Regulations For The Government Inside Of The Congress General Of The United States Mexican

Original Language Title: Reglamento para el Gobierno Interior del Congreso General de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos

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DOF published 20 March de1934 outside unsello says: power Executive Federal-United States Mexico.-Mexico. -Ministry of the Interior.
The C.Presidente constitutional substitute for United States Mexicans, is haservido addressing the following regulations: ABELARDOL. RODRIGUEZ, President constitutional substitute for United States Mexicans to sushabitantes, know: that elH. Congress of the United States of Mexico, has served address me elsiguiente Decree: ElCongreso of the Mexican United States, decreed: the cameras articulo1o-ElCongreso lainstalacion will have each year a period of ordinary sessions, which will begin el1o. September and may not be extended more than until December 31, I agree with the article 66 of the Constitution.
Articulo2o.-Cadacamara, before closing its last sesionesordinarias constitutional period, shall appoint from among its members a Commission, called Installer, which will be composed of five representatives that fungirán, the first comoPresidente, the second and third secretaries and the last two, first and second, comosuplentes who only enter functions in case defalta absolute in any of the three owners. Estacomision schools will be signing cards of admission of alleged members to lasJuntas high and polling sessions, install the JuntaPreparatoria or integrate the directive previous table, in your case, sujetandosea the precepts that establish laws on the subject.
Articulo3o.-Enel of the renewal of the legislative power, without any citation, alleged members and Senators gather in their Respectivascamaras, at ten o'clock on August 15. If they not concurring in numerobastante to integrate the quorum, the present constitute in Previay Board designated day and time for the new Board, calling those who do not hubierenasistido, so that they do. The citation will be issued in the daily official Federal Government.
Elquorum for the preparatory meetings of the Chamber of Deputies, more than half of alleged members of majority and, for the Senate, will be formed with two-thirds of Senators alleged.
Artículoreformado DOF 31-12-1963 articulo4o.-When this meeting or to any other subsequent, concurring more than half delnumero total members who must send all the districts Electoralesy two-thirds of the senators, School Board, then naming a and another camera from among their respective members, secret enescrutinio, and a majority of votes, a President, a Vice-President and dosSecretarios will be created.
Articulo5o.-in the first Board preparatory Chamber respective the alleged members ysenadores will present the documents certifying them as such. For study and classification of electoral records, will proceed in the following terms: I.-in camera of deputies will name three ComisionesDictaminadoras by majority vote. The first will be composed of fifteen members divided five sections, which rule on the legitimacy of the election delresto of members of the House elected by majority; the second, consisting of portres members, shall deliver an opinion on the choice of the alleged members of the first Committee; and the third, also composed of three members, shall deliver an opinion on the total vote in the country and the election of the party diputadosde.
II.-in camera of senators, also by an absolute majority of votes, shall be named dosComisiones Dictaminadoras. The first will be integrated with five presuntossenadores and the second with three, which will have the same functions, respectively, the first two of the Chamber of Deputies.
III.-Enambas cameras after appointed commissions, one of the Secretaries will read to the inventory of electoral records received, which will be delivered immediately to the relevant committees in the siguienteforma: in lade deputies, electoral records will be distributed among the diversassecciones of the first Committee, as the alleged have submitted susconstancias by majority of votes, duly completed, distributed in five decinco , order, between the respective sections. The files relating to the members of the first will be delivered to second.
Laintervencion of the Third Committee will begin as soon as siendocalificados are the opinions of the first two, and once finished all loscasos and known the result of the total vote in the country, make losdictamenes corresponding to members of Parliament.
Lade senators, the records will be handed out to the first Commission as alorden in which they were received and the second will be delivered in the relativosa members of the first.
The President of each Commission will sign for your receipt in the control book.
Artículoreformado DOF 31-12-1963 articulo6o.-within the three days following the first preparatory meeting held second, in which the two first Commissioners authority of the camera deDiputados and those of the Senate, will begin the presentation of their opinions. They will give preference to cases which, in its view, do not merit discussion. The Juntassubsecuentes will be daily.
