Media Watchdog Cca In Respect Of Financial And Economic Activity For The Year 2015

Original Language Title: Consiliului Coordonator al Audiovizualului  cu privire la activitatea economico-financiară pentru anul 2015

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    Media watchdog CCA's budget was approved by the State budget law for the year 2015 nr. 72 from 12.04.2015, in the amount of 9717.5 thousand lei, including 6217.5 thousand lei from budgetary funds and 3500.0 thousand lei from special funds.
At the time of 20.11.2015, a result of the amendment and supplement of the law on State budget for the year 2015, the audiovisual Coordinating Council budget was reduced by 700.0 thousand lei, expenditure budget on account of such base amounted to 5917.5 thousand lei, and from special funds-3100.0 thousand lei.
The situation concerning budget expenditure for the maintenance of the electronic media watchdog CCA is presented as follows: Figure No. 1 based on the data shown in the chart above (Figure No.1), the largest share in the total budget expenditure on specified held a spending bill has 64 units. In this sense, 4519.2 were used thousands of Lions (including social security contributions in the amount of 793.0 thousand lei and mandatory insurance premiums paid by the employer care worth 145.2 thousand lei), which represents 76.37% of the annual amount specified for 2015 on account of budgetary means.
For the payment of goods and services have been spent 1133.0 thousand lei (19.15% of the annual amount specified). Thus, the annual 2.44% specified for the item in question have not been executed because nefinanţării documents submitted to the Ministry of Finance-Treasury payment. For the purpose of service of the movements were used 6.7 thousand lei (0.12% of the annual amount specified). For the population transfers were spent 97.9 thousand lei (1.65% of the annual amount specified), and for the purchase of fixed assets were used thousands of lei 16.1 (0.27% of the annual amount specified). On 31 December 2015, creditor debt were recorded in the amount of 7.4 thousand lei, with the deadline for payment expired.
During the year 2015, the Fund for the support of broadcasters have been accumulated financial resources in the amount of 3254.1 thousand lei (85.7 thousands of lei-account licenses and permits obtained by broadcasters and 3163.4 thousand lei-1% of annual turnover to the broadcasters, 5 thousand lei-other income).
Diagram no. 2 according to the data submitted in the above diagram (diagram no. 2) compared to previous years, receipts to the Fund to support the broadcasters on account of income from annual fees to cover the costs of regulating paid by broadcasters, at the rate of 1% of the annual turnover, increased in the year 2015 with 725.2 lei toward 2014 and 1318.0 lei toward 2013. In the reporting period the reduction of revenue on account of fees for the issuance of licences for the keeping and transmitting and relay authorizations issued by the Bcc 72.0 lei compared with 2014 and an increase of 31.9 thousand lei the year 2013.
Means accumulated in Special Fund to support the broadcasters were executed in the amount of 4394.3 lei (3075.9 lei from funds accumulated in 2015 and 1318.4 thousand lei transferred by the Chisinau Territorial Treasury to core component, in accordance with the provisions of article 70 para. (2) of the law of public finances and budgetary-fiscal responsibility nr. 181 of 25 July 2014).
For efficient organization of work, as well as to improve the work of the CCA, CCA decision nr. 124 of 25 august 2014 "With regard to the allocation of financial resources from the Fund for the support of broadcasters for the purpose of technical-material endowment of about" financial means have been used in the amount of 514.8 thousand lei.
In order to finance the production of social programs by the broadcasters were assigned funds in amount of 1586.8 lei (BCC Decision No. 194 from 18.12.2014, BCC Decision No. 27/126 from 14.07.2015).
To pay the membership fee of a member of the European platform of regulatory Authorities (EPRA) for the year 2015, in accordance with the provisions of the CCA Decision nr. 3/17 of 13 February 2015 "With regard to the allocation of funds from the Fund to support the broadcasters to pay the membership fee of a member of the European platform of regulatory Authorities (EPRA)," Fund to support broadcasters were used funds of 47.1 thousand lei.
In order to ensure participation in the CCA as a member of the European platform of regulatory Authorities (EPRA), Forum regulatory authorities of the countries of the Black Sea (BRAF), the Francophone Media Regulatory Authorities (REFRAM) and the regulatory authorities in the audiovisual sector of the Mediterranean basin (MNRA), at meetings, conferences and international forums organized were allocated 368.0 lei (BCC decisions No. 6/35 from 20.03.2015 , nr. 7/37 of 27.03.2015, nr. 10/54 of 23.04.2015, nr. 12/65 of 29.04.2015, nr. 32/157, no. 21.08.2015 from 33/163 of 15.09.2015 and no. 37/189 of 05.11.2015).
In order to promote the country's interests in broadcasting and the study of good practices in the assemblies, workshops organized abroad financial resources have been allocated in the amount of 337.8 thousand lei (BCC decisions No. 19/91 of 27.05.2015, no. 33/164 of 15.09.2015, no. 35/178 of 29.09.2015 and no. 42/212 from 21.12.2015).
To execute the CCA Decision nr. 20/101 of 05.06.2015 "on the examination of Regional Broadcasters Association requests" Meridian "and Agency" Info-Prim Neo "" were allocated thousands lei for 144.0 services for issuance to prepay for products of local broadcasters, with the exception of broadcasters in the Chisinau municipality. Chisinau and Balti.
To carry out regional seminars for holders of licences and permits relay and printing "Guide on normative framework in the field of broadcasting in the Republic of Moldova" were used funds amounting to 76.5 thousand lei.
At the end of the budget year, the balance of the special means was 0 thousand lei.


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