Concerning Modification And Completion Of Some Legislative Acts

Original Language Title: pentru modificarea şi completarea unor acte legislative

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    The Parliament adopts this organic law.
Art. I.-in article 10 of law No. 845-XII of 3 January 1992 on entrepreneurship and enterprises (Moldovan Gazette, 1994, nr. 2, art. 33), as amended, paragraph 3 shall be completed in the final with subalineatul: "making the work of the private guard at storage and retention objectives of weapons, munitions, explosive materials belonging to public authorities, to the storage and retention of toxic substances radioactive and hazardous, and the psychotropic and narcotic drugs, precursors (excluding medical institutions and private pharmacies); conducting private security activity to the National Bank of Moldova. " 
Art. II.-Law nr. 283-XV of July 4, 2003 on the activities of private detective and guard (Official Gazette of the Republic of Moldova, 2003, nr. 200-203, 769), as amended, is modified and completed as follows: 1. In article 6, paragraph 2, subparagraph d) shall read as follows: "(d)) collection (collection) important values, and transport, security and the accompanying cargo/important values , personal property; ".
2. In article 8: (a) the letter h) shall read as follows: "h) to submit to the territorial body of police report statistics. In the case of private security activity, it will be presented according to the annex. 1 point 6; "in paragraph (2), the words" the Government "shall be replaced with the words" in accordance with the annex. 2. "
3. In article 11: (b)) shall be repealed;
the letter g), the words "and security guards" are excluded.
4. The Act is supplemented by articles 181 and 182 as follows: "Article 181. Licensing conditions of private detective activity has the right to obtain a licence and to carry out private detective activity person who fulfils the following conditions: a) has reached the age of 21 years;
b) is a citizen of the Republic of Moldova;
c) has educated or worked for at least three years within the public institutions involved in defence, security and public order;
d) is not to record at the doctor or psychiatrist expert;
e) has not been convicted for offences committed with intent, according to a final court judgment;
(f)) at its disposal, with the right of ownership or other right to use space, nelocativă purpose, equipped with in-room safes for keeping records, working papers, materials, samples or evidence/script and any other, which is not prohibited by law, accumulated as a result of the services provided.
Article 182. Additional documents are attached to the statement of license issuance/extension for private detective activity in addition to the documents referred to in article 1. 10 of the law on regulation through licensing of entrepreneurial activity, the statement of release/extend license for private detective activity shall be attached: a copy of the lease) of the real estate in which the licensed activity will take place;
b) copy of identity card;
c) legal studies diploma copy or book work, as appropriate;
d copies of medical certificates) about the applicant's mental health and the absence of dependence on drugs and alcohol to it;
e) certificate of criminal record. "
5. Article 20 shall read as follows: "Article 20. Grounds for withdrawal or suspension of the licence for the private detective activity as a reason for the withdrawal or suspension of the licence shall serve: a conviction for the offence) committed with intent;
b) about taking the certification records from the doctor or psychiatrist expert in the manner established by law;
(c) failure by law enforcement) as the data and information which has become known on the preparation or Commission of offences;
d) actions related to special investigative activity in accordance with the legislative and regulatory acts in the field;
e) private detective presentation as worker of law enforcement;
f) data collection about political, religious beliefs, about his private life or family data without the express written consent of individuals;
g) instigation to illegal actions;
h) recourse to actions which harm the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of individuals, including those with the function of liability insurance;
I) taking action which oppose the life, health, honour, dignity and wealth of individuals;
j) counterfeiting materials or create artificial situations to gain profit or to mislead the customer;
disclosure of information collected), its use against the interests of his client, for the purpose of profit or in the interests of third parties;
l) loss of nationality of the Republic of Moldova;
m) Detective Services with the client without the conclusion of the contract in writing;
n) placing under accusation until definitive pronouncement;
in other cases a). 21 of the law on regulation through licensing of entrepreneurship. " 
6. Article 10 (2) shall be completed in the final text ", except for sale-purchase of equipment necessary for carrying out the activity of private security guards";
in paragraph 4, the words "as well as its founders" is excluded.
7. The Act is supplemented by articles 221 and 222 with the following content: "Article 221. Conditions of licensing private security activity (1) conditions for licensing private security activities are the following: a) the arrangement, with proprietary or other right to use the space, nelocativă, equipped with Office furniture and equipment for telecommunications;
b) disposition of goods with special character, including uniform (green, with badge on left sleeve with the Organization's logo, name and the inscription "private guard" being applied to the right side of the chest), cars with the distinctive insignia of guard organization, means of intervention and individual defence and, where appropriate, firearms and special means of telecommunications;
c) enrolment in private security activity only to persons who:-have reached the age of 18 years;
are citizens of the Republic of Moldova;
-have at least secondary studies; 
-is not in record at the doctor or psychiatrist expert;
-have not been sanctioned for what offences encroaching upon public order and public security;
-have not been convicted for offences committed with intent, according to a definitive judicial decisions;
-are graduates of qualification courses at accredited education institutions according to law or assumes the responsibility that, within 3 months from the date of the commitment, attends, and to absolvească such courses;
(d)), the installation or use of an alarm against intrusions, their components only with certified according to national or international standard and specifying the class of safety in accordance with European norms in falling;
the establishment and operation of e) guard centralized dispatchers with the prior opinion of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and documents confirming the ownership arrangement with dispatchers, proof of licensed programs for their operation;
f) use in authorized mode of equipment, accessories and uniforms of signing model used and accepted for law enforcement, firearms and animal service, and meter, cagulelor and protective face masks;
g) to prevent the involvement of the private watchdog organizations personnel in action force, the judicial enforcement, recovery of funds in individual disputes and conflicts by collective actions or gave in to restore the rule of law to the competent public authorities;
h) conditions for the application of physical force, special means and firearms, firearm set out in his head. IV. (2) the Conditions of licensing for private security guards are and the requirements of art. 22 paragraph 1. 2. Article 222. Additional documents are attached to the statement of license issuance/extension for the work of private security guards in addition to the documents referred to in article 1. 10 of the law on regulation through licensing of entrepreneurial activity, the release declaration/extension of activity licence for private security guards to be attached: a copy of the lease) of the real estate in which the licensed activity will take place;