Tratandosede members of majority and Senators the opinions will be elaboradosunitariamente. In the case of members of Parliament, the Third Committee will formulate opinion by every national political party which had acquired relative right.
Artículoreformado DOF 31-12-1963 articulo7o.-areas together and others that may be necessary, in the view of the camera secalificara to absolute plurality of votes the legality of the appointment of each of its members and irrevocably resolved the doubts that ocurransobre this matter.
Articulo8o.-in the last Board schools that precedes the installation of each nuevoCongreso, in each Chamber, and foot jobs all of its members and the asistentesa galleries, the President will say: protest save and make store policy of the United States Constitution and the laws emanating from it ydesempenar loyal and patriotically office of Congressman (or Senator) that village has given me , looking at all for good and prosperity of the Union. YSI as well does not make it, the nation demands.
Then, the President will take seat and will ask the other members of Sucamara, who will remain standing: Protestáis save and make keep Mexicans, that laws of ellaemanen policy of the United States Constitution and play fair and patriotically office of Congressman (or Senator) thatthe people you conferred, looking at all for the good and prosperity of the Union? The interrogated must answer: If protested. The President will then say: if not the hiciereis, the nation asks what you.
Articulo9o-Igualprotesta are required to do each of the deputies and Senators that sepresentaren then.
"Articulo10-next to the protest of the deputies and senators, will proceed in Cadacamara to appoint a President, two Vice-Presidents, four secretaries ycuatro Prosecretarios, which shall be incorporated and formed, and thus loexpresara the President in a loud voice, saying: the Senate (or camera of Deputies) the United States Mexicans, pleads legitimamenteconstituida."
Articulo11-Senombraran on the same day three commissions of five individuals of lasrespectivas cameras, more a Secretary who will aim participaraquella Declaration to the other House, the President of the Republic and laSuprema Court. In addition, each House shall appoint a Commission which, together with the laotra camera, accompany C. President's residence, laCámara enclosure, and other two committees, one that will receive it in the Act of the opening sessions of the Congress and one that will accompany it back to their residence.
Articulo12-day September 5 p.m., both Chambers will meet in Ehall session of Deputies for the sole purpose of opening delCongreso. Until the President comes, enalta voice the Presidentof the Chamber of Deputies, which in this Act it is also Congress, will make the following statement: Congress (here the number quecorresponda), the United States Mexicans, opens today (here the date), ininter-war of the first (second or third) year of suejercicio regular sessions.
Articulo13.-in the periods following the installation of the Congress, the first meeting severificará ten days before the opening of the session, and in this or enaquellas of subsequent meetings in which any quorum, they shall also be elected President and Vice-Presidents for the month first of the regular, ySecretarios and Prosecretarios for the session of a year, and after declararque the camera is legitimately constituted to run for the periodoque corresponds the commissions that speaks article 11 shall be named.
Articuloreformado DOF 16-10-1937, 1937-11-01 articulo14-camera of Deputies, have not been resolved the cases of departido members, may open their sessions and develop its work with the assistance of half of the members of majority. Classified as those, elquorum will be formed with the half plus one of all the members in exercise.
Lacamara of Senators may not open its sessions or exercising his Commission without laconcurrencia of two-thirds of its members.
Articuloreformado DOF 31-12-1963 lassesiones
Articulo27.-Lassesiones of the cameras will be ordinary, extraordinary, public, secret opermanentes. No camera may suspend its sessions for more than three days, without the consent of the other.
Articulo28-Sonordinarias which are held during the days of the periodosconstitucionales; they will be public, they will begin generally at 12 hours yduraran up to four hours; but by order of the President of the Chamber initiative opportunities of any of the individuals, approved in the ofis terms regulation, may be extended.
They will be extraordinary, which are held outside the constitutional periods or holidays, among them inthe.
They will be permanent, which are held with this character by express agreement of members of each House and to effect a predetermined matter.
Articuloreformado DOF 16-10-1937, 01-11-1937, 27-01-1940 articulo29-Lassesiones on Wednesday of each week will be spent on trying to losnegocios of individual preference; but may also engage in public affairs, after those or when these are urgent dispatch, view delPresidente.
