On Some Measures To Improve The Socio-Economic Situation Of The Gagauz Autonomous Territorial Unit For The Period 2016-2019

Original Language Title: cu privire la unele măsuri de ameliorare a situaţiei social-economice din unitatea teritorială autonomă Găgăuzia pentru perioada 2016-2019

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on some measures to improve the socio-economic situation of the Gagauz autonomous territorial unit for the period 2016-2019

Published: 01.04.2016 in Official Gazette No. 79-89 art no: 385 in order to improve the socio-economic situation from Gagauzia, the Government DECIDES: 1. establishes the working group composed of: Octavian CALMAC-Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of economy, the Chairman of the Working Group GUZNAC v Deputy Secretary general of the Government, Deputy Chairman of the Working Group of the VLACH-Governor Imam autonomous territorial unit Gagauzia Vitalie IURCU-Deputy Minister of economy EȘANU Nicolae CĂRĂUȘ-Deputy Minister of Justice Maria-Deputy Minister of finance IAȘAN Lahiri-Deputy Minister Marina VASILE health-Deputy Minister of education VICTOR Valle-Deputy Minister of transportation and road infrastructure Deputy Anatolii USATII-regio-NAL steps development and construction of OBADIAH Nicholas-agriculture and food industry Ivan MOHMMAD-Deputy Minister of youth and sports Divya V-first Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee of the autonomous territorial unit Gagauzia TANASOGLO Polavarapu-Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee of the autonomous territorial unit Gagauzia MAJID Rafii          -Head of Department of social assistance to children, the Ministry of labour, social protection and family consultant NINA Galina policies, Ministry of labour, social protection and family LIVINȚA Laf-consultant in the Department of social services policy, Ministry of labour, social protection and family LAKHANI-consultant in the direction of analysis, monitoring and evaluation of policies, the Ministry of environment CUZNEȚOVA Lage-Deputy director of the social investment Fund of Moldova NADEAU Alexei's Chief Directorate for land and soil protection, Agency for land relations and cadastre Lagrimas MINDOV-head of the Directorate of real estate cadastre, land relations and cadastre Agency CIOBANU Victor-head of Division for development policies and tourism marketing, tourism agency OSOIANU Iurie-Deputy Director of the national company of medical insurance consultant OGUNKOYA Abbey in the direction of investment policy and competitiveness The Ministry of economy, Secretary of working group 2. The Working Group nominated will present Ministry of economy that will ensure the work of the secretariat, within 15 days of the request, the proposals will be included in the action plan on improving the socio-economic situation from Gagauzia for the period 2016-2019, according to the table in the annex.
3. Ministry of the economy, within two months, will generalize the proposals received from the public authorities concerned and will develop the draft decision approving the action plan on presenting its nominee to the Government for review and approval.
4. the Ministry of Economic Affairs will provide the necessary support for: a the creation and enterprise development) administrator of the Industrial Park "Comrat";
b) Promoting Industrial Park "Comrat" in order to attract investors as the residents of the Park;
c economic agents from involvement) autonomous territorial unit Gagauzia, through participation in projects, trainings, events, in the implementation of State policy development clusterială of the industrial sector of Republic of Moldova;
d) training of economic agents from the Gagauz autonomous territorial unit in the process of attraction of investments and promoting exports through participation in the promotional events: forums, exhibitions, fairs etc. Ministry of Finance: a) will include the draft State budget for the year 2016 means for compensating the financial resources of the central budget of the autonomous territorial unit Gagauzia, directed in 2015 to cover general expenses of educational institutions, financed through special transfers from the State budget (7864.0 thou lei), and to cover additional requests for transfers with special destination for pre-school education (3282.2 thou lei);
b) will accept the restructuring loan payment schedule under the contract of lending for water supply and sanitation in Moldova between the Ministry of finance and the Executive Board of the autonomous territorial unit Gagauzia (Contract No. 1 of 24 September 2010).
6. The Ministry of regional development and construction: the creation of the Agency) will speed up the development of the autonomous territorial unit Gagauzia, ensuring its functionality in strict accordance with the provisions of the legislation in the field;
b) will provide, jointly with the Ministry of the environment, or. The regional project of Vulcanesti village water supply to the southern region of the Republic of Moldova, by connecting the city to the project path Cahul-Alexandru Ioan Cuza and the design path. Vulcăneşti; 
c) will advise the National Council for regional development coordination of projects for Regional Development Agency of the autonomous territorial unit Gagauzia, including from the National Fund for regional development, based on the principle of equality, provided for in the legislation.
7. Ministry of agriculture and food industry: a) proposes the inclusion in the State budget for the year 2016 the means necessary for the payment of arrears of subsidies for agricultural producers in the Gagauz autonomous territorial unit for the year 2015, in accordance with applicable law and Agency Regulation of agricultural intervention and Payments;
b) will provide an annual allocation in the vine and wine of a fixed amount for wine producers from Gagauzia to participate under the various exhibitions, in accordance with the Statute of the Office of the national vine and wine;
c) will provide the necessary assistance with a view to the opening of a modern laboratory for certification of agricultural and food production on the territory of the autonomous territorial unit Gagauzia;
d) will contribute to making the repair capital of Agricultural Technical College from the Gagauz autonomous territorial unit of Gagauzia,.
8. The Ministry of transport and road infrastructure: 1) will make the necessary arrangements for the completion of the rehabilitation, modernization and expansion of the M3 national road Chisinau-Cimislia-Vulcanesti-Giurgiulesti-Romania border by:

launch of the year) by 2016, the tenders for the execution of the construction of bypass roads to the municipality of Comrat, Vulcăneşti and city village Slobozia Mare, Cislita-Prut and Giurgiulesti and start of work in the year 2017;
b) finalisation of Comrat-sector rehabilitation Ciumai km 96-147, in the fourth quarter of 2016, and Vulcanesti-Ciumai-sector Cișmichioi km 151-190, in the third quarter of the year 2017;
2) will ensure local road repairs it 639 Ferapontievca-Chiriet-Lunga-Ukraine border, through Avdarma Ferapontievca-allocation from the road fund, at the first stage, 15 mil. Lei in the year 2016, and the execution of maintenance of bridges on the road mentioned in order to ensure the safe movement.
9. The Ministry of education: a formation) will contribute 40 Romanian language teachers for minority schools (in June 2016) in Galati, Romania;
b) will adjust the plan admission of Comrat State University in accordance with the Statute and the socio-economic situation of the country (the budgetary places for language Romanian specialities and Gagauz, pre-school pedagogy and pedagogy of primary education);
c) will strengthen the preparation of human resources within the Comrat State University through its doctoral school or participation in consorţium with universities with a wide experience in the field for providing scientific-pedagogical frameworks that hold a PhD degree;
d) will ensure the quality of programs within the Comrat State University through external assessment for the purpose of accreditation;
e) will ensure the maintenance of the status of the school or boarding. Ceadir-Lunga with financing from the State budget;
f) within 30 days, will evaluate, jointly with the Executive Board of the autonomous territorial unit Gagauzia, the technical condition of the Professional School. Comrat and will, if appropriate, proposals for the relocation of the headquarters of the institution;
g) will examine the possibility of opening schools with Russian language teaching in the Gagauz autonomous territorial unit of the bilingual classes with teaching of some subjects in Romanian language.
10. The Ministry of health: a methodological assistance) will be given to local hospital Comrat required in order to obtain the assistance of the mandatory healthcare insurance for completion of construction of the surgical block in accordance with the provisions of the laws in force;
b) will provide the necessary support to local hospital Comrat city in the process of preparation of the investment project proposal for medical devices surgical block, including by attracting external funds and grants.
11. The Ministry of culture, in agreement with the Ministry of finance, will examine the possibility of allocating funds for the completion of the reconstruction of the House of culture in mun. Comrat, begun with the source of funding at the expense of the State budget and other sources.
12. The social investment fund of Moldova, until the end of the year 2016, will ensure the implementation of the project "integration of children with disabilities in general schools" Lyceum "d. Celenghir" Avdarma, totalling approximately 1 200 0000 lei from the financial resources provided by the World Bank.
13. The ministries and central administrative authorities will ensure, in accordance with the legislation in force by advising the Executive Board of the autonomous territorial unit Gagauzia to draft laws and normative acts of the Government. 
14. The State Chancellery shall ensure the control of execution of the given decision.

Prime Minister Pavel FILIP