Regulations On The Marking Of Lobster Caught In The Wild That Are Traded

Original Language Title: Forskrift om merking av villfanget hummer som omsettes

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Regulations on the marking of lobster caught in the wild that are traded FOR the 2012 Date--09-20-889 Ministry industry and Fisheries Ministry Published in 2012 booklet 11 entry into force 20.09.2012 last modified the Change applies to Norway Pursuant LAW-2008-06-06-39-section 41, LAW-2008-06-06-39-section 48, LAW-2008-06-06-39-section 53, LAW-2008-06-06-39-section 67 Announced at 21.09.2012. 13:30 short title regulations on the marking of lobster caught in the wild legal authority: established by the fisheries and coastal affairs 20. September 2012 with authorization in law 6. June 2008 No. 37 on the management of viltlevande marine ressursar (havressurslova), § 41, § 48, § 53 and section 67.

§ 1. Scope this Regulation applies to the lobster covered by regulation 30. April 2010 No. 641 on the turnover in the first hand of viltlevande marine ressursar. The regulation also applies to all subsequent sales of such lobsters.

§ 2. Marking of lobster whoever buys hummer in first-hand the duties to inflict every single hummer an identification mark approved by the competent sales team that is responsible for the turnover in the first hand.
If the lobster is sold directly to the consumer for an exemption from the sales team (kaisalg), the obligation is incumbent dispensasjonsinnehaver select that person.
The selection shall be made by sales made order.

§ 3. Ban on turnover of unmarked lobster it is prohibited to buy or sell lobster which is not marked in accordance with the regulations here.

§ 4. Penalty it as intentionally or negligently contravenes provisions given in or pursuant to this regulation, be punished according to law 6. June 2008 No. 37 on the management of viltlevande marine ressursar (havressurslova) section 62, section 63 and section 64. In the same way be punished intervention and attempts.
If the conditions set out in this regulation are not met, the Fisheries Directorate, or the regional office fisheries appoints, fix coercive and/or violation fee.

§ 5. Entry into force this Regulation shall enter into force immediately.