30.-in session will realize with businesses in the following order: I.-Actade the previous session for approval. If discussion on whether the Act points, you must inform the Secretariat and two individuals in favour and two against, may make use of Word after which be consulted the Chamber for approval;
II.-Comunicacionesde the other Chamber, the Executive of the Union, the Supreme Court of Justice, the legislatures and the Governors;
III.-Iniciativasdel Ejecutivo, legislatures and individuals of the camera;
IV.-Dictamenesque please read draft law or decree and that they must suffer a reading before day designated for discussion;
V Memorialesde individuals;
VI. Dictamenessenalados to discuss
VII.-Minutasde law.
Articulo31.-after the public session, the Monday of each week, there will be secret session paradespachar the Economic Affairs of the Chamber and others that require reservation.
Articuloreformado DOF 16-10-1937, 1937-11-01 articulo32-Sifuera of that day occurs something of this kind, there would be a special secret session by order of the President of the Chamber, or motion of any individual it, or at the suggestion of the President of the own shrimp of the Executive.
Articulo33.-Sepresentaran in secret session: I.-Lasacusaciones that are made against the members of the Chambers, the President Dela Republic, Office, the Governors of the States Secretaries and/or Ministers of the Supreme Court of Justice;
II.-Losoficios that with reserved note addressed by the other Chamber, the Executive, the Governors or the legislatures of the States;
III. purely economic Losasuntos of the camera;
IV.-Losasuntos relating to Foreign Affairs;
V General, all the others that the President consider that they should be treated enreserva.
Articulo34-Cuandoen a secret session concerned a matter that requires strict reserve, the President of the Chamber shall consult this if it must keep secrecy, and siendoafirmativa response, participants will be required to keep it.
Item35-ElCongreso will have extraordinary sessions whenever the Commission Permanentepor Yes or on a proposal from the Executive, convene it, being necessary in amboscasos, the vote of two-thirds of these individuals; but dental case not may deal with more than of the subject that establish the convocatoriarespectiva.
Articulo36.-when in the case of waiver, license or absolute absence of the President of the Republic, while Congress in session, cameras shall meet at the premises of lade members of nine o'clock of the day following the date on which sereciba the request of waiver or license note, or the faltaaun has occurred when that day is a holiday. The meeting of both Chambers in session deCongreso of the Union, for the purposes of the above-mentioned articles 84, 85 and 86 Dela Constitution, it will be verified without having to call any and the session will be directed by the Board of the Chamber of Deputies.
37.-Sipor lack of quorum or by any other cause could not verify this extraordinary session, the President will have broad powers to compel losausentes, by the means deemed most suitable to attend lasesion.
Articulo38-all other cases, extraordinary sessions shall be convened by the Chair of the Chambers, as prescribed in the fraction XIV of article 21 regulation ofis.
Articulo39.-in public or secret extraordinary session, the President of the Chamber, after opening them, explain to motion of who have been convened.
Acontinuacion will ask if the issue that is is treated in secret session, and if camera solve affirmatively, and the session began with esecaracter, thus will continue; otherwise, you will be reserved for ordinary lasesion immediate business or the secret will be made public.
Articulo40.-when Congress General will meet in extraordinary session, it will be only the object or objects in the call and if not loshubiere filling the day that should throw open the regular sessions, those close to leaving the outstanding points to be addressed in these.
Articulo41-Lascamaras may, by majority of votes of its members present, become permanent ensesion to treat the matters to which the agreement relates.
Articulo42.-Permanent precaution may not to notice with any other matter which is not covered by this agreement, and if one occurs with urgent character, the President will convene extraordinary session, where appropriate, oconsultara vote of the respective camera certainly treat it in lapermanente.
Articulo43.-Resueltoel topic or topics that has occupied the permanent session, will be read, will discuss and approve the minutes of the same.
Articulo44.-in addition to the case of the preceding article, may be terminated the session permanentecuando thus the Chamber agreed it.
Articulo45.-individuals of cameras will attend all sessions from the principiohasta the end of these and take seat without preference of place, and sepresentaran with the decency that demand high functions that have been commissioned.
