Regulation Of The Minister Of Social Policy Of December 31, 2004, On The Return Journey Costs People Summoned To Appear By The Social Insurance

Original Language Title: ROZPORZĄDZENIE MINISTRA POLITYKI SPOŁECZNEJ z dnia 31 grudnia 2004 r. w sprawie zwrotu kosztów przejazdu osób wezwanych do osobistego stawiennictwa przez Zakład Ubezpieczeń Społecznych

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On the basis of article. 77 paragraph 1. 4 of the Act of 13 October 1998 on the social insurance system (Journal of laws No. 137, item 887., as amended. 2)) are managed as follows: § 1. The regulation specifies the types of, the amount and terms of the reimbursement of the costs of the journey to the requested by the social security institution, hereinafter referred to as "the establishment", to appear in matters of social security benefits and other benefits paid by the company.

§ 2. 1. the returns person requested travel costs from the place of residence of that person to the place indicated in the summons.

2. If the State of health of the person requested requires the care of another person, the requesting organizational unit of the plant, at the request of the person requested, you may opt to return the person to the requested travel companion. Consent should be obtained before a person requested to the place indicated in the request.

§ 3. 1. the returns person requested travel costs to amounts: 1) the price of the ticket for the train to be performed by an authorized carrier in second class passenger train, which takes account of your entitlement to concessionary travel public transport, regardless of the title of these powers;

2) ticket price for a ride in the bus communication a regular carrier that performs regular passenger services, taking into account your permissions to reduced public public transport, regardless of the title of these permissions-if there is no rail link, referred to in paragraph 1, or when the bus is not more expensive;

3) ticket price for public transport, taking into account your permissions to reduced public public transport, regardless of the title of those powers.

2. where the requested person between the place of residence and the place indicated in the request does not have a personal communication, communication bus or train the amount of reimbursement of the costs of the journey shall be in an amount corresponding to the price of the cheapest ticket available means public transport.

§ 4. In exceptional circumstances, at the request of the person requested, calling an establishment may agree on reimbursement for the agreed mode of transport, except that the returned charges may not exceed the amounts set out in the regulation of the Minister of infrastructure of 25 March 2002 on the conditions for drawing up, and how to make reimbursement of the costs of use for business cars, motorcycles and mopeds which are not owned by the employer (OJ No 27 , item. 271 and 2004 No. 237. 2376). Consent should be obtained prior to departure of the requested person.

§ 5. 1. reimbursement of the costs of the journey to the person requested, after her arrival at the scheduled time to the place specified in the summons, it is a written application containing a declaration of possession of or whether permission to reduced ridership collective public transport and presentation of the ticket or the accounts of the toll.

2. Reimbursement to the amount specified in § 3 and 4 is based on the ticket or accounts.

3. in the case of no tickets or refunds, accounts of travel in both sides of the transport fares for the cheapest means of transport on the route.

§ 6. [1] the cost of the passage calling for the organizational unit of the plant returns in the form of cash, directly after the presentation by the person who requested the documents referred to in paragraph 5, or indicated by the person's bank account or for the account of the savings and credit, and if the person summoned does not have such accounts through operator public within the meaning of the postal law-within 14 days from the date on which the person requested documents referred to in § 5.

§ 7. The provisions of § 3, 5 and 6 shall apply mutatis mutandis to the reimbursement of the travel companion.

§ 8. This Regulation shall enter into force after 14 days from the date of the notice.


1) Minister of social policy directs Government Administration Department – social security, on the basis of § 1 para. 2 regulation of the Prime Minister of the Council of 15 December 2004 on the detailed scope of the Vice-president of the Council of Ministers, the Ministry of social policy (Journal of laws No. 265, item 2643).

2) amendments referred to the Act were announced in the journal of laws of 1998, no. 162, item. 1118 and 1126, 1999, # 26, poz. 228, no. 60, item. 636, No 72, item. 802, no. 78, item. 875 and No. 110, item. 1256, 2000 # 9, item. 118, no. 95, item. 1041, no. 104, item. 1104 and No. 119, item. 1249, 2001 # 8, item. 64, no. 27, item. 298, no. 39, item. 459, no. 72, item. 748, no. 100, item. 1080, no. 110, item. 1189, no. 111, item. 1194, # 130, poz. 1452 and # 154, poz. 1792, from 2002, no. 25, item. 253, no. 41, item. 365, no. 74, item. 676, # 155, poz. 1287, no. 169, item. 1387, # 199, item. 1673, # 200, item. 1679, and # 241. 2074, 2003 # 56, item. 498, no. 65, item. 595, No 135, item. 1268, no. 149, item. 1450, No 166, item. 1609, # 170, item. 1651, no. 190, poz. 1864, # 210, poz. 2037, no. 223, item. 2217 and No 228, item. 2255 and 2004 No 19, item. 177, Nr 64, poz. 593, no. 99, item. 1001, no. 121, item. 1264, no. 146, item. 1546, No 173, item. 1808, # 187, item. 1925 and # 210, poz. 2135. [1] § 6 in the version established by section 1 of the regulation of the Minister of labour and social policy of 29 January 2009 amending Regulation on refund of travel of persons summoned to appear by the social insurance (OJ # 26, poz. 161.) Revision came into force on March 4, 2009.

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