Recovery State Taxes Cost Law Amendment Act

Original Language Title: Wijzigingswet Kostenwet invordering rijksbelastingen

Read the untranslated law here:

Law of 20 november 2003, amending the national recovery cost law taxes We Beatrix, by the grace of God, Queen of the Netherlands, Princess of Orange-Nassau, etc. etc. etc.
All who read this will see or hear, greetings! do: So We have considered, the desirability of multiple state taxes included in the rates to increase recovery cost law so that the total recovery costs can be covered by the total proceeds from the fees charged in respect of the various prosecution measures;
So it is, that we heard, the Council of State, and with agreement of the States-General of the Netherlands, as we find good goedgevonden and have understood and understand to this: article I [Red: changes the recovery cost law State taxes.]

Article II 1 the first time that article 8, paragraph 1, of the national taxes cost law recovery application finds, for the replacement of the amounts of € 3, € 4, € 6, € 13, € 23, 34, 47, € € € 60 and € 9938 assumed the non-rounded amounts of respectively € 2.92 € 4.38 € 5.84 € 13.14,,,,, € € € 23.36 € 59.86 and € 33.58, 46.72, 9938.22.
(2) if the date of entry into force of this law does not coincide with the beginning of a calendar year, takes place directly after the entry into force article 8 of the recovery cost law national taxes shall apply mutatis mutandis as if would be the entry into force coincided with the beginning of the calendar year in which the entry into force.

Article III this law shall enter into force with effect from the first day of the third calendar month after the date of issue of the Official Gazette in which it is placed.
Charges and recommend that this in the Official Gazette will be placed and that all ministries, authorities, bodies and officials whom it may concern, to the exact implementation will keep the hand.
Given in the Hague, 20 november 2003 Beatrix the State Secretary of finance, j. g. Wine Issued the 27th november 2003 Minister j. p. h. Donner