Seconsiderara absent a logon to the Member of the Chamber who is not presenteal take attendance; If there is any vote and not present seencontrare after it, it will also be how missing. In the same way seconsiderara absent in case of lack of quorum to pass to the listacorrespondiente.
Articulo46.-in sessions of constitutional opening and in protest delPresidente of the Republic, senators and deputies will assist in costume decalle, preferably black.
Artículoreformado DOF 21-11-1934 articulo47-Elsenador or Deputy that indisposition or other serious reason not threatened will attend sessions or continue them, shall notify it the President by means of unoficio or Word; But if the absence last more than three days, loparticipara to the camera to obtain the license required.
Articulo48.-only licences shall be granted for serious reasons and when over a quarter of latotalidad of the members who are to compose the Chamber.
Articulo49.-Nopodran license with enjoyment of diets for more than two months, unless your setup of proven disease.
Articulo50-Cuandoun member of the camera no longer attend sessions during ten diasconsecutivos without cause, the secretariat will make that the name of the truancy is published in the official journal and this publication will continue while I'll keep lack.
Articuloderogado DOF 16-10-1937. Added DOF 1937-11-01 articulo51-Administration Commission of each camera will present monthly, for suaprobacion in secret session, the budget of quantities which are necesitenpara cover allowances of the members of the House.
Conigual end will present the budget of that for wages due the secretariats of them looking and which corresponds to the conservation of are. This Commission will intervene in everything and endorse the accounts the relativoal handling of the funds.
Articuloreformado DOF 16-10-1937, 1937-11-01 articulo52-Siun member of one of the Chambers is ill of gravity, the Presidenterespectivo shall appoint a Committee of two individuals that visit you many timely vecescrea and aware of their status. When the patient died, they will be printed and distributed notes on behalf of the President of the Chamber and senombrara a Commission of six individuals that attend his funeral, provided that these be checked at the place of residence of the Congress. Siel Deputy or Senator dies in a place outside the capital, the Presidentof the camera suplicará to any authority of the place, who attends the funeraleso designated representative to do that. In the recesses of the Congress, corresponds wing Standing Committee to comply with the foregoing. Funeralesseran expenses covered by the Treasury of the camera, in accordance with the established article 204 of this regulation.
Sec.53.-LosSecretarios of the firm, the heads of administrative departments, losDirectores, and administrators of the decentralized agencies federal or give them State shareholding companies, will be attending the sesionessiempre that are sent by the President of the Republic or called poracuerdo of the Chamber, in terms that features the second part of the Constitution without prejudice to the freedom they have to attend articulo93 When they want, to the sessions and, if discussed a matter of their dependence, take part in the debate.
Artículoreformado DOF 20-01-1975 sec.54-Cuandoalguno of the executive officers referred to in article anteriorsea called at the same time by both Chambers, the President of the Repúblicapodrá remember that first concur that it is necessary or desirable, after the other.
Articuloreformado DOF 20-01-1975 clarification alparrafo DOF 22-10-1966 Durantelos recesses of the Congress, the Standing Committee shall have, where relevant, lasfacultades that, in relation to commissions of both Chambers, to laPresidencia them, fractions III and XVI of article 21 of esteReglamento.
Artículoreformado DOF 21-10-1966 articulo86.-members of the committees will not have any extraordinary remuneration for eldesempeno of them Articuloderogado DOF 16-10-1937. Added DOF 1937-11-01 articulo87-Todacomision must submit opinion in the business of its competence, in giving them five days following the date on which it has received them. Tododictamen must contain a descriptive part of the reasons therefor yconcluir with clear and simple propositions that can attach to voting.
Articulo88-Paraquad Hague Commission's opinion, this must be signed by a majority of the individuals that compose it. If one or several of them desistiesen delparecer of that majority, they may submit particular vote in writing.
Articulo89.-LasComisiones, through its President, they may ask any files provided yoficinas of the nation, all instructions and copies of documents queestimen suitable for the dispatch of business, and these records lesseran, whenever the subject to which they refer do not be of the accomodations kept in secret; on the understanding that the leniency or negative aproporcionar these copies in appropriate instalments, shall authorize the mencionadasComisiones to go officially complaint to the President of Republic C..
