Of The Minister Of Economy, Labour And Social Policy Of 31 July 2003 On Detailed Rules For Debt Relief Social Insurance Contributions Receivable

Original Language Title: ROZPORZĄDZENIE MINISTRA GOSPODARKI, PRACY I POLITYKI SPOŁECZNEJ z dnia 31 lipca 2003 r. w sprawie szczegółowych zasad umarzania należności z tytułu składek na ubezpieczenia społeczne

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On the basis of article. 28 paragraph 1. 3B of the Act of 13 October 1998 on the social insurance system (Journal of laws No. 137, item 887., as amended. 2)) are managed as follows: § 1. Regulation lays down detailed rules for the debt relief by the social insurance social insurance contributions receivable insured persons who are at the same time, those contributions payers.

§ 2. Used in Regulation shall mean: 1) contributions receivable – social insurance contributions receivable insured persons who are at the same time, payers of these contributions;

2) permanent establishment – the social insurance;

3) required-the payer's principal contributions to the payment of contributions receivable, the successor of the payer contributions, which the Company has made the decision on the scope of liability for obligations arising from those contributions, or a third party to whom the decision of the establishment moved was responsible for the obligations of the payer of the contributions in respect of those contributions.

§ 3. 1. An establishment may terminate contributions receivable, if required indicates that due to the financial status and family situation is not able to pay the royalties, because this would entail too heavy consequences for the debtor and his family, in particular in the case of: 1) when payment of contributions receivable would deprive the debtor and his family the possibility of satisfying the necessary subsistence needs;

2) incurred material damage as a result of a natural disaster or other extraordinary event that the payment of contributions receivable could deprive the principal's possibility of further establishment;

3) chronic disease liable or the need to care for a chronically ill family member, withdrawing her entitlement to the principal ability to obtain income to pay debts.

2. For the family, referred to in paragraph 1. 1, point 1, shall be deemed to be jointly inhabiting the said legislations regard as with closely related persons liable or unrelated remaining with the obliged entities in the actual connection.

3. the activities referred to in paragraph 1. 1, point 2, shall be deemed to be non-agricultural activities within the meaning of the provisions of the Act of 13 October 1998 on the social insurance system.

§ 4. The regulation shall enter into force on the date of the notice.

The Minister of economy, labour and social policy: j. Hausner 1) the Minister of economy, labour and social policy directs Government Administration Department – social security, on the basis of § 1 para. 2 paragraph 5 of regulation of the Prime Minister, dated 7 January 2003 on the detailed scope of the Ministry of economy, labour and social policy (OJ No 1, item 5).

2) amendments referred to the Act were announced in the journal of laws of 1998, no. 162, item. 1118 and 1126, 1999, # 26, poz. 228, no. 60, item. 636, No 72, item. 802, no. 78, item. 875 and No. 110, item. 1256, 2000 # 9, item. 118, no. 95, item. 1041, no. 104, item. 1104 and No. 119, item. 1249, 2001 # 8, item. 64, no. 27, item. 298, no. 39, item. 459, no. 72, item. 748, no. 100, item. 1080, no. 110, item. 1189. No. 111, item. 1194, # 130, poz. 1452 and # 154. item. 1792, from 2002, no. 25, item. 253, no. 41, item. 365, no. 74, item. 676, # 155, poz. 1287, no. 169, item. 1387, # 199, item. 1673, # 200, item. 1679 and # 241. 2074 and 2003 # 56, item. 498, no. 65, item. 595 and No 135, item. 1268.

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