Law Of Grain Administration M. V

Original Language Title: Lov om kornforvaltning m.v

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Law on grain management, etc.

Date LAW-2000-01-21-7 Ministry the Ministry of agriculture and food last edited law-2015-06-19-65 from 01.10.2015 Published in 2000 booklet 2 entry into force 01.07.2000 Change law-1928-06-22-27 Announced short title Grain management law cf. previous laws June 22 1928 No. 27, June 25, 1926 No. 7. section 1. Purpose this law have to purpose to ensure that the turnover of grain, flour and concentrates occurs on a way that safeguards the social needs and contribute to the fulfilment of the goals and guidelines for such sales at any given time is adopted by Parliament.

§ 2. (Repealed by law 15 June 2001 No. 74 (ikr. 1 July 2001 CISPR res. 15 June 2001 No. 715).)

§ 3. Price-leveling amount concentrates the King may decide to respond to a price-leveling amount of turnover and the use of concentrates or ingredients that can be applied to the power feed.

§ 4. Exit fee the King may decide that it will be levied a fee at the exit point of grain, flour and concentrates.

§ 5. The disclosure that a turnover or export the goods covered by this law, is obliged to provide the information that is necessary to carry out the individual provisions. The information to be given to the authority as the King appoints, and the obligation also includes the presentation of business books and similar documents.
People or businesses that are covered by the first paragraph is obliged to provide the information necessary to be able to determine the composition of the goods have, and shall if necessary asking samples of the goods at the disposal free of charge.

section 6. Enforcement provisions the King determines the size of the price amount and that leveling tax levied can pursuant to this law. The King can further stipulate that it is to be paid interest rates of such tax amount is not paid in due time. Guilty price leveling amounts and the exit fee is enforceable for disbursements.
The King can give further regulations on the implementation of this Act, including the collection of the leveling of price amount and export duty, disclosure for those who export or sales items that are covered by the law, and control of these items.

section 7. Penalty it as intentionally or negligently contravenes provisions given in this law or regulations given in pursuance of the law, is punishable by fines, for as far as the relationship is not affected by a stricter penalty provision.
In the same way be punished it as intentionally or negligently providing incorrect or incomplete information or documentation.

section 8. Entry into force the law will take effect from the time the King decides.
From the same time repealed law 22. June 1928 No. 27 of the country's grain supply.

§ 9. Changes in other laws from the time the Act comes into force, the following changes in other laws:-