Articulo90.-Puedentambien commissions, to illustrate his judgment in the office of the negociosque entrusted them, have conferences with officials that family article 53 of this regulation, those who are obliged to save acualesquiera of the members of the commissions the care and consideracionesnecesarias to the fulfillment of its mission. In the case of the Comisionestuvieren any difficulty or obstruction in the enjoyment of this prerogative, are authorized to act in the manner provided in the preceding article. LasComisiones of both houses may also have lectures together, paraexpeditar the dispatch of some law or another important issue.
Artículoreformado DOF 20-01-1975 articulo91-Cuandoalguna Comisión judgement necessary or convenient delay or suspend the despachode some business, revealed it to the House into secret session and before queexpire within five days to present opinion pointing to lasComisiones article 87 of this regulation. But if any Commission, faltandoa this requirement, retuviere held a record for more than five days secretariat will it present to the President of the Chamber, so that you remember loconveniente.
Articulo92.-Cualquiermiembro of the House, can assist non-voting Conference of lasComisiones, with the exception of the sections of the grand jury, and exponerlibremente them their opinion on the subject in study.
Articulo93.-for office of business within his competence, the commissions will meet by appointment of the Chairmen, and can work with most of the individuals that form them.
Articulo94.-LasComisiones, during the break, will continue the study of the asuntospendientes, to produce the corresponding opinion. Initiatives that are referred to them by the Commission Permanentedurante the break will also study ydictaminaran.
Once that are signed opinions by a majority of members of lasComisiones responsible for a topic, will be printed along with the votosparticulares, if any, and will be sent to the members of Parliament or senators as appropriate, for their knowledge and study.
Alabrirse session, shall be made the first reading of tododictamen refer to the legislators before August 15 of each year.
Losdictamenes commissions produced, on matters that do not get to know her legislature that received them, shall be at the disposal of the siguienteLegislatura, with the character of projects.
Articuloreformado DOF 21-10-1966 lasvotaciones articulo146.-There will be three kinds of votes: nominal, economic and identity. You can never be voting by acclamation.
Articulo147.-Lavotacion nominal will be as follows: I.-Cadamiembro of the House, starting with the right side of the President will stand and say his name aloud and also his name if required distinguish it from another, adding the expression yes or no;
II.-UnSecretario will point those who pass and those who fail;
III.-Concluidoeste Act, one of the Secretaries themselves, ask twice loudly, sifalta a member of the Chamber for voting; and not missing any, vote losSecretarios and the President;
IV.-LosSecretarios or Prosecretarios will immediately the computation of votes, yleeran from the stands one the names of those who had approved and otroel of the reprobaren; then they will say the total number of each list ypublicaran the vote.
Articulo148-Lasvotaciones will be just nominal: first, when wondering if it has or nolugar to pass any Bill in general; Second, when sepregunte if approved or not each article that make up the indicadoproyecto or every proposition that form item, and third, when lopida an individual's own camera and is supported by five others. They will also be nominal in the case of article 152.
Articulo149.-other votes on resolutions of the Chamber will be economic.
Articulo150.-economic Lavotacion be practiced by standing individuals to apruebeny while remaining seated those who fail.
Articulo151.-Sial Dela Ministry account of the outcome of the economic vote, any member of the Chamber requests are counted the votes, they will have effectively. To this end will remain everyone including the President and losSecretarios of standing or sitting according to the sense in which you have given your vote; dosmiembros have voted one in favour and one against will have the queaprueban and two others of the same kind to those who reproached; These cuatroindividuos shall be appointed by the President, will give reason to it in the presence of the result of their own losSecretarios, and being consistent, published lavotacion.
Articulo152.-where the difference between those who pass and those who fail do not exceed of tresvotos roll-call vote shall be taken.
Articulo153-Lasvotaciones to choose people will be for identity cards, that will be delivered alPresidente of the camera and this deposit them without reading them, an amphora queal effect will be placed in the table.
