With Regard To Amendment And Supplement The Regulation On Activity Of Representatives Of Electoral Contestants ', Adopted By The Decision Of The Central Election Commission No. 383 Of 12 December 2006

Original Language Title: cu privire la modificarea și completarea Regulamentului cu privire la activitatea reprezentanților concurenților electorali, adoptat prin hotărîrea Comisiei Electorale Centrale nr. 383 din 12 decembrie 2006

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    Pursuant to article 1. 18 and 22 para. (1) (a). c) electoral code no. 1381-XII of 21 November 1997, art. 59 of law No. 317-XV of 18 July 2003 on the regulatory acts of the Government and of other authorities of Central and local public administration, the Central Electoral Commission decides: 1. Regulation on the work of the representatives of electoral contestants ', adopted by the decision of the Central Election Commission no. 383 of 12 December 2006, shall be amended as follows: 1) in the name of regulation, after the word "representatives" shall be inserted the words "entitled to consultative vote";
2 point 2) is exposed to a new editorial board: "2. the Electoral Contestants may designate, for the period of the electoral campaign, one representative voting and advisory in the Central Electoral Commission. For the designation of the Central Electoral Commission, the candidate proposed as representative must have legal or higher education in public administration and to not hold public dignity functions. The candidate will submit supporting documents certifying higher education. ";
3 point 3): after the words "person" insert text "fulfilled the age of 18 years and has no prohibition against";
the word "right" is substituted by the word "right";
4) point 4 shall exhibit in a new editorial board: "4. the representative of the electoral contestant is confirmed by electoral bodies within three days after submission of the following documents: (a) when registering) a representative of the advisory-vote (annex 4. 1);
b) copy of identity card of the person designated as a representative with consultative vote;
c) in the case referred to in point 2, a copy of the Act. ";
5 in section 6), after the words "electoral code" comma "is inserted in the regulations and instructions of the Central Electoral Commission";
6) point 7: the text of the first indent shall exhibit in a new editorial board: "-to represent the interests of electoral contestant in the electoral body had registered him and other authorities involved in the electoral process";
After the first indent insert a new indent as follows: "-to represent the interests of the competitor in the Court under the conditions and the order defined by the legislation in force;";
6 indent is exposed in a new editorial board: "-to acquaint the electoral body materials and documentation related to the competitor represents;".
8:7) in the second indent, the word "badge" shall be replaced with the word "pass" and make further, comma, with the text "of the model set out in annex 4. 2 ";
the final point to be completed with a new indent having the following: "-to ensure confidentiality and compliance of the processing of personal data to access, process and use personal data for purposes other than those provided for by law, and not to disclose information which has come to their knowledge in the course of business as a representative of the electoral competitor.";
8) in paragraph 9, second indent, the words ' before the wear and to show badges "insert the words" to carry out actions of electoral unrest, as well as ";
9) point 11 shall be added at the end a new sentence: "in the case of registration by the CEC, it terminates its operation after the confirmation of the election results."
10) after paragraph 11, insert a new item 12, as follows: ' 12. For failure to comply with the obligation referred to in paragraph 8, concerning the protection of personal data, the representative of the electoral contestant bears disciplinary responsibility, criminal or civil, contravențională, in accordance with the legislation in force.
11) Regulation is completed by annexes 1 and 2, in accordance with the annex.
2. this decision shall enter into force on the date of its adoption, shall be published on the official website of the Central Election Commission and the Official Gazette of the Republic of Moldova.

The PRESIDENT of the CENTRAL ELECTORAL COMMISSION Secretary Patricia Alina RUSSU Vyacheslav No. 163. Chisinau, 2 September 2016.

Annex 1 Annex 2

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