On Examining The Application For Extension As The Broadcasting License Issued To The Company "gambling Media" Srl Tv Channel "chance"

Original Language Title: cu privire la examinarea cererii de prelungire de drept a licenţei de emisie eliberată întreprinderii „NOROC MEDIA” S.R.L. pentru postul TV „NOROC”

Read the untranslated law here: https://www.global-regulation.com/law/moldova/5968165/cu-privire-la-examinarea-cererii-de-prelungire-de-drept-a-licenei-de-emisie-eliberat-ntreprinderii-noroc-media-s.r.l.-pentru-postul-tv-noroc.html

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on examining the application for extension
law firm issued a broadcasting license
"GAMBLING MEDIA" SRL TV channel "lucky"

Posted: 11/12/2015
in the Official Gazette

Nr. 332-339
Article No: 2507

On 17 September 2015 the company "GAMBLING MEDIA" LLC CCA requested the extension of the right of broadcasting license Series AA no. 082 547 of 17.10.2008 issued television station "lucky", whose program service to be broadcast by networks of service distributors in the country.

It should be noted that the request for extension of the broadcasting license law was examined in a public session of ACC of 29 September 2015 in which CCA members decided monitoring program service television station "NOROC "regarding compliance with the overall design, for a period of 7 days.
Thus, pursuant to Art. 37 para. (3) a) of the Broadcasting Code, the Directorate of the TV monitoring CCA monitored the television station "LUCK" in the period 2 to 8 October 2015. The monitoring results were certified following


Format of: Musical

According conception

Monitoring results


Program structure after the source of


Domestic production


(162 hours 45 min. 08 sec.)


Own production


(162 hours 45 min. 08 sec.)


Production relayed




European works


(162 hours 45 min. 08 sec.)


Program service structure on the types of programs / shows:


Informative and analytical programs


2.80% (4:42 min. 31 sec.)


Educational and cultural programs


3.45% (5:47 min. 16 sec.)






Other programs


(149 hours 00 min. 49 sec.)

Promo: 1,93% (3:14 min. 32 sec.)
Advertisement: 2.88% (4 hours 50 min. 12 sec.)
Technical Rebut: 24 min. 40 sec.

Following the public hearings, in accordance with Art. 24 of the Broadcasting Code no. 260-XVI from 27.07.2006, the Statute BCC art. 26 of the Regulation on the procedure and conditions for issuing broadcasting licenses and retransmission authorizations approved by Decision no. 433-XVI from 28.12.2006 Moldovan Parliament, and under documents submitted by the company nominated Broadcasting Coordinating Council DECIDED

1. Accepting the request for extension of the right of broadcasting license (with the release of a new form), for a period of six years, the company "GAMBLING MEDIA" LLC for the station "luck", whose program service to be broadcast by distributors service networks in the country (PRO - (8) D. hammer, Barbalić O. Iu. COLESNIC, A. COZMA, O. Gututui C. bribery, M. ONCEANU-Hadirca, D. VICOL).
1.1. Approved a general concept of the program service TV channel "LUCK" (PRO - (8) D. hammer, Barbalić O. Iu. COLESNIC, A. COZMA, O. Gututui C. bribery, M. ONCEANU-Hadirca, D. VICOL) as follows:
format and structure of the program service principle:
B. 1. The format of principle: Musical
B. 2. Structure of programs after sources: domestic production
B.2.1: B.2.2 Production
own 100% 100% Production
relayed B.2.3: 0%
B. 3. European works 100%
B. 4. Structure of the program service types of programs / shows:
4.1 software and analytical: 0% 4.2
educational and cultural programs: 20% 4.3
Movies: 0% Other 4.4
programs: 80%
2. For a broadcasting license, the company "GAMBLING MEDIA" LLC will pay a fee of 3,250 lei.
March. Data bank for issuing the broadcasting license:

municipality Broadcasting Coordinating Council. Chisinau, str. Vlaicu Pîrcălab no. 46
c / f: 1006601004024
TREZMD2X, Ministry of Finance - State Treasury 3359502/440115101016102

payment for issuing the broadcasting license - 3,250 lei.
4. Control over the execution of this decision it exercises direction and licensing and authorization service economics, finance and accounting.
May. This Decision will be published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Moldova and the BCC website.