Temporary Scheme Grant Training Towards A Kansberoep

Original Language Title: Tijdelijke regeling subsidie scholing richting een kansberoep

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Regulation of the Minister of Social Affairs and employment of 29 april 2016, nr. 2016-0000105285, establishing a scheme for subsidised training towards a kansberoep (a temporary scheme grant training direction kansberoep) the Minister of Social Affairs and employment, having regard to articles 3 and 5 of the framework law of SOCIAL grants and 32d, first paragraph, of the law implementation organization structure work and income;
Decision: article 1. Definitions [expired per 01-01-2018] In this arrangement, the following definitions shall apply: job guarantee: a contract of employment or a position in public service of at least six months on no later than the first working day of the calendar month following the calendar month during which the training has been completed, with a minimum size per calendar week of the average number of hours worked, if work with the employer, and the number of hours training taken in the training period prior to completion of that training;
experience certificate: an overview of the practice by the person in the scholar and recognized competencies such as his knowledge, skills and qualities;
EVC procedure: the procedure recognition of acquired competences being a series of process steps and instruments with which the acquired competences of participants are assessed by an approved provider, relative to a specific rural standard, resulting in issuance of a certificate;
kansberoep: a job that is listed in Appendix 1 to this scheme;
Minister: the Minister of Social Affairs and employment;
training: following an internal or external training or training, not being a company-specific training, with specialised professional skills to teach the pupil, which leads to a by the Ministry of education, culture and science or a recognised diploma or certificate by an industry or sector;
Healthcare: the sector that provides nursing and care, mental health care, care of the disabled and home care;
UWV: Implementing employee insurance, mentioned in Chapter 5 of the Act organization work and income implementation structure;
self-employed person: the person who: a. in Netherlands lives and that taxable profit from enterprise as referred to in paragraph 3.2.1 of the income tax Act 2001, unless he actually drives the enterprise not for its own account;
b. not in Netherlands lives and that taxable profit from Dutch company as referred to in section 7.2 of the income tax Act 2001, unless he actually drives the enterprise not for its own account; or (c). Director/shareholder is and the work established exclusively for the account and risk of the establishment of the legal entity of which he is Director/shareholder.

Article 2. Owner [expired per 01-01-2018] the Minister provided on request grant for training to the person who is registered as a job seeker at UWV, referred to in article 30b, first paragraph, of the law implementation organization structure work and income, and: a. work as an employed person, or because of the have done such work a unemployment benefits; or b. self-employed.

Article 3. Grant to owner for training [expired per 01-01-2018] 1 for funding can the person referred to in article 2, the relevant owner, only if the training is directed to a kansberoep.
2 to grant the person referred to in article 2, qualify, which through an EVC procedure are competencies and experience in an experience certificate.
3 for subsidy referred to in paragraphs 1 and 2, qualifies the training started on or after the date of entry into force of this arrangement, but not later than 1 april 2018.

Article 4. Grant amount training [expired per 01-01-2018] 1 the grant for training amounts to 100% of the actual cost of training, up to a maximum of € 2,500, –, including VAT, per owner.
2 The training can consist of multiple interrelated training or courses.
3 by way of derogation from the first paragraph, the Minister 100% of the actual cost of a training that is more expensive than € 2,500, –, including taxes, subsidize, if a new employer job guarantee.
4 by way of derogation from the first and third paragraphs, sales tax is not subsidised, if the subsidy for training of a stand-alone.

Article 5. Grant application [expired per 01-01-2018] 1 The grant application is not later than two weeks after the commencement of that training, at UWV submitted, using an application form made available by UWV. The application is completely if the application form is fully completed and signed by the applicant and all necessary documents are attached.
2 the application be submitted the following documents: a. a proof showing that the training or registration fees have been paid, or proof showing that these costs are payable;
b. a description indicating that the pupil has admitted training institution; and c. proof of course guaranteed by the new employer, if article 4, third paragraph, applies.