b) for private organizations leaders of guarding (including persons who ensure operatively tasks, guard or performing the functions of an administrator, executive director, or other similar functions):-copy of identity card;
-copy of diploma of higher education;
-copy of the certificate of graduation rates or low-skilled labour book copy confirming the work of at least 3 years in specialized security declaration whereby times assumes a responsibility that, within 3 months from the date of the commitment, attends, and to absolvească qualification courses at accredited educational institutions;
c) for specialists in the field of design, installation and maintenance of alarm systems against electrical wiring, its components (where the respective services is planned):-copy of the diploma of secondary education or higher computer specialist, automatic control and computer science or electronics;
d) guard services list on which the applicant intends to license you provide;
It's the logo of the Organization), the model approved by the Ministry of Internal Affairs;
f the ticket model. ")
8. In article 23, paragraph (10) shall read as follows: "(10) the activity of private security guards cannot be pursued the objective of preserving and storage of weapons, ammunition, explosive materials belonging to public authorities, to the storage and retention of toxic substances, radioactive and hazardous substances, narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors (excluding medical institutions and private pharmacies) and the National Bank of Moldova. "
9. In article 24, paragraph 3, the words "in the regulation, approved by law" shall be replaced with the words "in accordance with the annex. 3 ".
10. In article 25, paragraph (5) shall be repealed.
11. In article 26, paragraph 3, the words "shall be determined by the Government" shall be replaced with the words "are laid down in regulation-type in annex 4. 2 head. Vi ".
12. Article 27(2) shall read as follows: "article 27. Grounds for withdrawal or suspension of the licence for the particular activity Guard (1) in addition to the grounds referred to in article 1. 21. (2) of the law on regulating licensing through entrepreneurial activity, license for private security activity retreats and in breach of the licensing conditions; 221 of this Act.
(2) the license for private security activity is suspended under the terms of the law on the regulation and grounds through the licensing of entrepreneurial activity, as well as in the case of) establishing centralized security guard Dispatcher and his constituents in the absence of title of ownership;
(b) use of the licensed programs) for the operation of centralized security guard dispatcher in the absence of authorization of the owner;
c) neasigurare of the completeness of the documents required for the execution and track security services. "
13. The Act is supplemented by appendices. 1, no. 2 and no. 3 with the following contents: 5. the register of service station security guard physical register service for physical Guard will contain on each page of a report, the following model: 6. Monthly Statistical Data on the results achieved, in conjunction with the police in combating crimes and maintaining public order annex 1 annex. 2. REGULATION of the activity of particular pazăCapitolul I GENERAL PROVISIONS 1.  This regulation lays down the method and scope of activity of private security organizations, the driver and staff obligations of such organizations, security conditions for the transport of important values, methodological norms, technical design and implementation of alarm systems against intrusions, models of weapons and special means to endow the organization staff, as well as the method of preserving them.
2. The basic tasks of the Organization are: private security provision in the contract, the private security guard services; ensuring that the rights and legitimate interests of customers; ensuring social protection of employees; contributing to respect for the interests of the State and to maintain public order.

