Law On Regulation Of Pig And Poultry Production

Original Language Title: Lov om regulering av svine- og fjørfeproduksjonen

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Law on regulation of pig and poultry production.

Date LOV-2004-01-16-5

Ministry of Agriculture and Food


Published in 2004 Booklet 1

Commencement 01.04.2004



Short Title
pork and poultry production law

Ref. previous Act 13 June 1975 no. 46

§ 1. Purpose The purpose is to facilitate the spread of swine and poultry production on multiple devices by regulating the production scale of the individual producer.

§ 2. Obligation Without a license from the Ministry can not produce a greater number of swine or poultry than King has determined. The Ministry may issue regulations concerning konsesjonspliktens scope, extent, application process and procedures.
Concessions is attached to a natural or legal person and a particular farm and use numbers. The Ministry may in special circumstances agree that the license be moved to another farm and use numbers.

§ 3. Other conditions that trigger a mandatory license requirement If two or more concession regulated productions have common interests, stricter licensing obligation if the total production scope exceeds the require an authorization operation. The same applies if two or more cooperate on licensing regulated production to such an extent that they are considered to have economic interests in the same production.
If the total production on the same property exceeds the require an authorization operation, stricter licensing obligations.
Ministry may make further provisions regarding the authorization requirement under subsection.

§ 4. Conditions for obtaining a license A license may be granted if the applicant acquires or leases farms, regulated production, or establishes a cop ring. Ministry may impose conditions for authorizing.
Ministry may in special cases grant a license even though conditions in the first paragraph are not met.
Application for a license may be refused if the applicant seriously or repeatedly violated the provisions of this Act or decisions made pursuant thereto.

§ 5. Expiration of license If the last ten years have not been in commercial production of pig or poultry on the farm and use numbers that concession vested lapse concession.
If in doubt about the license has lapsed under subsection, the person considering using the license require the Commission to binding position on the issue. Ministry decision in such matters are regarded as individual.

§ 6. Duty of disclosure and inspection ordered by the Ministry of the manufacturer commits to provide the information and documents necessary to ensure compliance with the law and decisions made in pursuance thereof, are complied with. The Ministry may require access to the facility to supervise production.
Production deemed licensable if the manufacturer by order of the Ministry is unable to prove that there are no circumstances that a concession under the § 3

§ 7. Orders and coercive Drives production contrary to the law or decisions made pursuant thereto, the Ministry may issue orders regarding measures to bring the illegal production terminated.
Ministry may establish continuous coercive fine for each day that passes after expiry of the deadline set for compliance with the order under subsection until the order is fulfilled.
Coercive fines are enforceable by execution. The Ministry may waive accrued amounts.

§ 8. Implementation of Decision The Ministry may decide that decisions made under this Act may be conducted for the administrator's account.
The decision is enforceable by the Enforcement Act Section 13

§ 9. Withdrawal of license By serious or repeated violations of the Act or decisions made pursuant thereto, the Ministry may partially or completely and permanently or temporarily revoke the license issued pursuant to § 2

§ 10. Standardised replacement When production exceeds current concession boundaries or granted a license the Ministry may order the person responsible to pay compensation to the Revenue Council fund sales of eggs, poultry and meat. In determining the compensation, the Ministry shall be based on the merit manufacturer has had the illegal production.
Compensation is enforceable by execution.

§ 11. Penalties Deliberate or negligently violates the law or regulations issued pursuant thereto is punishable by fines.

§ 12. Commencement This Act applies when the King bestemmer.1 From the same date the Act 13 June 1975. 46 on the regulation of commercial livestock.