Article 6. Refuse grant [expired per 01-01-2018] 1 the grant for training shall be refused if: a. the complete application is received after the time limit referred to in article 5, paragraph 1;
b. for the benefit of the same owner grant for training, under this scheme, already;
c. the cost of training for which the grant is requested already be financed in whole or in part from other public funds; or (d). for the purposes of the same owner grant co-financing on the basis of the settlement sector plans 2015 is awarded.
2 the first paragraph (a) shall not apply to the applicant whose incomplete application before the start of the training of the person entitled is received and used by UWV under article 4:5 of the General Administrative Law Act has been allowed the opportunity to supplement his application.

Article 7. Grant adoption [expired per 01-01-2018] the Minister decides within eight weeks of receipt of the complete application on that request.

Article 8. Grant payment [expired per 01-01-2018] within 30 calendar days of the issuance of the decision referred to in article 7, pay the Minister the subsidy to the grant applicant.

Article 9. Grant applications [expired per 01-01-2018] 1 the grant application is submitted in the period from the date of entry into force of this regulation until 31 december 2017.
2 a grant request that is submitted after the end of the period referred to in paragraph 1, is not taken into consideration.
3 the grant is awarded to the grant applicant.

Article 10. Notification and medewerkingverplichting [expired per 01-01-2018] 1 the grant applicant to whom a grant is awarded to a notification without delay does do to UWV as soon as plausible is that the training will take place not in whole or in part, or that the other obligations will be met.
2 the grant applicant to whom a grant is awarded is obliged, at its request, any cooperating in a sample.

Article 11. Subsidy ceiling [expired per 01-01-2018] 1 for right holders who work or who were in the care sector, the subsidy ceiling for the period from the date of entry into force of this regulation until 31 december 2017 8,300,000, – €.
2 for the other beneficiaries, the grant ceiling for the period from the date of entry into force of this regulation until 31 december 2017 16.400.000, – €.
3 If the subsidy ceiling, referred to in paragraph 1, is reached, beneficiaries who work or were in care also rely on the subsidy ceiling, referred to in paragraph 2, unless this grant also ceiling is reached.

Article 12. Order treatment grant applications [expired per 01-01-2018] 1 for determining from reaching the subsidy ceiling be treated the grant applications on a first come, first served basis, where only full grant applications be processed. A full grant application is the case where compliance with article 5.
2 when the grant applicant under article 4:5 of the General Administrative Law Act has had the opportunity to supplement his application, the date of entry the date of receipt of the complete application.
3 If grant adoption on the basis of the grant applications that are received on the same date leads to exceeding the applicable grant ceiling, shall, where the order of entry of those applications cannot be established, by way of derogation from paragraph 1, with respect to those requests by lot the order.

Article 13. Recovery [expired per 01-01-2018] the subsidy granted shall be wholly or partly recovered if this improperly or for an excessive amount is provided or if the obligations referred to in article 10, are not fulfilled.

Article 14. Applicability of the Framework regulation on granting education, culture and science, MINISTRY OF SOCIAL AFFAIRS and HEALTH, WELFARE and SPORT [expired per 01-01-2018] On subsidies granted under this scheme, the framework regulation on granting of SOCIAL AFFAIRS and HEALTH, education, culture and science, do not apply.

Article 15. Mandate, power of Attorney and authorisation UWV [expired per 01-01-2018] 1 the Minister grants to UWV the following mandate: a. UWV is responsible, within the framework of the implementation of this scheme on behalf of the Minister to take decisions, private law to perform legal acts and acts that are a private law act nor a decision;

b. UWV is responsible, within the framework of the implementation of this scheme on behalf of the Minister to decide on appeals, on the understanding that the one who is involved in the decision-making process regarding the notice of objection is not also has been involved in the decision-making process at first instance; and c. UWV is responsible, within the framework of the implementation of this scheme on behalf of the Minister to take legal action and appeal or appeal in cassation against court decisions, or to dispense with appeal or Cassation.
2 UWV is responsible in the context of the implementation of this scheme to grant the ondermandaat or doorverlenen of his other powers to representation at UWV active officials.
3 Chapter 4 of the organizational, mandate-and volmachtbesluit of SOCIAL AFFAIRS 2009 applies to the exercise of powers under this scheme and also on the exercise of powers conferred under ondermandaat be exercised respectively by granting authority and authorization.

