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Act after the AOW pension age

Original Language Title: Wet werken na de AOW-gerechtigde leeftijd

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Law of 30 September 2015 to amend any provisions of employment which may hinder workers and civil servants who wish to continue to work after the AOW pension age (Act after the AOW pension age)

We Willem-Alexander, at the grace of God, King of the Netherlands, Prince of Orange-Nassau, etc. etc. etc.

All those who will see or hear these read, saluut! do know:

In this regard, we considered that it would be desirable to remove certain occupational barriers to working after the AOW pension age and also to reduce the risk of crowding out of non-AOW workers and civil servants. limit;

For instance, we, the Department of Consultative Affairs of the Council of State heard, and with the mean consultations of the States-General, have been well-liked and understood to be right and to be understood by this:

Article I. Amendments to Book 7 of the Civil Code

[ Red: Modid the Civil Code Book 7.]

Article II. Amendments to the Civil Service Act

[ Red: Modises the Civil Service Act.]

Article III. Amendments to the Health Act

[ Red: Change the Health Act.]

Article IV. Amendment of the Law Minimum Wage and Minimum Holiday Report

[ Enter into force at a time to be determined]

This part has not (yet) entered into force; see the summary of changes

Article V. Amendment of the Act flexibly

[ Red: Change the Law flexibly.]

Article VI. Amendment of the Law employment and income to work

[ Red: Modises the Work and Income to Labor Equity Act.]

Article VII. Amendment of the Social insurance financing law

[ Red: Change the Social Insurance Financing Act.]

Article VIII. Amendment of the Supplements Act

[ Red: Change the Toeslagenlaw.]

Article VIIIa. Transitional Civil Code

  • 2 Where disease incapacity has commenced before the date on which the worker reaches the age referred to in paragraph 1 (a), the period referred to in paragraph 1 shall be valid from that date, in so far as the total number of such persons is period no more than 104 weeks.

  • 5 Time, as referred to in paragraphs 1 and 3, shall not be established earlier than after:

    • a. Our Minister of Social Affairs and Employment a report on the effectiveness and effects of the Act work after the AOW pension age (Kamerpieces 34 073) in practice during the first two years after the entry into force of that law; has sent to the two Chambers of the States-General; and

    • b. Eight weeks have elapsed after the intention to establish that time has been communicated to the two Chambers of the States-General.

Article IX. Transitional Civil Code

  • 2 At the end of the six-month period referred to in paragraph 1, the Article VIIIA Period of 13 weeks, provided that the total period does not exceed 104 weeks.

Article X. Collapse with the initiative bill amending the Law Adjustment Working Duration in order to promote flexible working

[ Red: Change this law.]

Article Xa. Amendment of the Law measures Law work and assistance and some other laws

[ Red: Modises the Law measures Act Work and Assistance Act and some other laws some other laws.]

Article Xb. Amendment of the Collection Act SZW 2015

[ Red: Modises the Collecting Act SZW 2015.]

Article Xc

Our Minister of Social Affairs and Employment sends to the States-General a report on the effectiveness and effects of this law in practice during the first two years after its entry into force.

Article XI. Citation Title

This law is cited as: Law works after the AOW pension age.

Article XII. Entry of

  • 1 This Law shall enter into force on a date to be determined by Royal Decree, which may be adopted in a different way for the various articles or parts of such articles.

  • 2 Where the proposal of the Law of Members of the Members of Mr Duyvendak and Van der Ham, presented by a guide letter of 16 November 2005, laying down rules on the consultative referendum, Referendum Act ) (Chamber pieces 30 372) is a law of law, and this law is ratified on or after the date of entry into force of the Consultative Referendum Act, the decision referred to in paragraph 1 shall apply, where necessary, to: Article 12 of the Consultative Referendum Act .

Burdens and orders that it will be placed in the Official Gazette and that all ministries, authorities, colleges and public servants who so far as to do so will keep their hands on the precise execution.


Wassenaar, 30 September 2015


The Minister for Social Affairs and Employment,

L.F. Asscher

The Minister for Security and Justice,

G.A. van der Steur

The Minister of Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations,

R.H.A. Plastrong

Issued the 20th October 2015

The Minister for Security and Justice,

G.A. van der Steur