Chapter II WORK Of The PRIVATE WATCHDOG ORGANIZATION 3. Private watchdog organization has the status of a legal person governed by private law profit-making activity, practice on the basis of self-financing, account settlement and other accounts, can conclude contracts on its behalf, to obtain property rights and personal non-patrimonial rights, bear responsibility and may be the complainant and the respondent in the court process, has stamped his name in the national language with details of the venue, and is founded on an unlimited time. 
4. System guard private watchdog organization is based on the scheme of transfer and control, system guard continue response system operative and radio system.
5. Organization and control arrangements complying with the following restrictions: a) entering the territory of guarded objective, with the coordination of administration, shall be made only on the basis of permanent or temporary permits;
b) during a tour of the objective by individuals, the guardian requires the submission of permit for entering the territory of guarded objective, and in case of lack thereof-does not allow persons, announcing immediately the head of the guard;
c) in the case of the goal guarded by the visiting strangers, is the purpose of the visit should be reported to the Chief of the guard or the head of security and expect their arrival for appropriate decision making;
d) access on the territory of the lens, and guarded the exit from the territory shall be carried out only with the entry-exit permit;
e) is carried out the control unit with the aim of denouncing the removal of the goal guarded territory of goods which are not indicated in the documents submitted;
f) outside individuals and transport units from the territory of guarded objective withdraw licences if they expired shelf-life or where the subjects have lost their right to use them;
g) checks are carried out (or selectively) transport units from entering the territory of guarded objective to ensure security arrangements and the exclusion of potential challenges, threats, etc. 6. Guard system continues following specific characteristics: the Security Service) focuses on the principle of carrying out work on shifts;
b) basis for entering into service is working 12 hours, indicating continuous service membership, including the head of the tour, guardian service, operative collaborator, number of posts and the nominal composition of the employees of the guard posts;
c) before entry in turn, employees receive instructions on security in accordance with the obligations of the service, as well as instruction in respect of facts which have occurred in the absence of the objective in the last 24 hours, with regard to the specific requirements of each post of security guard, fire extinguishing measures, as well as on existing means of fire extinguishing systems and methods of use thereof;
d) in its work, the guard service is guided by the instructions approved by the client.
7. Organization of operative reaction system presupposes the existence of mobile group, that: (a)) is constituted by the head of the shift and operative collaborator;
b) grants, aid to evacuate its staff, internal and external security in what is related to the objective of maintaining internal order guarded;
c) together with external guard personnel performing guarding data receiving targets, monitor the effectiveness of the existence of Devil's padlock seals, and in case of lack or in case of improper sealing of not receiving objective under guard until the removal of shortcomings;
d) attempts to suppress all fraudulent penetration goal guarded territory, carry out Visual inspection of the territory, including the related objective guarded;
e) verifying the goal guarded territory and report regularly about changes on it;
f) undertake measures to prevention of criminogenic situations on the territory of guarded goal.
8. Organization of the system of portable radio stations include radio that works on the basis of technical permit, issued by the National Regulatory Agency for electronic communications and information technology, as provided by law. For communication, the radio network's employees use compendium of conventional expressions.
Electronic communications system consists of a number of telephone sets and separate phone numbers that may belong to private watchdog organization with the right to property and the right of possession and use.

Private watchdog organization has no right to sell or transmit to any other natural or legal persons assigned radio frequency. It prohibits the operation of radio stations that do not meet emission norms, technical parameters specified in the technical licence or causing disturbance in the operation of stations and other radio networks.

