Noise Law Amendment Act

Original Language Title: Wijzigingswet Wet geluidhinder

Read the untranslated law here:

Law of 24 June 1992, amending the Act sound nuisance We Beatrix, by the grace of God, Queen of the Netherlands, Princess of Orange-Nassau, etc. etc. etc.
All who read this will see or hear, greetings! do: So We have considered, that in order to ensure the proper functioning of the law there is a number of desirable noise bottlenecks;
So it is, that we heard, the Council of State, and with agreement of the States-General of the Netherlands, as we find good goedgevonden and have understood and understand to this: article I [Red: contains amendments to other regulations.]

Article II [expired per 01-01-1994] article III declarations made under article 74, paragraph 2, part a, of the noise Act (Stb. 1979, 99) remain two years after the entry into force of article I, part AA by force.

Article IV The text of the law is noise pollution by Our Minister of Justice in the Official Gazette.

Article V this law shall enter into force at a time determined by Royal Decree.
Charges and recommend that this in the Official Gazette will be placed and that all ministries, authorities, bodies and officials whom it may concern, to the exact implementation will keep the hand.
The Hague, 24 June 1992 given Beatrix the Minister of housing, spatial planning and the environment, j. g. m. Alders Issued the ninth July 1992 the Minister of Justice, e. m. h. Hirsch Ballin