On Additional Safety Measures For Operating In Conflict Zones

Original Language Title: privind măsurile suplimentare de siguranţă pentru operarea în zonele de conflict

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Pursuant to art. 5 paragraph. (3) d) - e), art. 14 para. (1) of the Civil Aviation Law no. 1237-XIII of 09.07.1997, art. 4 para. (1) e), para. (2) a), d) and art. 6 of the Law on aviation security no. 92-XVI from 05.04.2007, pt. 7 of point. 4) - 5), 22) - 23), 26) of the Regulation on organization and functioning of the Civil Aviation Authority, approved by Government Decision no. 645 of 07/08/2014, considering that
operating in conflict zones endanger human life and health, and can lead to property damage, applying the approach
risk assessment (level of hazard )
order to execute its duties and functions of the Civil aviation authority as competent authority of the state to ensure the safety oversight and aviation security, to ensure safety
aircraft registered in the Republic of Moldova and / or operated by Moldovan air carriers, passengers and crew, security of persons and property on the ground,


1. Once the information specified in Database Areas of Conflict on the website of the International Organization of Civil Aviation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs data of the European Air Navigation Commission recommendations and other official sources, the website published www.caa.md and keep at current list of states (conflict zones), operating in the airspace of which presents or may present increased danger to aviation security and flight safety, aircraft registered in the Republic of Moldova and / or operated by the airlines of the Republic of Moldova.
2. Moldovan air carriers that operate or intend to operate in states (areas) which are included in the list referred to in paragraph 1 of this Order:
a) international flights to / from international airports without having basic operating in these countries (areas);
B) only flights to / from international airports and / or to / from the airports (airports) certified serving domestic flights, with operating base in these countries (areas);
C) flights to / from international airports and / or to / from the airports (airports) certificates and / or to / from areas used for takeoff / landing / external load operations with helicopters, with operating base in these countries (areas);
Are forced to take some extra measures to ensure safety and aviation security set out in paragraphs 3-6 of this Order.
March. All the airlines in section 2 of this Order shall have:
a) appropriate changes in aviation security programs approved by AAC;
B) insurance policies that provide coverage in areas operating risks, as applicable, the risks of war, supported by AAC;
C) review and assess risks related to operations planned, supported by AAC.
4. The air carriers under point 2 b) - c) of this Order, in addition to those set out in paragraph 3 of this Order, must have the "Commercial Operation Plan", supported by AAC, which contains the following sections: the operational, additional training and regular training of crew members , technical maintenance of aircraft, aircraft technical assurance measures, measures to ensure aviation security and ground support.
May. The air carriers under point 2 c) of this Order, in addition to those set out in paragraphs 3-4 of this Order, shall submit to the competent authorities of the Member AAC confirmation (areas), directly or through contracted organizations regarding the performance of obligations:
a) ensuring the safety measures and aviation security, appropriate to the operational activities;
B) notice of search and rescue services in the event of flight in airspace where no air traffic services are provided under Annex 11 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation;
C) making, accidents and incidents aeronautical search and rescue operations under Annex 12 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation, and the investigation under Annex 13 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation.

June. The requirements of this Order shall apply to each aircraft, registered in the Republic of Moldova and / or operated by a Moldovan air operator and for any change in operating areas that fall under this Order.
July. Control of execution of this order shall be made in the process of certification / authorization of the air operator and / or continuous surveillance, including the assessment of data air operators Moldovan operating or intending to operate outside the territory of Moldova, the inspectors AAC have continuous access remote (internet), in real time 24/7, according to the Order AAC on daily monitoring by the Civil Aviation Authority no flight planning. 21 / GEN of 15/08/2016.
August. Depending on the extent of non-compliance, failure or improper performance requirements of this Order attract stopping operation of the aircraft regardless of its whereabouts or the suspension / revocation of the certificate / permit Air Operator.
September. From the effective date of this Order, the Order on limiting the areas of operation of aircraft registered in the Republic of Moldova no. 27 / GEN of 03/12/2015 is hereby repealed.
10. This Order shall take effect from the date of publication in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Moldova.

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