Law On The Fee To The Research And Development In The Fisheries And Aquaculture Industries

Original Language Title: Lov om avgift til forskning og utvikling i fiskeri- og havbruksnæringen

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Law on the fee to the research and development in the fisheries and aquaculture industries.

Date LAW-2000-07-07-69 Ministry industry and Fisheries Ministry Recently changed LAW-2011-12-09-56 from 01.01.2012 Published in 2000 booklet 16 entry into force 01.01.2001 Change Announced short title law on the export tax on fishing items-fiskekspal.

§ 1. Purpose the purpose of the law is to strengthen the funding of research and development (R and D), in order to facilitate increased value creation, environmental adaptation, restructuring and innovation in the fisheries and aquaculture industries.

§ 2. Tax Department can give the regulation on the export of fish and fish products or other marine resources, as well as items where marine resources form an essential part, should pay a fee calculated by the value at the export.
The Ministry further gives provisions on fee, including whether the obligation to answer fee, the size of the fee, the calculation of the fee, the collection of the fee and the application of tax funds.
Guilty charge is enforceable for disbursements.

§ 3. The Board Tax funds is managed by a Board of directors appointed by the Ministry. The Board shall perform the duties set forth in or in pursuance of the law.
Expenses for management and administration of the scheme are covered by tax funds.

§ 4. The disclosure that export items covered by the Act is obliged to provide the information necessary for the management to be able to perform their duties according to the law.

§ 5. Regulations the Ministry may give further regulations to the completion and implementation of the law, including provisions on proceedings, disclosure and whether the Board of Directors.

section 6. Entry into force the law will take effect from the time that Kongen1 decides.