Law On The Implementation Of The Treaty On Nuclear Totalforbod Prøvesprengingar

Original Language Title: Lov om gjennomføring av Traktat om totalforbod mot kjernefysiske prøvesprengingar

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Law on the implementation of the Treaty on nuclear totalforbod prøvesprengingar.

Date LAW-1999-06-18-40 Ministry Ministry of Foreign Affairs last edited law-2015-06-19-65 from 01.10.2015 Published entry into force changes the law-1902-05-22-10 Announced short title law on treaty against nuclear prøvesprengingar Not ikr.

§ 1. It is to carry out trial forbode blasting of nuclear weapons or anna in violation of the nuclear demolition Treaty on nuclear totalforbod prøvesprengingar of 10. September 1996. The King gets the authority to ' nærare føresegner and einskildvedtak to fulfill his duties after Noreg Treaty.
Not ikr.

§ 2. Dei-person entries after the Treaty should have immunity and privileges, without any obstacle of Norwegian law immunity and privileges in accordance with the føresegnene in this Treaty. The King can please provide nærare for føresegnene reglar how about immunity and privileges to gjennomførast.
Not ikr.

§ 3. It can setjast in the works inspeksjonar ovafor private, in accordance with the føresegnene gjennomførast in the Treaty, including drilling in the reason. The King may leggje due to owner or other legal duties as hava rar trengst such that an inspection should be able to gjennomførast.
Not ikr.

§ 4. The Act also this debt for Svalbard, Jan Mayen and dei Norwegian bilanda. Not ikr.

§ 5. The one that break this the Act or føresegner or påbod that is coveted with heimel in the Act, with fines punished the host or jail up to five years. Your actions punished the Aktlause host with fines or imprisonment for up to two years. Not ikr.

section 6. The Act will take effect at the time that the Treaty will take effect.

section 7. From the time this to apply the Act tek, host it done in any bourgeois endringar Almindelig criminal law of 22. May 1902 No. 10: section 12 of the part No. 3 letter f, g, and in going to read: f) shall be punishable according to the United Nations Sea Law Convention 10. December 1982 article 113 (damage to undersea cables and pipelines), g) is punishable by law 17. July 1998 No. 54 on the implementation of the Convention on the prohibition of the use, storage, and the production and transfer of antipersonnel mines and about the destruction of such mines section 5, or in) is punishable by law 18. June 1999 No. 40 on the implementation of the Treaty on a total ban on nuclear test blasts, § 5;

Not ikr.