Chapter III OBLIGATIONS Of The DRIVER And The GUARD STAFF PRIVATE ORGANIZATION 9. The driver of the private watchdog organization has the following obligations: a) is responsible for the organisation and functioning of security objectives, and values of property they own, on any basis, these objectives;
b) examines thoroughly the needs of strict safety and establishes the necessary herds according to importance, size and vulnerability of their respective objectives, specifics of production and the place of their whereabouts;
(c)) shall, for the performance of guard service, selecting people with moral profile properly, with physical and occupational skills required this activity;
(d) training measures) carry out specific security personnel and check how it performs tasks;
e) ensure enforcement arrangements and facilities necessary for the deployment of guard service, as well as the introduction, maintenance and keeping in mind the rules of technical systems, security systems and alarm systems against intrusions;
f) ensure security personnel with the equipment of a uniform green color and distinctive insignia and, where appropriate, with weapons and special means, in accordance with the law;
g) shall, jointly with the beneficiary plans to organise and carry out Guard, setting the number of posts and their location, the composition of the staff of the guard, facilities, installations and technical means of security guards and alarm, measures to ensure the transport of important values;
h) ensure spaces and facilities necessary for safely keeping the weapons and munitions intended for security related service; undertake measures for the preservation and proper use of special weapons, means of transportation, and periodically verify the presence and condition of their technique, drawing up the annual inventory Act;
I) lays down rules on access to and movement within the guarded;
j) sets out responsibilities for heads work compartments in terms of guarding and safety of machinery and installations;
k) complies with labour legislation, in particular on security conditions of labour, to establish normal life time of work and remuneration of labour;
working with it) law enforcement agencies, through the granting of aid, within the limits of its competence, in preventing, countering and uncovering crimes;
m) inform, in due order, territorial bodies of police concerning the work done and results achieved, in conjunction with the police in combating crimes and maintaining public order.
10. private security Personnel (the guardian), in the exercise of his guard service, is obliged: a) to know and fulfil the duties incumbent upon them, being directly responsible for guarding and integrity objectives, values and assets entrusted to it;
b) to know the places and sensitive points of the goal perimeter to prevent any acts likely to harm the goal guarded;
c) to guard the goal, received goods and values under the guard and ensure their integrity;
d) allow access to objective only in accordance with legal rules and provisions;
e) verification, at entering and leaving the premises subject to the objective, the guard, transportation, materials and other property;
f) do not allow access to the territory of suspicious persons observing the objective and flying while intoxicated;
g) to stop and to legitimize the individuals about whom there is information or evidence that they committed crimes or other unlawful acts in goal kept those who violate the rules of internal regulations, and in the case of flagrant offences, to stop and surrender to police făptuitor, goods or values that are subject to the proceeds of crime or other unlawful acts, taking measures for their preservation or guarding and drawing up the minutes in question;
h) to immediately inform the organisation's management and hierarchical boss about any event during the execution of the service and of the measures taken;
I) to inform the competent bodies in the event of accidents occurring in plants, pipes or water tanks, fuel or chemicals, electrical and telephone networks and in any other circumstances which are likely to cause damage, and take immediate first steps after finding;
j) in the event of fire, to take urgent measures to rescue people, goods and values, to inform the fire service, the police, the leadership of the Organization and to take steps in extinguishing the fire before the arrival of the authorities;
k) use technical means for fire extinguishing and signaling and communication means;
l) to take actions to save the people, goods and values in case of natural disasters or catastrophe and to inform the Administration's objective;
m) to allow free access to the goal guarded by police officers will check the aim service purposes and to inform you about this particular watchdog organization leadership;
n) to contact the police in relation to any act which may be detrimental to the objective of heritage and to give guarded contest in carrying out the tasks incumbent upon the police for detaining offenders;
o) to State secrecy and other information with limited accessibility, whether the powers of the service has access to such data and information;
p) to wear during service the armament and apply gun only in the cases and conditions provided by law;
q) to wear green uniforms and distinctive insignia of the organization only during the service;
r) to take upon himself the ticket service model.
11. private security Personnel (the guardian), in pursuit of the objective of security service, is subject to the following restrictions: a) to leave his post without the service entrusted to teach;
b) to allow access to objective foreigners, the guardians free from work without the permission of the Administration's objective;
c) not to admit to sleeping or otherwise distracting from work, acceptance from other people or appropriating objects which do not relate to the service;
d) not to wear uniforms on duty outside the goal guarded location;
e) take actions that contravene the obligations of service and functional.

