Approving Documents

Original Language Title: cu privire la aprobarea unor documente

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    To execute the provisions of item 17 subpct. 1), 4), and item 5) 30 subpct), point 39 subpct) item 41 subpct. 3), point 61 subpct. 6), section 80 subpct. 2) and 3 of point 87), subpct. 1), 4), 5) and (6)), section 91, paragraph 112, subpct. 5), paragraph 138, paragraph subpct. 3.144 subpct. 6, paragraph 154 subpct. 5) of the regulation concerning the allocation of funds from the Fund for assistance to agricultural producers for the year 2016, approved by Government decision No. 910 from 25.07.2016 (hereinafter the regulation), for the purpose of creating uniform conditions in order to ensure efficient management of the financial resources intended to support agricultural producers, I HEREBY ORDER: 1. Be approved: 1) the list of vine varieties, requested on the markets for wine production, according to the annex 1;
2 Request-type) the granting of financial support for each measure separately, according to the annex 2;
3) Declaration on honour by the producer, in accordance with annex 3;
4) Declaration on honour of the Central Association of Savings and loan, in accordance with Annex No.4;
5) Model business plan, developed over a period of 5 years, in accordance with Annex No.5;
6) Act-model water pump, in accordance with annex 6;
7) Act-setting model modules greenhouses (greenhouses, solariilor or tunnels), machine, equipment and material coverage for growing vegetables on protected land and fruit, according to annex 7;
8) Act-model release of systems protection, frost protection installations and according to annex 8;
9) Act-model of installation of equipment and new equipment intended to equip and modernise the zootechnical farms, according to annex 9;
10) Act-model of commissioning of new equipment and technological equipment, intended for developing post-harvest infrastructure and processing in accordance with annex 10;
11) Act-release model of irrigation system, according to annex 11;
12) certificate model issued by financial institutions regarding the directions of use of the principal and interest amount paid as of November 1, 2015, in accordance with annex 12;
13) a list of the orders/Bill model, according to the annex. 13;
model List-14) of the recipients of loans from savings and Loan Associations, as specified in annex No. 14;
15) Consolidation Act grantees interparliamentary loans from savings and Loan Associations, as specified in annex No. 15;
16) Report-model on the allocation of financial support to beneficiaries of loans from savings and Loan Associations, as specified in annex 16;
technical Sheet 17) according to the annex. 17.2. It is established that accessing financial support under the support measures 1.1., 1.2., 1.4. and 1.6. of the regulations for which were drawn up documents on the establishment of plantations in autumn 2015, installation and putting into operation as of 1 November 2015, it is not necessary to replace them with new models acts approved in accordance with section 1 subpct. 7)-11) of this order. 
3. The task of the intervention agency, and Payments for agriculture: 1) Payment decision examination Committee of the financial support secured in accordance with the provisions of the regulation concerning the granting of financial support to producers, approved by Government decision No. 735 from 10.09.2014.
2) authorisation and the payment of the grant, the eligible records, until October 31, 2015 and, as a result of exhaustion of the grant Fund assets of farmers for the year 2015. Authorisation and their payment shall be made in accordance with Government decision No. 352 from 10.06.2015.
3) ensuring the publication of this order, including in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Moldova, as well as placement on the page's official electronic intervention agency and Payments for agriculture.
4. The order of the Ministry of agriculture shall be repealed and the food industry no. 115 from 12.06.2015 regarding the approval of documents (Official Gazette of the Republic of Moldova, 2015, 150-159, art. 1031).
5. control of the execution of this order carries on him personally.