Regulation Of The Commission Consultative De Rates

Original Language Title: Reglamento de la Comisión Consultiva de Tarifas

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Published in the DOF on January 2, 1986

On the sidelines a seal with the National Shield, which reads: United Mexican States.-Presidency of the Republic.

MIGUEL DE LA MADRID H., Constitutional President of the United Mexican States, exercising the power conferred on me by the fraction I of the Article 89 of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States and based on Articles 12, 13, 21 and 36 of the Organic Law of the Federal Public Administration; 3o. and 49 of the Law of General Communication of Communication, I have had to issue the following




ARTICLE 1o.- The Tarifas Consultative Commission is an internal consultation body of the Secretariat for Communications and Transport for the study and approval of definitive tariffs and their application rules.

ARTICLE 2o.- The opinions issued by the Commission will have the character of opinion, so they will be made of the knowledge of the Secretariat Communications and Transport so that it will finally be resolved.



ARTICLE 3o.- The Tariff Advisory Commission will be composed of permanent representatives of the Secretariat's Directorates-General of the Communications and the Transports listed below, as well as the private entities mentioned:

2 of Tariffs, Maniworks, and Convex Services

1 Legal Affairs

1 Civil Aeronautics

1 of Federal Transportation

1 of Railways

1 Merchant Marine

1 Operation and Port Development

1 Concessions and Telecommunication Permissions

1 of the National Chamber of Transport and Communications

1 of the National Airborne Chamber

1 of public service providers of maneuvers in the federal land area

1 of the providers of the public services of maneuvers in the harbour marine federal zone

The President of the Commission may invite other dependences, entities or persons of a private nature whose opinion is deemed appropriate to hear in the rate of the tariff to be delivered. These participants will be entitled to voice only.

For each incumbent representative an alternate shall be appointed.

ARTICLE 4.- The Commission will have a president who will be the Director General of Tariffs, Maniworks and Services, and a Technical Secretary which will be the other representative of the same Address.

ARTICLE 5o.- Representatives to the Commission may be freely removed by the official agencies or private organizations which They shall be appointed; and may be appointed for periods of more than one year, or for an indefinite period.

ARTICLE 6o.-The Commission will be able to meet with the assistance of the half plus one of its members, for which time and day The Technical Secretary shall note that there is a quorum, giving the President an account.

ARTICLE 7o.- Commission resolutions will be taken by a majority of votes and all members will have a say in the discussions. In case of a tie the President shall have a vote of quality.



ARTICLE 8.- These are the functions of the President of the Commission:

I.- Start, conclude and, where appropriate, suspend each and every session of the Commission, as well as direct and direct discussions on the projects under consideration.

II.- Designate your substitute as well as the Technical Secretary.

III.- Decide on additions to the agenda proposed by the Commission.

IV.- To vote on the projects discussed.

V.- Making the Secretariat's knowledge of the opinions issued for its implementation.

VI.- In general, monitor the proper functioning of the Commission, as well as the implementation of this order and the Commission's Rules of Procedure.

ARTICLE 9o.- They are the privileges of the substitute president:

I.- Substitute the President during his absences.

II.- In general, those specifically entrusted to him by the President.

ARTICLE 10.- They are the privileges of the Technical Secretary:

I.- Collect the documents in which the designations and substitutions of the members of the Commission are found and send the trades so that they are requested to remove any of them.

II.- Develop annually the Commission's integration act, including the holders and alternates and the corresponding declaratory, submitting it to the President's consideration and signature.

III.- Draw up directory with the names, addresses and telephones of the members of the Commission.

IV.- To collect from the various areas of the General Directorate of Tariffs, Maniworks and Services Conexo, the projects, drawing up a list and numbering by progressive order according to the delivery date.

V.- Draw up the agenda in accordance with the instructions of the President of the Commission.

VI.- Notify the members of the Commission of the date of the meeting, making them copies of the agenda, as well as the projects which are listed, at least three working days before the date of the meeting and giving timely notice of the date changes or cancellations.

VII.- Verify that there is a quorum, thus giving the President of the Commission an account.

VIII.- Give reading of the minutes of the previous session and formulate the one for which it is celebrated, with a detailed understanding of the development of the session.

IX.- Fungir as the relator of the projects that are presented.

X.- Act as a tellers at the time of voting on the matters dealt with.

XI.- In general, carry out all those activities specifically entrusted to you by the President of the Commission.

ARTICLE 11.- They are functions of the members of the Commission:

I.- Request information about the rate projects that are discussed.

II.- To comment on these projects, making the proposals that you consider appropriate.


ARTICLE FIRST.- This Regulation shall enter into force on the day following its publication in the Official Journal of the Federation.

ARTICLE SECOND.- The Rules of the Consultative Commission on Tariffs, published in the Official Journal of the Federation on 20 September, are repealed. from 1940.

ARTICLE THIRD.- All provisions that are opposed to this Regulation shall be repealed.

ARTICLE FOURTH.- The Tariff Advisory Commission shall issue its Rules of Procedure within a period of not more than 30 days from the date of publication of this order.

Given at the Federal Executive Branch, in Mexico City, Federal District, on the twenty-four days of the month of December of a thousand nine hundred Eighty-five.-Miguel de la Madrid H.-Rubrica.-The Secretary of Communications and Transport, Daniel Díaz Díaz.-Rubrias.