With Regard To The Harmonization Of Sound Levels In Radio And Tv Programs

Original Language Title: cu privire la uniformizarea nivelului sunetului  în programele de radio şi TV

Read the untranslated law here: https://www.global-regulation.com/law/moldova/5967644/cu-privire-la-uniformizarea-nivelului-sunetului-n-programele-de-radio-i-tv.html

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    As a result of appeals received from consumers, from the Commission for national security, defence and public order of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova and autosesizării media watchdog CCA about how broadcast by television and radio stations in the Republic of Moldova to advertising and teleshopping, the situation in which the sound level that is broadcast advertising calupul is much higher than the sound level of all the other shows programmes or films, which provokes a State of emotional shock not only on minors, but also of adults.
Thus, as a result of checks carried out, the audiovisual Coordinating Council established that the sound level during spot advertising is greater than during the broadcasts or films aired previously. This fact creates discomfort viewers and listeners.
Taking note of the fact that neuniformităţile sound of strength inside, between different programs, subject to a large number of complaints of consumers, taking into account the experience of other European States resulting from the application of the recommendation EBU R128-2011-"Normalize sound and strength maximum level allowed of audio signals", adopted by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), with the aim of normalising the situation through the Equalization of sound level inside programmes between different programs, from radio and television stations, it is proposed to oblige broadcasters to prevent increasing sound levels within the programmes, between different programs and the dissemination of advertising, teleshopping and promos.
As a result of the public debate, pursuant to the provisions of the broadcasting code no. 260 from the BCC is supervised and approved by Statute, nr. 433 from 28.12.2006 the Moldovan audiovisual Coordinating Council

DECIDES: 1. To compel broadcasters under the jurisdiction of the Republic of Moldova to prevent increasing sound levels within the programmes, between different programs and the dissemination of advertising, teleshopping and promo (PRO-(7)-UNANIMOUS HAMMER, m. OBI-HADIRCA, c. MÎŢU, Iu. CARLSON, b. DAMASCUS, a. CASTILLO, o. GUŢUŢUI).
2. control of the execution of this decision, it shall exercise general direction, approval and monitoring licensing.
3. This decision shall be published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Moldova and on the website of the electronic media watchdog CCA.