The Law On Notary Public

Original Language Title: Lov om notarius publicus

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The law on notary public.

Date law-2002-04-26-12 Ministry of Justice and emergency Ministry last edited law-2013-06-21-93 from 01.07.2013 published in 2002 booklet 4 entry into force 01.07.2002 Change LAW-1918-08-14-4 Announced short title law on notary public section 1. Notary public Utføringa of notarialforretningar located under the District Court. Have a childhood parish several domstolar, fastset King what court should under notarialoppgåvene right. Dommarane at the Office is a notary public.
For Svalbard's Governor a notary public.
Abroad is Norwegian utanrikstenestemann or the power of Attorney he ho, elaborate or a notary public.
The King may by regulations please provide other notarial expertise.
The King can please provide regulations on delegation of the notarial expertise.

§ 2. Notarialforretningar Notarialforretningar is performing dei oppgåvene that is added to the notary public in law or regulation, between anna to perform vigslar and ' notarialstadfestingar, which stadfesting of signature and the right copy.
If the notary public to accept insurance, could forsikringa be the hang after reglane in domstollova § 141.
The King can please provide regulations for the practical utføringa of notarialforretningar.
The King may by regulation provide for fees for reglar forretningar after the act here. The fee tilkjem the State. Gebyra is enforceable for disbursements.

§ 3. Notarialstadfestingar notary public has to oppgåve to please provide receipts. Stadfesting are coveted for the actual conditions a notary public can stand in for is correct. Stadfesting for anna than actual conditions can be coveted in særlege occasions.
A notary public can reject claims for notarial stadfesting if notarial confirmation after Norwegian or utanlandsk right not have særleg proof power, or notarial confirmation of other grunnar is not necessary.
Notary public to reject the requirement of notarial stadfesting for your actions or document that grapple against the Norwegian law or sømd or which may be sitting ducks in an unacceptable way in advertising or annan commercial samanheng.
A notary public can reject claims for notarial requirements stadfesting where to commit not standing in the sense to the need for forretninga occasions.

§ 4. Impartiality Of impartiality for notary public debt reglane in the forvaltningslova Chapter 2.

§ 5. Appeal If not anna is determine in or in medhald of law, under the ankast avgjerd notarialforretningar to the Court of appeal. For appeal debt reglane in the civil law and the domstollova if not anna is of the second to the sixth link.
The appeal located under the High Court in lagdømet where the notary public has seat. For avgjerd the hang of Norwegian notary public abroad is Borgarting Court of Appeal appeal authority. For avgjerd the hang of the Governor of Svalbard as a notary public, the Hålogaland Court of appeal authority.
For the who have received notification of the avgjerda, is the deadline to appeal the avgjerda ein månad dating from the day vedkomande received the message. For the other is the deadline a day from the månad då vedkomande has received or should have all his knowledge of avgjerda, still not out over three months old from the time avgjerda was the hang.
Is the deadline for appeal expired, debt forvaltningslova section 31 tilsvarande.
Notary public to facilitate leggje saka appeal authority and make thing for saka on defense leg way.
About coverage of the case costs from the public debt section 36 forvaltningslova first link and third the link the first and second period tilsvarande.

section 6. Ikraftsetjings-føresegner and transition the Act debt dating from the time the King fastset. 1 from the same time becomes law of 14. August 1918 Nr. 4 about the rules of § § ikrafttræden plan 6-8 called off.
Tildelingar of notarial expertise in medhald of the law on the rules of section 6 plan first link ikrafttræden debt until the dei is being called off.