Law On Registry Of Voluntary Activities

Original Language Title: Lov om register for frivillig virksomhet

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Law on Registry of voluntary activities

Date LOV-2007-06-29-88

Ministry of Culture Ministry


Published in 2007 Booklet 6

Commencement 01.12.2008



Short Title
Volunteer Registration Act

§ 1. Purpose The purpose of the law is to improve and simplify the interaction between voluntary organizations and public authorities and to facilitate the public policy towards voluntary activities, but without compromising the voluntary organization's independent position. The purpose of the law is to further strengthen and preserve the foundation of voluntary activities.

§ 2. Voluntary Register. Organization etc.. The state is responsible for creating, managing and operating a registry for voluntary activities. Registry is headed by a Registrar appointed by the King.
Ministry issues rules for organization, localization, management and the keeping of the register. The same applies to entry fees and annual fees levied registries to be registered in the register.

§ 3. Registration court. Voluntary activity Registration in voluntary registry is a right assigned to registries, cf. § 4, doing volunteer activities. Volunteer activities are activities that are not profit-based.
The following activities are not considered voluntary activities:

activities organized by the public,

activities based on cooperative principles and covered by the law on cooperatives (cooperative law).

Volunteer activities that are not considered public benefit may be denied registration in special cases.

§ 4. Registration Units As registration unit considered:

non-economic (ideal) association,

general foundation that does not make distributions, or unsuitable for making distributions to voluntary activities,

commercial foundation that exclusively makes distributions to voluntary activities,

corporation which solely makes distributions to voluntary activities.

Unit that has allowed to make distributions to the individual, or who make such distributions can not get employment as a registry.

§ 5. Relations with Entities Before a device can be registered for voluntary registry, it must be registered in the CCR, with the information mentioned in Device Registry Act §§ 5 and 6. It should always be registered on the entity's board.

§ 6. Registration Mandatory and registration entitled to information in voluntary registry shall be in accordance with regulations issued by the ministry, registered on the entity category, and any connection to a group of devices.
A Society of Association may be registered in the voluntary register. In case the statutes shall at least contain information on the device's name, purpose, meeting, board of directors and election of directors, amendments and termination.
Registration Unit that has not filing obligation of company accounts in accordance with the Accounting Act § 8-2, may choose to undertake such an obligation under § 7 of this Act. For registration unit that has undertaken such filing obligation, the register shall contain information on the date of the last received financial reporting in company accounts.

§ 7. Reporting of accounting information reporting of accounting information for foundations, corporation and reporting associations based on the regulations of the Accounting Section 8. Associations that are not accountable to the Accounting Act, to report financial information to the Register. Further rules concerning the content and form of the reporting issued by the ministry. About reporting obligations are not complied with, the registrar may take action according to § 12

§ 8. Documentation of the information board, general manager, manager or equivalent person, ref. § 11, shall submit a written declaration that the information reported is correct.
The Registrar may require the production of documents which are considered necessary to assess whether the notified is correct. Upon initial registration of an association, the Association shall submit to the statutes.

§ 9. The fulfillment of this message right from the initial notification Initial notification is done by the entity submits the information mentioned in § 6 to voluntary registry. If the device is not already registered in the CCR shall be accompanied by the notification of registration in the CCR.

§ 10. Amendment Records Each registered entity shall timely notify any change in the information mentioned in § 6 subsection to voluntary registry. If an association's statutes are registered under § 6, second paragraph, the obligation under the first sentence also amendments thereto. If an association's accounting information is recorded in accordance with § 6, third paragraph, ref. § 7, the obligation under the first sentence also changes in the registered accounting data. The obligation to register pursuant to § 11 subsection obliged to notify voluntary register if the device no longer satisfying the requirements of §§ 3 and 4.

§ 11. Who obligation to notify information is incumbent upon exercise of the notification, if an entity chooses to register in the voluntary registry, incumbent duty to report information in accordance with §§ 5, 6 and 7 directors, general manager, manager or equivalent person .

§ 12. Imposition message. Deletion If an entity chooses to register in the voluntary registry and registrar has reason to believe that information legally registered not been filed, he can order the entity to provide information to the Register within a stipulated deadline.
To ensure the best possible quality of data in the register Registrar may also carry out inspections pursuant to rules laid by the Ministry.
About order under the first or second paragraph are not complied with, the Registrar may delete the device from the register. The Registrar may delete the device from the register if the entity no longer fulfills the conditions for in §§ 3 and 4.

§ 13. Introduction to the Registry The Registrar shall examine whether the submitted information and documentation is in accordance with the provisions of this Act and regulations issued pursuant thereto. The information must be entered into the register as soon as they are found in order.

§ 14. Notification of the registry The registry should be informed about which information is recorded in the voluntary registry at initial registration, and what changes subsequently made.

§ 15. Refusal of registration Registrar finds that the conditions for registration of an entity in voluntary registry does not exist, or they reported the information is so vague and unclear that it is not possible to determine how they should be understood, registration shall be denied.
The registry shall be notified in writing stating the reason for denying the registration. It shall also state whether the right of appeal, appeal period and the procedure for an appeal.

§ 16. Disclosure. Disclosure of information Everyone has the right to access and printing of data recorded in voluntary register.
Ministry may issue further rules on how the information should be made available and may decide to pay a fee for the services.

§ 17. Correction of errors If an entry in the register is incorrect or it is otherwise made mistakes in connection with the registration, the error is corrected. The unit shall be notified of the error and how it will be rectified.
If it is unclear how the error should be corrected, or for other reasons can not be remedied without new message from the device, the Registrar may take an information about the error in the registry. Meanwhile he will instruct the device to give new message within a certain time limit.

§ 18. Deletion of terminated entities If the registrar has reason to believe that an entity has ceased, he shall notify the unit or the reportable contact person that the registration of the device may be deleted if it is not within a specified time limit information comes to light makes it likely that it still exists. The same applies if an entity does not pay outstanding tax to voluntary register within a specified time limit.

§ 19. Complaint Register Driver's decisions can be appealed to a committee appointed by the Ministry. The Ministry may issue further provisions on complaints handling.

§ 20. Electronic communications requirements in or pursuant to this Act for signature or that complaint, notification or similar shall be in writing, shall not preclude the use of electronic communications.

§ 21. Regulations The Ministry may issue regulations to supplement and implement this Act.

§ 22 of the Act apply to Svalbard and Jan Mayen King may issue further regulations on the application of Svalbard and Jan Mayen.

§ 23. Commencement Act applies from the King.