Regulation Inside Of Agrarian Attorney

Original Language Title: Reglamento Interior de la Procuraduría Agraria

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Regulation inside of agrarian LAPROCURADURIA posted in DOF on 28 December 1996 last reformapublicada DOF January 27, 2012 aside stamped with national elEscudo, saying: United States Mexicans-Presidency of Republic.
ERNESTOZEDILLO PONCE DE LEÓN, President of the Mexican United States, in-office give faculty which gives me the fraction I of article 89, of the political Constitution of the Mexican United States, and based on the fraction XIXdel article 27 of the Constitution and 135, 136, 139, 144, 145 and 146 of the agrarian law, have seen fit to issue the following ReglamentoInterior of the Procuraduría Agraria Capituloi Dela competition , organization and the heritage of the Attorney articulo1o-this regulation aims to determine the structure yestablecer the foundations of organization and functioning of the agrarian Procurator.
For losefectos of this order, means: law: the LeyAgraria.
Attorney: the agrarian Procurator.
Core agricultural de-population: ejidos and agrarian communities.
Sujetosagrarios: ejidos and communities; ejidatarios and comuneros TGP successors ysus; smallholders; comers; agricultural workers; settlers; owners of land uncultivated or national and peasants in general.
Articulo2o.-the Attorney General is responsible for functions of serviciosocial, by defending the rights of agricultural subjects and suasesoramiento, derived from the application of the law.
For the logrode its purpose, the Attorney General shall exercise its powers at the request of part or deoficio, in accordance with provisions of the Act and this regulation.
Articulo3o.-in accordance with the provisions in article 3rd. of the LeyFederal of the State-owned entities, the Attorney General, according to the objectives and the nature of their functions, shall not be subject in terms suorganizacion, operation and control, to the provisions of this law.
Articulo4o.-the Attorney General shall promote the prompt, speedy and eficazadministracion of Justice land, to ensure the seguridadjuridica tenure of Ejido and communal land in the terrenosnacionales, agricultural and livestock and property privadarural colonies.
Also, carry out actions aimed to raise the standard of living in elcampo, socially to consolidate the agrarian population centers and protect the derechosque law gives agricultural subjects, ensuring its full realization. Paratal effect, will provide services of representation and judicial administrative management as well as information, guidance and assistance that require.
Articulo5o.-for the achievement of its objectives the Attorney General will have following powers: i. propose policy national to ensure and defend agrarian rights, as well as larelativa to human rights that could have an impact on agricultural matters;
II. advise agricultural subject alos in carrying out the contracts, agreements, or any other legal act concluded among themselves or with others in agricultural matters;
III. Coadyuvary, in her case, representing agricultural subjects in issues and before autoridadesagrarias;
IV. promote the reconciliation of interests of agrarian subjects, yprocurar in the materiasreguladas by law, as a preferred route for the settlement of disputes;
V. Act comoarbitro in cases in which the parties do not reach a compromise and designate wing institution with that character;
VI. oriented agricultural subjects and, where appropriate, manage your name before sufficient public competent, obtaining of permits, concessions, licenses, or necessary administrative authorizations for the exploitation oaprovechamiento of the lands, forests, waters and all other resources;
VII. Asesorary represent administrative authorities ojurisdiccionales agricultural subjects, in order to obtain the regularization of tenure of Earth and the certification and qualification of their rights;
VIII. promote it the defense of rights and safeguard the integrity of the lands of indigenous lospueblos;
IX. do delconocimiento of authority: to) Laviolacion of the agrarian laws which, in the exercise of their activities, cometanlas authorities;
(b) Elincumplimiento of the obligations or responsibilities of the Servidorespublicos of the Agrarian Sector, as well as those responsible for delivering dejusticia agrarian;
((c) the hidden that be presumed the existence of practices of grabbing land, in accordance with the provisions of reglamentariascorrespondientes oconcentracion, and d) the hechosque may constitute offences or administrative failures in agricultural matters.
X formulating them corresponding complaints to the public prosecutor's Office, hechosque connection may be constitutive of crimes, related to the agricultural matters, especially those relating to irregularities committed by organs of representation and the agrarian nuclei of population monitoring;
XI. exercise, with the help and participation of the local authorities, the functions deinspeccion and surveillance, in order to defend the rights of the sujetosagrarios;
XII. Instaurarel corresponding procedure, when the authorities or servers publicosincurran in violation of land legislation to the detriment of the sujetosagrarios and, where appropriate, issue agreements and recommendations, in the formay terms providing for the chapter lX of this regulation;
XIII. Realizarservicios forensic auditing, administration of fondoscomunes of the agricultural population centres, at the request of surveillance oconsejos assemblies;
XIV. convene meetings of the agrarian nuclei of population and associative forms, according to provisions in the applicable laws and regulations;
XV. Sergarante of legality in the assemblies of the population centres agricultural trade eimpugnar null and void in cases in which thus set Act and its regulations;
XVI. Emitiropinión in the terms of section II, articles 75 and 100 law, sobrelos development projects and social write to the Constitution desociedades with contribution of Ejido or communal lands, as well as designate alos Commissioners in the case referred to in the fraction V of the aforementioned articulo75.
XVII. watch, in case of liquidation of societies referred to in articles 75 y100's law, that respect for the right of preference of the ejido or communal population and the Ejido members or comuneros kernel, to receive land in pagode that apply them to the social credit, and 18th. Deposed law and other Ordinances confer him.
Articulo6o.-the Attorney General shall establish necessary coordination with federal, State and municipal authorities, likewise, will promote participation of the social and private sectors through consultation. Lasdependencias and entities of the Federal Public Administration Wing attorney will provide the documentation and reports as required by for the performance of its functions.
Articulo7o.-the Attorney General will plan and lead its activities with frame the policies that the President of the Republic set, to achieve genetic objectives and priorities of the National Plan of development and the donation office.
Articulo8o.-for the exercise of its powers, the Attorney General will be in charge of an agrarian Attorney and will have the following unidadesadministrativas and techniques: Office delProcurador Subprocuraduría General Secretaría General Coordinación General programs inter-agency coordination General delegations address General legal and agrarian address overall representation of complaints and complaints General direction of conciliation, arbitration and expert services address General Organization agricultural General Support Division to the ordering of the Rural property Directorate of studies and publications
General Directorate of programming, organization and budget direction General of administration address General communication Social Comptroller internal delegations residences Visitaduriasespeciales also, Laprocuraduria will be subprocuradurias for knowledge and issues that by their significance, interest, and features as well as ameriteny area addresses, branches, Headquarters Department ofoffice, lawyers and agricultural visitors, and other personal technical yadministrativo determined by the Attorney General , based on the budget.