Article 16. Report UWV [expired per 01-01-2018] UWV brings to the Minister in terms of content and financial report on the implementation of the system in accordance with article 49 of the law implementation organization structure work and income.

Article 17. Financing [expired per 01-01-2018] 1 the Empire provides the means to cover the costs associated with this control.
2 UWV manages and administers the resources separately, referred to in paragraph 1.
3 related to the management of resources is the State contribution, referred to in paragraph 1, considered as resources that are part of the General Unemployment Fund.

Article 18. Of contents charges and payment [expired per 01-01-2018] 1 for 1 October each year, provided UWV to the Minister a statement of the total amount of the estimated expenses for the coming year with respect to this scheme.
2 by way of derogation from the first paragraph, the indication of the total amount of the estimated charges for the year 2016 submitted before 1 July 2016.
3 the Minister collapses on the current account referred to in article 6.29, paragraph (b), of the Wfsv, a recurring deposit Scheme on the amount referred to in paragraph 1, the estimated charges with the value date of the twenty-second day of each month.
4 the Minister may, after consultation with UWV, differ from the amounts referred to in the first and second paragraphs.

Article 19. Reckoning [expired per 01-01-2018] 1 In the annual accounts referred to in article 49 of the law implementation organization structure work and income, the expenses as well as the advances received, with respect to this scheme.
2 after adoption of the decision establishing the annual accounts referred to in article 34, paragraph 2, of the framework law self-government, reckons the Minister the burden as well as the advances received, related to this arrangement and the relevant calendar year, with the currency date 1 June of the subsequent calendar year.

Article 20. Evaluation [expired per 01-01-2018] 1 the Minister shall ensure the evaluation of this scheme.
2 UWV provided twice a year a report on the progress of the scheme.
3 the Minister and UWV make agreements about providing the necessary data.

Article 21. Entry into force [expired per 01-01-2018] 1 this Regulation shall enter into force with effect from 1 may expire as from 1 January 2016 and 2018.
2 by way of derogation from the first paragraph continues this arrangement, as it was on 31 december 2017, apply to the settlement of the grant applications under this scheme.

Article 22. Quote title [expired per 01-01-2018] this scheme is cited as: temporary scheme grant training towards a kansberoep.
This arrangement will be with the notes and annexes in the Official Gazette.
The Hague, 29 april 2016 the Minister of Social Affairs and employment, L.F. Asscher annex 1. , part of article 1: kansberoepen [expired per 01-01-2018] a number of occupations is under multiple cups. These occupations are marked with an asterisk (*).

