Regulations On The Construction Of The Public Road

Original Language Title: Forskrift om anlegg av offentlig veg

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Regulations on the construction of public road Date-2007-03-29-363 Ministry Ministry of transportation published in 2007 Clip 3 effective date last modified-29.03.2007 FOR 2014-09-10-1165 Change FOR-1987-03-24-225 applies to Norway Pursuant law-1963-06-21-23-section 9, law-1963-06-21-23-section 13 Announced 30.03.2007 short title regulations on facilities of the public road Authority: established by the Ministry of transport 29. March 2007 under the legal authority of the Act 21. June 1963 No. 23 about vegar (veglova) section 13, jf. § 9.
Changes: modified by regulation 10 sep 2014 Nr. 1165. § 1. Scope the regulation applies to the design and default by planning and construction of public roads and streets, jf. vegloven § 1. These regulations can be waived by the Ministry of transportation.

§ 2. Dimensjonerende traffic volumes and vehicle 1.
By the planning and development of the road network to land use and road features considered in a 20 year perspective for road opening. Expected traffic development shall be measured for all road user groups.

2. Roads that is dimensioned for heavy traffic will be built so that they can normally, some of the vehicles by up to 10 ton axle load, up to 11.5 tonnes on the drive shaft, until the 19 ton boggilast, 4.5 m height and up to up to 2.6 meters width. It is dimensioned for the tracking properties corresponding wagon train with outer venderadius 12.5 meters and run the slot width 7.8 metres at the turn 180 °.

Roads where there is no significant need for traffic with large vehicles to minimum be built so that they can normally, some of the vehicles with up to 6 ton axle load, up to 10 ton boggilast, up to 3.75 m free height and up to 2.55 meters width. It is dimensioned for the tracking properties corresponding truck with outer venderadius 12 meters and run the slot width 4.8 metres, turn 180 °.

3. Regulations for traffic loads for vegbruer, walking and bicycle road bridges, ferry docks and other structures in the public road network is determined by the Directorate. Load regulations for vegbruer are applied as the minimum regulations for the whole of the public road network.

§ 3. Veg normals 1.
The road which might have normals environmental or societal consequences, must be approved by the Ministry of transportation.

2. The State's roads by public roads may within the framework of the regulations fix the supplementary provisions-veg normals. The goal of the perpendiculars are efficient and safe transport of people and goods, and the best possible adaptation to the houses, living environment, urban environment, landscape, natural diversity, cultural environment, vegetation and agricultural land.

3. it will be to clarify the environmental and social consequences of the road before they adopted perpendiculars. Public and private institutions and organizations that will use the road or perpendiculars, protect user interests, should be given the opportunity to make a statement. The State's roads by Directorate determines the manner in which the hearing should take place. Hearing can not unnlates if it would be practical or practicable must be considered obviously unnecessary.

4. The authority to depart from the road within the borders, perpendiculars forskriftenes be added to the State's roads by public roads for Highway, the County for the County Road and the municipality for municipal road if not otherwise provided by other regulations after vegloven.

5. Road to secure a perpendiculars satisfactory and uniform quality of the road network from the samferdselspolitiske target. The road will therefore contain perpendiculars had to part the standard requirements. The road to freedom still give perpendiculars to choose solution adapted to site conditions.

6. The road is part of the perpendiculars the technical basis for the choice of the solution through planning. Plan the treatment is going to happen with the legal authority in the planning and building law.

7. at the planning and development of the road network will be the decided how walking and bicycle traffic will be wound up.

§ 4. Entry into force these regulations shall enter into force immediately. At the same time repealed regulations 24. March 1987 No. about 225 facilities of veg.

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