Chapter IV acquisition, USE, storage and RECORD KEEPING of FIREARMS and SPECIAL MEANS, APPLICATION of PHYSICAL FORCE. Private watchdog organization operating in licence and has ownership of firearms and special means.
Within the Organization of particular security, firearms and special means shall be issued against the signature under the procedure of registration in a special register of firearms, which is kept by the person responsible, called by the driver's private security organization.
Firearms and special means can be issued only to employees who have enabled port only for the period weapon and to carry out the service.
Private watchdog organization employees entitled to port, previously the issuance of firearm, they are instructed by his superior, and in the bodies of Internal Affairs, about how to use the special circumstances and situations in which they have the power to impose gun fire, about the conditions of storage and release, under the laws in force.
Acquisition, storage, use, transport, wearing of fire arms, ammunition and special means by the private watchdog organization is carried out in accordance with the legislation in force concerning the weapons and ammunition regime of civil purpose.
To ensure the security and safety objectives or values, private watchdog organization can use both the supplied weapons and special means of its own, namely: a) gas cartridges; 
b) special rubber batons or plastic;
c) helmets;
d) and short vests bulletproof.
13. the technical Equipment of the room intended for the storage of firearms are carried out in accordance with the requirements set out in the legislation on weapons and munitions regime of civil purpose.
14. private security Organization can hold possession of weapons of various categories, data models being covered by legislation on weapons and munitions regime of civil purpose.

People who practice private guard activity are obliged to follow a special training on an annual basis on the implementation of the firearm as established by the employer and, depending on the outcome of the NDRC approved practical shooting will be certified for operations in conditions which require the application of the firearm. Instructions regarding the application of fire unfolds daily before the employment service.
If the inability of some employees for such actions or other violations under the law relating to the regime of weapons and ammunition of the civil guard, private organization is prohibited the possession, storage and use of firearms.
15. private security Personnel, the application of physical force, special means or firearms, firearm shall have the following obligations: a) to warn that intends to make use of them, granting enough time to fulfil its requirements, unless delaying the application of physical force, special means or firearm directly endangering the lives and health of the personnel life and health of other persons, or may lead to other serious track;
b) to take steps, depending on the character and degree of danger of the offence and of the person who committed it, and the opposite of resistance force, as injury to the Elimination of a threat to be minimal;
c) first aid medical persons have caused injury and communicate about this emergency health care bodies and internal affairs bodies;
d) to notify law enforcement about all cases of injury or death, and about the application of firearms.
16. Special Means shall apply in the following cases: a) the rejection of a direct attack on persons, including workers of guards;
b) to, in case of non-return escape of persons caught in flagrante delicto why oppose the lives, health or the property of persons.
In the remaining cases apply the law relating to the application of physical force, special means and firearms.