Cleaning-cleaning [expired per 01-01-2018] • industrial cleaner (machines, installations, buildings), cleaner calamities, radiator • facade cleaner agrarian-green [expired per 01-01-2018] • hovenier • green keeper, arborist • distributor • breeder, senior cultivation (vegetable, flower bulbs, trees, fruit) • agricultural products • employee representative/project manager/consultant soil research and rehabilitation • environmental inspector • consultant-Advisor water management mathematics and physics/laboratory [expired per 01-01-2018] • (bio) chemical analyst • hydrologist construction [aging by 01-01-2018] • opperman ground-, road construction (gww) • Street maker/sewer employee/professional ground-civil engineering (gww) • ground-and cable worker • supervisor civil engineering • ground-performer , civil engineering (gww) • basketball ground, civil engineering (gww) • project leader ground-, road and hydraulic engineering (gww) • draughtsman civil engineering • consultant/designer-engineer civil engineering • supervising Engineer/designer civil engineering • surveyor • GEODESIC/cartographer/surveying • Hadzic • machinist hydraulic excavator • machinist dozer • machinist wheel loaders • operator mobile crane • machinist • mechanic cranes and tower crane Foundation machines (also on-and offshore) • opperman construction • cricket • Mason, Tiler, mechanical engineer, cells betonblokken Builder (aerated concrete blocks , gypsum blocks, giboblokken) • Ewan • computer science • Royal Marine commando, plasterer, nil • welded grid processor • screeds shelf • Chairman/President construction • Carpenter, wall and ceiling, kitchen fitter mechanic.
• roller shutter and awning Installer • mechanic/repairer metal Windows, doors, window frames, stairs maker • Roofer/pans shelf/Thatcher (incl. foreman) • buildings • maintenance worker (maintenance) painter/University administrator • Glazier • father wooden building components including flooring • none • mechanical/CNC operator woodworking machines • Assembly/Assembly officer wood • foreman timmerfabriek • planning engineer interior construction company • stand-Builder • Web developper/sloper • expert asbestos remediation • performer construction • planning engineer-calculator construction/civil engineering (gww) • (artist-) planning engineer construction/civil engineering (gww) • artist engineering • architecture • designer draughtsman-engineer-engineer engineering • accountant • employee energy performance Advice (EPA) metal/metal/mechanical engineering/manufacturing industry [expired per 01-01-2018] • craftsman metal Foundry • metal Bender/walser/perser • sheet metal worker/CNC-metal Bender, cutter cutter • metal • container – mechanic • soldered, welder level 1 & 2 (photo, electrode, TIG, MIG/MAG) • specialized welder level 3 & 4 (TIG, MIG/MAG, electrode) • master welder • welding robot administrator • welding technologist • welding inspector • florist • nurse (turning, milling, broaching, grinding) – not CNC • CNC-machine operator (without programming) • CNC programmer • CNC-chipper including programming (turning, milling, broaching, grinding) • industry painter, entertainer, Construction painter • galvaniseur • ship painting • computer • tyre and exhaust specialist • windshield damage mechanic • WTF • auto-electrical engineer • (company) car technician (maintenance , repair) • APK-judge • agricultural machinery • bike mechanic workshop boss cars • technician • coachbuilders • Assembly technician vehicles • yacht builder (metal) • diesel engine technician ships • engineer officer * • performer mechanical engineering • cleaning vehicles, electronics, electrical, metal/plastic/rubber • foreman mounting/assembling metal products • plastic doors, Windows and window frames maker • constructiesamenbouwer/author • Navigator, shipbuilder • mechanic mechanics • Checker engines/vehicles • employee product control (industry) * • mechanic/entry into service steller factory installations * • (maintenance) mechanic machines/installations, lifts, tools • employee technical service * • validation engineer/maintenance engineer * • draughtsman-engineer mechanical engineering , machinery/tools • (artist-) planning engineer mechanical engineering, electrical engineering • (planning engineer-) calculator mechanical engineering, electrical engineering • designer-engineer mechanical engineering, machinery/tools, offshore, shipbuilding • supervising engineer machines/tools • project manager mechanical engineering • scientific researcher mechanical engineering • industrial design engineer (technical) • research manager/quality manager R&D * • * • business consultant (technical) * • main production scheduling (industry) * • business leader metalworking company/construction company • technical-commercial staff (buyers/sellers/account managers technical products) * electrical engineering [expired per 01-01-2018] • cable welder/mechanic data communications • assistant mechanic low-voltage • mechanic power grids • electrician/mechanic electrical installations ( House connections) • mechanic lightning protection • security systems • ship mechanic electrician/ship elektromonteur • employee technical service * • mechanic overhead rail transport • mechanic electric rail vehicles • measurement and control technician/mechanic measurement and control technology • project manager industrial automation/PLC programmer • (main) mechanic electrical panels, electrical installations, middle-and high-voltage installations • electronics mechanic (industrial and consumer electronics) • controller electronic equipment & Accessories • Designer electrical installations/Electronics • Telecommunications • telematics • draughtsman designer technician electrical engineering

