The Law On Emergency Storage Of Petroleum Product

Original Language Title: Lov om beredskapslagring av petroleumsprodukt

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The law on emergency storage of petroleum product.

Date LAW-2006-08-18-61 Ministry Oil and Energy Ministry last edited published in 2006 booklet 12 entry into force 18.08.2006 Change Announced 18.08.2006 short title law on emergency storage of petroleum product section 1. To ensure the supply of petroleum and petroleum options product both nationally and internationally, the King in the regulation that the avgjere here in the country importing or producing petroleum products and biofuels, pliktar to continue the inventory of which produkta. The King can give føresegner cont nærare about a) kven storage plikta debt for b) storage obliged product c) scope and performance of the storage plikta d) the use of the volume to be emergency response team plummeted, and e) and supervision of reglar reporting with contingency lagringa.

§ 2. The Ministry may krevje fee from føretak for brot on the Act if someone who has shopped quite on behalf of the lead roof has brote føresegner given in the Act with this heimel. The fee for brot cannot exceed 10 million dollars per decision. Endeleg decision on fee for brot is enforceable for disbursements. If the lead roof goes to lawsuits against the State to try the decision, the Court may try all aspects of the saka. Departemenet1 can provide regulations with the reglar nærare about fastsetjing and implementation of the decision on fee for brot. Forskrifta can innehalde about the deadline for fulfillment reglar decision on fee for brot, interest rate and additional fee if the fee is not host paid at maturity, and in the særlege case to refrain from the opportunity to krevje into pålagde fee.

§ 3. This to apply the act immediately tek.