Chapter VCONDIŢIILE GUARD Of TRANSPORTULUIUNOR IMPORTANT VALUES. The collection (collection), transportation, security and the accompanying cargo/important values, which consist in money, bonds, cheques or other documents of value, metals and precious stones, scientific, technical, art and culture, as well as other materials that are part of the circuit, is carried out by private security organizations with specific means of transport intended for in accordance with the decisions and provisions of the National Bank of Moldova and with other legislative and regulatory provisions in force.
It is prohibited to guard by the private watchdog organizations of goods specified in strategic transport law on the control of export, re-export, import and transit of strategic goods.
18. the Livestock needed to guard important goods and values shall be determined by common agreement, by the head of the Organization of particular safety and security plan beneficiaries and by contract, in accordance with the legal regulations in force, exterior taking into account the importance of the property, the amount, the operative situation, means of transport used, duration of transport and weather conditions. Regardless of the nature of the shipment, its guard shall ensure at least one armed person.
19. For transport of goods accompanying guard and important values, the persons concerned shall, as appropriate, the appropriate conditions for the execution of the service, namely: a) or compartment carriages type body guards for the carriage by rail;
(b) armoured vehicles for transport) values;
c) vehicles specially designed for semiblindate or accompanying car transport;
d) specially designed compartments or reserved for overhead or shipping.
20. The vehicles intended for the carriage of the goods and values important certifying according to law, be established properly, shall assemble the technical devices and alarm, which ensures full security of persons accompanying and values, and be equipped with equipment of radio broadcasts on frequencies approved in accordance with the law.
21. During transportation of values outside the settlements or when the situation in the area, the driver of the private watchdog organization ensures at least one accompanying guard crew and protecting important values.
22. In order to ensure the integrity of important values during their transport, the following shall be determined: (a) private organization) staff on guard for transporting important values by public transportation, railway, naval, air, within the limits of the territory of the Republic of Moldova, is called among the most well-trained employees, their number being determined in relation to the importance, size and vulnerability of respective values;
b) personnel involved in transportation is provided with uniforms, special means, radio stations and weapons in accordance with the rules in force;
c) grounds for the accompanying owner's values is a bilateral contract between the owner and the Organization's private security guards; at the conclusion of the contract for the cargo owner's companionship, private watchdog organization verifies the correctness of documents for transportation of their membership, the right owner to deal with carriage of the relevant securities, while the owners of means of transport registered in other States-entry permit on the territory of the Republic of Moldova;
(d) private organization) leader of the Guard carry out measures for preventing the transport of prohibited values within the territory of the Republic of Moldova.
23. The organization of the transport service of the values put in charge of guarding the driver private organization that: (a)) is responsible for the formation of teams for transporting values;
b draw up transport itinerary) values with auto transport, rail, inland waterway and air transport, taking into account the parking or parking lot, with the information of internal affairs bodies, organs of command of transportation by rail, water and air stations, ports, towns and other localities; appreciate the peculiarities of keeping weapons, documents relating to the service at the reception-teaching at guard (guard) values;
c) determines the order for the support of the link with the recipient values (the sender values), the peculiarities of delivery-their teaching;
d) organizes accompanying team training in accordance with this regulation.
24. During the training of the team accompanying the transport of important values, its members be allowed to bring to his attention the following: a) round-trip movement modality of the team for receiving the teaching of values;
b) mode of the respective documentation on receiving the teaching of values;
c) type of transport, the quantity of goods and;
d) shares the team's integrity are infringed goods and means of transport;
(e) the method of use) of funds and signals between the personnel of the team;
f) method of use, application and storage of weapons and ammunition;
g) measures for respecting the rules of art to accompany the transport security over the values.
25. For the accompanying transport important values, private watchdog organization deploys teams of at least two employees that will have on them the following documents: a) order on the appointment of the team for transporting values;
b) documents of detachment and travel;
c) identity documents and permits;
d) contract of carriage concluded with the owner values.
26. The team accompanying the transport of the values is responsible for retaining them, the integrity of the Pack, zăvoarelor, Devil's padlock seals and applied fillings. The team is not responsible for the condition of the goods and values that are found in the containers and packaging if their condition is not due to fault in the actions or inactions of the team in question.
27. Vehicles belonging to the particular organization's security guards do not have the priority scheme of the movement, and the use of headlights and special sound signals on them is prohibited. On the front doors of motor vehicles burn in the State language of the particular organization's name, logo and guard her phone number.

Chapter VI CONDITIONS RELATING to the GRANTING of SERVICES of design, installation and maintenance of ALARM SYSTEMS AGAINST INTRUSIONS. Private watchdog organization may perform services for the design, installation and maintenance of alarm systems against electrical wiring, components thereof, and for exploiting the centralized security dispatchers, only after the inclusion of such services in the list set out in annex at.
29. The receipt, review and approve the design documentation shall be effected in the following manner:

the design for documentation) fitting alarm systems against intrusions, in duplicate, shall be sent by the private watchdog organization specialized subdivision police, empowered with the control and supervision of the activity of private detective and guard or territorial police inspectorate, except in the housing sector;
b) after approval, one of the copies of the design documentation remains in possession of the subdivision;
(c) the preparation of) the inspection shall create a Commission whose membership includes representatives of beneficiary and organization design;
d) date of minimum durability Inspection Act is one year; It may be extended for a similar period by the Committee with the same composition;
It's) in the process of mounting alarm systems installations against burglary does not allow deviations from the approved design.
30. For the approval of design documentation, along with the mounting works the alarm system against intrusions, the designer presents body empowered with control and supervision of the activity of private detective and guard the next set of documents and materials: a) copy the license for rendering services on the design of alarm systems against intrusions;
(b) the applicant's request regarding the Endowment) lens with alarm systems against intrusions;
c) contract to carry out design work and installation of alarm systems installations against burglary.