Articulo154.-Cumplidala vote, one of the Secretaries will draw cards, one after another, ylas will read aloud, so that another Secretary record the names of persons that it aparecieren and the number of votes that each one letocaren. Read the card will be at the hands of the President and the other Secretaries so that the contents of her record them and can reclamarcualquiera mistake that be warned. Finally, the devout computation will be done and published the result.
Articulo155.-for the designation of President of the Republic, if there is no absolute otemporal of this will proceed in the manner and terms set forth by articles 85 and 84 of the Constitution.
Articulo156.-in the computation of votes cast for the election of the President of the Republic and in everything that relates to the Declaration of the candidatotriunfante will be in accordance with the respective Electoral law.
Articulo157.-once made the computation of the votes deposited for the election of persons, the secretariat will give account to the House of the outcome of the vote.
Articulo158.-all votes will be verified by an absolute majority, not to be in those hidden that the Constitution and these regulations require two-thirds of votes.
Articulo159.-Paracalificar cases in which the issues are urgent or obvious resolution serequieren two-thirds of the votes present, in accordance withthe articles 59 and 60 of this regulation.
Articulo160.-Sihubiere tie in the votes, that do not relate to the choice of people, serepetira to the vote at the same meeting, and if it proves tie for second after will discuss and vote again on the issue at its session.
Articulo161-Cuandollegue the time vote, Secretaries announced in the Hall ymandaran which is made the same announcement in the relief. It will begin soon after the vote.
Articulo162-Mientrasesta is verified, no member of the House must leave the Hall niexcusarse vote.
Articulo163.-any opinion articles may not be divided into more parts, at the time the vote, that the designated beforehand, as it is prevented in article 120.
Articulo164.-LosSecretarios of the firm will be withdrawn during the vote.
Daily give them Debates articulo184-Cadacamara will have an official organ called "Newspaper of the Debates," which will be published date and place in which to verify the session, elsumario, name of the Chair, true copy of the minutes of the previous meeting, verbatim reports of the discussions in the order carried out einsercion of all documents is given to reading.
Not sepublicaran discussions and documents related to the secret sessions.
Lasgalerias articulo205.-There will be a place with this name in each camera, intended for the public that apresenciar if the session; opens before each of them, and not secerraran but when the sessions to rise unless there is need, poralgun disorder or for any other reason, deliberate without the presence delpublico, in which case will be closed.
Articulo206.-There will be in the galleries a place especially for the diplomatic corps and other alos Ministers of the Supreme Court of Justice, to the Governors of States and other public officials.
Articulo207-Losconcurrentes at the galleries will be free of weapons; they will keep respect, silence and restraint, and will not take part in discussions with any dedemostracion.
Articulo208.-Seprohibe smoking in the galleries. Persons violating this article, will be expelled from the building.
Articulo209.-who in any way disturb the order, will be dismissed from the galleries inthe same Act; But if lack is serious or importing crime, the Presidentemandara stop who commits it and enter it to the competent judge.
Articulo210.-unless indicated media are not sufficient to contain the disorder in the galleries, the President will raise the public meeting and may be continued in secret.
Thesame shall be verified when the means of prudence are not sufficient to pararestablecer the order altered by the members of the House.
Articulo211.-LosPresidentes of the Chambers may order, provided that the considerenconveniente, military guard in the same buildings, place pins will be exclusively subject to the orders of the respective President.
Articulo212.-only with permission of the President, pursuant to agreement of the camera people who are not deputies or senators may enter session alsalon.
Porningun reason will be allowed entrance to the halls to people who do not tenganla previous representation. The ushers will be responsible estaultima available.
Articulo213-Cuandopor any circumstances concurriere any military guard or police alrecinto of the cameras, will be under the exclusive orders of President decade one of them.
Articulo214-Losdiputados and senators not may penetrate to the Chamber armed and elciudadano President shall invite those who do not abide by this provision, that will to disarm, not allowing the use of the word or counting your vote to any Deputy or Senator armed. In extreme cases, the Presidency shall, by the mediosque deems, the reluctant to abandon the Salón.