• (main) Designer-engineer electrical engineering • electrical engineering • project manager Inspector electrical installations • employee product control (industry) * • quality manager * • business consultant (technical) * installation technology [expired per 01-01-2018] • mechanic gas, water, electricity, data communication • distribution mechanic gas/water (transmission lines) • installation mechanic gas, water, sanitary, heating/allround plumber • maintenance mechanic/plumber gas, water, sanitary facilities, heating (Central) • pipe fitter industrial Assembly • mechanic • heating non-residential building (main) mechanic refrigeration, air treatment • mechanic/entry into service counter factory installations * • performer installation engineering • draughtsman-engineer installation engineering • engineering • installation (artist-) planning engineer (planning engineer-) calculator installation engineering • Designer-engineer electrical and mechanical engineering, process engineering [expired per 01-01-2018] • mechanical operator process industry, food industry • operator A (process) industry • process operator B, field operator/panel operator process industry • operator C process industry, food industry • production manager process industry/food industry • calculator process industry (technical) • process technologist, product developer process industry/food • R&D * • research manager/clinical research associate * • product control officer (industry) * • quality manager * • judge of Department/quality controller foods • employee technical service * • validation engineer/maintenance engineer * • business consultant (technical) * • main production scheduling (industry) * transport and logistics [expired per 01-01-2018] • shipping clerk, Mariner • engineering material handling/forklift driver • driver • truck driver (General, car-loading crane, conditioned transport, tank car, truck mixer, hazardous substances) • machinist railroads • scrapping • engineer officer * • logistics employee/transport planner/planner-planner • road transport • air traffic controller • verkeersplanoloog care/medical/medical [expired per 01-01-2018] • ambulance driver • football • nurse • nurse mbo Psychiatry • district nurse, practice nurse, specialized hospital nurse • nurse practitioner/physician assistant nurse specialist • • care of the elderly specialist, doctor mentally disabled, junior doctor, doctor stomach-intestine-liver diseases , clinical geriatrician, dentist, doctor, anesthesiologist, rheumatologist insurance • psychiatrist • employee sterile medical devices • hearing care, optician • technical ophthalmic Assistant • optometrist • dental hygienist • operation Assistant, anesthesia officer • accountant • medical laboratory technician microbiology analyst • Radiology • retail • pharmacist • clinical research associate * power supply [expired per 01-01-2018] • independent working b • business leader bread/-banketbakkerij • Cook restaurant • restaurant chef, chef de partie Economic-financial-commercial [expired per 01-01-2018] • Assistant buyer • buyer • technical-commercial staff (buyers/sellers/account managers technical products) * • internal sales • call centre Assistant (inbound/outbound) • customer service • Marketing Assistant/online marketer • account manager advertising/sales promoter • adjuster • appraiser real estate • mortgage Advisor • Assistant controller • auditing assistant accountant-administration consultant • registry • controller • auditor • compliance officer • economic adviser/consultant Security [expired per 01-01-2018] • firefighter/fire/firefighter employee • employee permits and advice Fire Department fire safety/Security Advisor • intrusion prevention • military non-commissioned officer • military officer education/teaching [expired per 01-01-2018] • special education teacher, teacher ASSISTANT TEACHER/PRO • teacher of English, German 1st and 2nd degree • teacher science 1st and 2nd degree (mathematics , physics, chemistry, biology) • teacher technology/ICT • Ph.d behaviour and society [expired per 01-01-2018] • consultant social support Act (wmo) • consultant • recruiter ICT [expired per 01-01-2018] • service desk ICT • network administrator ICT ICT ICT • programmer • system administrator (dot.net, java, scripting languages, C, c #, PHP, SharePoint, cloud) • Web Developer • testdeveloper • security specialist • consultant ERP/CRM • BI-specialist, data scientist, business analyst • architect/specialist ICT technical infrastructure/systems analyst

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