Regarding The Announcement Of The Competition For The Available Radio Frequency Use

Original Language Title: cu privire la anunţarea concursului pentru utilizarea frecvenţei radio disponibilă

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    Pursuant to article 1. 23 and 40 lit. j) and l) of the broadcasting code no. 260-XVI of BCC is supervised, the Statute, the regulation on the procedure and conditions for issuing licences and authorizations for the relay and the opinion of the Ministry of information and Communication Technology No. 01/1497 from 12.11.2015, CCA DECIDES: 1. To announce the competition for the available radio frequency use with the following parameters: frequency RADIO No. d/a

Frequency (MHz)


Azimuturile discount sector (degrees)/(dBW)

HEF max. (m)

Polarization signal 2





In sector 110 ° -140 ° up to 12.5 dBW




2. the conditions for the submission of dossiers (classification of documents necessary for participation in the contest): 1. Application for entry in the contest's broadcast licence (according to the model);
2. the General Concept of service programs (according to the model);
3. the broadcaster's editorial Project: goals, the capital of the institution, the institution's organizational structure, content and duration of the proposed programmes, programme orientation, consumer audience programs, sources of funding for programs, characterization of broadcasts; 
4. grid an emission: the name, the time of broadcast shows, theme, language of achievement and/or retransmitted channels list: name, country of origin, language (according to the model);
5. The business plan for the period of validity of the licence requested, emission information relating to other business in the field of media;
6. A copy of the contract of purchase or lease of technique required to them, other data which confirms the potential of the applicant;
7. Declaration of participation, direct or indirect, or participating in the capital of other companies in the audiovisual sector (as a percentage);
8. Declaration on oath of the applicant with respect to ensuring transparency of ownership (according to the model);
9. TV Studio logo Graphics, sound signals of the radio station.
Note: • the acts shall be submitted in the State language of the Republic of Moldova (collected from the computer), being signed by the enterprise administrator or processor.
• Materials must be signed, stamped, indicating the date of their issuance.
• Documents contained in paragraphs 1 to 5 shall be accompanied by 3 copies and scanned version of documents.
• Pursuant to a single file by entering the contest, an applicant may only apply for a radio frequency or channel in the same locality.
• CCA Collaborator who receives the receipt to the applicant concerned organizations documents.
3. Criteria for the assessment of the tender applicants of the contest announced, pursuant to art. 23 section 3: broadcasting licence shall be issued by the audiovisual Coordinating Council according to the following conditions: a) release license will result in compliance with the objectives set out in the strategy of territorial coverage with the services in accordance with the national plan of radio frequencies;
b) release license will correspond to the principle of ensuring pluralism in broadcasting, deleting is the possibility to create preconditions for the establishment of the monopoly and the concentration of ownership in broadcasting and in the media in General, taking into account the degree to which existing licensed broadcasters already correspond to this requirement;
c) decision to issue the license will only be considered taking into account the financial viability of the applicant, to the extent that its proposals correspond to its financial possibilities;
d) when issuing license applicants will have priority, providing their own programs, indigenous and European works.
4. Validity of license for services of radio programs is 7 years old (the broadcasting code, art. 23, para. (5) 5. State fee for providing license constitutes 3250 lei.
6. Reception of documents for participation in the contest and remedy the irregularities shall be made within 30 days from the date of publication of this decision in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Moldova. During this period, applicants shall receive the necessary consultations concerning the correct completion of the files.
7. The last term of presentation of materials for the competition is the 30th day of the publication of this decision in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Moldova.
8. During the time limit laid down for submission of tenders, the ACC will give publicity to the concept of the proposed programs and services information about participants in the contest.
9. control of the execution of this decision, it shall exercise Direction and licensing approval.
10. This decision shall be published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Moldova and in the web page of the CA.