Posted inthe daily official of the Federation on 2 may 1934 Decree reforming the articulo177 of the Interior regulation of the Congress of the Union.
Decree that it repeals the quemodifico regulations for Government inside of the General Congress of the United Mexican States.
Decree queadiciona article 190 of the regulations for the internal Government of the CongresoGeneral, giving the survivors of H. 1917 Constituent Congress, the right to occupy, without voice or vote, seats paths in classrooms eleventh chambers which form the Congress of the Union.
"Article only-, S. p.-Lic Robertodel Real, D. p.-Saturnino Coronado o., S. S.-Dr. Joaquín Duarte Lopez, D. S.-headings".
In compliance with provisions by the Idel fraction article 89 of the political Constitution of the Mexican United States andto its due publication and enforcement, enacted the present Decree in laresidencia of the Federal Executive power, in the city of Mexico, Federal District, at twenty-one days of the month of November in the year one thousand nine hundred and fifty-seven-Adolforuiz Cortines.-header-the Secretary of the Interior , Angel Carvajal-header.
Published inthe Official Journal of the Federation on December 31, 1963 Decree quereforma articles 85, 94, 176 and 179 of the regulations for the GobiernoInterior of the General Congress of the Mexican United States.
FIRST.-article is reformael article 176 of the regulations for the internal Government of the General Congress the United States Mexicans to stay as follows:...
Article four.-Estasreformas shall enter into force on the same date as the correlative of articles 79, 88 and 135 of the Constitution politics of the UnidosMexicanos States.
"Mexico, D. F., December 27, 1965-ManuelOrijel Salazar, D. p.-Lic María Lavalle Urbina, S. P-Rodolfovelazquez Grijalva, D. S.-Lic Amado Estrada Rodríguez, S.S.-headings".
In compliance with provisions by the Idel fraction article 89 of the political Constitution of the Mexican United States andto its due publication and enforcement, enacted this Decree in laresidencia of the Federal Executive power, in the city of Mexico, DistritoFederal, thirty-one days of the month of December of thousand novecientossesenta and 5.-Gustavo Diaz Ordaz-header-Secretary Degobernacion , Luis Echeverria-header.
Published inthe Official Journal of the Federation on October 22, 1966...
Decree reforming articles 85, 94, 176 y179 of the regulations for the internal Government of the General Congress of United Mexican States, in whose article first, ninth line, says: sario, during the recess, to the office of losasuntos.
And must say: sario, during breaks, for clearance to give them matters.
In the third article, seventh line says: your fraction 8, 79, 84, 85, 87, 88, 98, 99, 100 y135; Base 4a., and must say: your fraction B, 79, 84, 85, 87, 88, 98, 99, 100 y135; Base 4a.
On page 2, first column, item fourth, fifth line, he says: ponde Congress or one of the cameras, keep the...
It should say: ponda to Congress or one of the cameras, that during...
In the second paragraph of the same article fourth, fifth line, says: the camera to which it is addressed, but to formulate eldic...
It should say: the camera that is intended, so that formulate eldic......
Published inthe Official Journal of the Federation on January 20, 1975 decree by which reforms and added the regulations for the internal Government of the CongresoGeneral of Mexicans United States.
SINGLE-article posted in the official journal of the Federation on November 27, 1981 the presentedecreto shall enter into force the day after its (sic) publication in the "official newspaper" of the Federation.
"Mexico, D. F., November 12, 1981-Rubén Darío Somuano López, D. p. Angel Ventura Valley, S. p. AntonioCueto Citalan, D. s.-Rafael Minor Franco, S. s.-headings", in compliance with provisions by the Idel fraction article 89 of the political Constitution of the Mexican United States andto its due publication and enforcement, promulgate this Decree in laresidencia of the Federal Executive power , in the city of Mexico, DistritoFederal, twenty-three days of the month of November of nineteen hundred ochentay one.-José López Portillo-header-the Secretary of the Interior, EnriqueOlivares Santana.-Rúbrica.
Posted in the Official Gazette of the Federation on June 4, 2010