Chapter VII RULES for UNIFORM PORT, HER DESCRIPTION and DISTINCTIVE MARKS 31. Private security personnel of the Organization shall be entitled to a uniform green color service and distinctive insignia inscribed with the name and logo of the organization.
32. service Uniform and distinguishing insignia shall be granted to private security personnel and heads of subdivisions by the watchdog organization for private security guards.
33. The description of the guard staff uniform, distinctive and signing components, duration of use, as well as rules for uniform port is approved by order internally by the driver of the private watchdog organization.
34. private security Staff and the head of the subdivision of the guard with the right port of the service uniform and distinctive marks are obliged to wear them only during the service.
35. Staff benefiting from uniform and distinguishing insignia shall wear them neatly, to maintain them properly and to comply strictly with the rules on their Harbour.
36. service Uniform will be adjusted on the wearer's waist, being forbidden to be worn in conjunction with other articles of clothing or footwear.
37. private security Staff who had been employed in the other functions, at which he has placed the contract of employment or the one who has been retired shall not be entitled to wear the uniform and insignia of the private watchdog organization.
38. The transition from summer uniform or winter shall be effected in the manner established by the private watchdog organization, according to the tasks performed and the place of deployment.
39. It is prohibited to port and uniform distinctive marks which do not correspond to the models set out, and changing them.
40. in other cases, depending on the specifics of the goal guarded (within the offices) and the personnel requirement, security guards have the right to wear a civilian suit type.

Annex 4. 3 REGULATION on the conditions for training, retraining and attestation of personnel and private organizations for eliberareacestuia the accreditation certificates 1. This regulation lays down the conditions governing the preparation, retraining and attestation of personnel and private organizations release its accreditation certificate of the established form.
2. personnel involved in the guard is made up of wardens (guards), the guards running body guard (bodyguard), goalkeepers, controllers, operators (supervisors), and goods companions or other persons designated by the times set the unit to provide training, supervision and coordination of work.
3. Preparation, developing and certifying the private watchdog organizations personnel shall take place, in the contract, by educational institutions licensed and accredited in the manner established by law.
4. The preparation shall be carried out for the purpose of training, knowledge, and skills training necessary to carry out the work.
5. qualification Courses completed with a certificate of attestation model approved by the Education Ministry, in which will be suitably indicated.
6. Security staff assumes deepening of theoretical knowledge and practical skills development. Are admitted to inward processing people who worked in private organizations of detective and guard for at least three years, and employees are certified in the State structures book referred to in point 7, if on termination of employment have passed not less than 5 years.
7. Make an exception to the requirement to obtain a certificate of attestation provided for in point 5 persons who submit proof of having worked as a certified employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of defence, the information and Security Service, border police, service of protection and State guard, and the national Anticorruption Department of penitentiary institutions of the Ministry of Justice, which had not been fired on grounds of the fact that the employee does not correspond to the function held or work done as a result insufficient qualification, confirmed by the decision of the Commission of accreditation.
8. persons who worked as employees certified within the Ministry of Internal Affairs and have ceased to fulfil its obligations in the public service, and during the last year of work had direct powers of oversight or control of private detective organisations and guard are not entitled to commit for a year in management structures, for overhaul or inspection of such organisations.
9. qualification Courses are conducted on the basis of specific topics, provided by the training programme approved by the Ministry of education, and is completed by examining and certifying the graduates of a Commission appointed by the Rector of educational institution, from which a representative of the Ministry of internal affairs.
10. The qualifying courses is carried out on the basis of the request of the applicant, documents certifying that do not fall within the scope of the restrictions provided for in this law.
11. payment for qualifying rates shall be borne by the candidate and, where appropriate, by the employer.
12. At least on a semi-annual basis, under the supervision of the competent police, will be a drawdown of personnel training of security guards holding permits for gun ports that are in private security organizations endowment.
13. The cost of ammunition consumed within fire training shall be borne by the employer.
14. An attestation of personnel for the execution of activities of security guards, goods and values, as well as body guard attestation is carried out after attending the courses of qualification with a minimum of 240 hours, for a fee.
15. Staff security presupposes the development of practical skills, which will be done within the recycling rate, with a minimum of 120 hours, for a fee. "
Art. III.-the Government shall, within 3 months from the date of publication of this law: (a) shall submit to the Parliament proposals) regarding bringing the legislation in force in accordance with this law;
b) will ensure the development of normative acts required for the enforcement of this law.

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