Act On The Conversion Of Council Municipal Bank Corporation

Original Language Title: Lov om omdanning av Noregs Kommunalbank til aksjeselskap

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Act on the conversion of Council Municipal Bank Corporation.

Date LOV-1999-07-16-68

Ministry Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development


LOV-2003-09-05-91 from 01/03/2004

Published Dept. In 1999 Ranked. 16

Commencement 01/11/1999



Short Title
Law on Kommunalbanken AS - Kombl.

Ref. former law July 15, 1949 No.. 1 on Norway Municipal Bank.

§ 1. Purpose The purpose of this Act is to regulate relations with aksjelovgivinga and certain transitional issues associated with the conversion of government corporations Council Municipal Bank Corporation.

§ 2. Relations with aksjelovgivinga When this Act comes into force, the Council of Local Bank metamorphose into a limited company.

§ 3. If the right to use the word "bank" in names (business names) Aksjeselskapet KBN can without hindrance from the law of 24 May 1961 no. 2 on Commercial Banks § 21 use the word "bank", with or without addition, in their names (business names) and presenting say resturants.

§ 4. Transfer of public rights etc. In converting Council Municipal Bank Corporation is s native manageable groups, rights, under the public license etc., And fault costs transferred to the limited company.
Re-registration in the land register and other public registers in connection with the conversion happens when names change.

§ 5. Transfer of sake costs Transfer to the limited of sake costs related to government corporations Council Municipal Bank liberating blatant effect for the state.
Kravshavarar and other rettshavarar can not health services oppose transmission systems or make debt duck that it is ein lapse because of the legal relationship.

§ 6. Lead Straight to anna state position and venteløn Law of 4 March 1983 no. 3 in the state tenestemenn mm § 13 paragraph. 2 to 6 on the right to anna state position and venteløn shall framleis apply to previously arbeidstakarar in government corporations Council Municipal Bank being sawn up of reason as a tribunal tenestemann Act § 13 paragraph. 1 letters a, b and c, and that was encompassed by these rules for the conversion. Lead right to anna state position and the right to venteløn after previous sentence opphøyrer three years after this Act enter into force. The provisions here makes Inga clampdown in arbeidstakars rights by Act 4 February 1977 no. 4 relating to worker protection and working MV1 §§ 60 Nos. 2 and 67.

§ 7. Transition Rules King may issue transitional rules.

§ 8. Implementation Act here enter into force from the King stipulates.

§ 9. Amendment of other Acts From the time the Act enter into force, shall those provisions in other laws be amended as follows: - - -