Government Regulation To Guadalupe Island

Original Language Title: Reglamento de Gobierno para la Isla Guadalupe

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Published in the DOF on November 29, 1982

On the sidelines a seal with the National Shield, which says: Mexican United States. -Interior Secretariat.

ENRIQUE OLIVARES SANTANA, Secretary of the Interior, based on the provisions of the articles 42 fraction III and 48 Constitutional; 27 Fifteenth of the Organic Law of the Federal Public Administration; and


What Guadalupe Island located in the Pacific Ocean at 29 ° 02 ' 30 " latitude N. and 118 ° 18 ' 00 " in length W., is part of the national territory.

That the island depends on the Government of the Federation.

That the Government of the Federation itself has provided Guadalupe Island with infrastructure, equipment and services that will allow it to receive a settlement permanent human, exploit the wealth of the island, achieve and maintain its ecological balance, and reverse the benefits resulting from the exploitation of its natural resources.

That the administration of that island corresponds to the Secretariat of the Interior.

That for this purpose it is necessary to regulate governmental and administrative functions on the island.

Exasks the following Government Regulation for Guadalupe Island.

ARTICLE 1o.-Guadalupe Island, belonging to the Mexican Island Territory, and located in the Pacific Ocean, directly depends on the Federation, which exercises its government and administration in accordance with the provisions of Articles 42, III and 48 of the Constitutional Law of the Federal Public Administration.

ARTICLE 2o.-This Regulation on Government and Administration of Guadalupe Island, belonging to the Mexican Island Territory, is mandatory for the inhabitants of the island as well as for those who are temporarily or accidentally in it.

ARTICLE 3o.-The Government Secretariat will deposit the government and administration of the island in a Delegate, who will perform these functions in the terms that set the laws and according to the instructions you receive from the Federal Executive's dependency to which you are subject.

ARTICLE 4.-The Delegate of the Secretariat of the Interior will have the following powers and obligations:

I.-Run the governance agreements that the Interior Secretariat dictates.

II.-Propose to the Interior Secretariat the intervention of other branches of the Federal Executive in those matters in which it is attributed the Organic Law of the Federal Public Administration and, where appropriate, auxiliary to them in their functions.

III.-Monitoring the proper provision of public services.

IV.-Grant licenses, permits or authorizations from, for the realization of commercial or industrial activities; for the celebration for public entertainment and entertainment and for the exercise of offices or works in cases where the laws, regulations or administrative provisions relating thereto so determine.

V.-Carry out and keep up to date the standard of pregod and commercial and industrial twists that exist on the island.

VI.-Request from the National Population Council to determine the demographic policy to be implemented on the island.

VII.-Raise with restraint the systems and provisions issued by the Secretariat of Government, the contributions established by the Law of Hacienda del Territory Insular Mexicano.

VIII.-Fungir as captain of port to the orders of the Federal Executive's Dependencies that according to the Organic Law of the Administration Public Federal, have competence in the matter.

IX.-Making public knowledge the policy and good governance provisions, mandatory for residents and bystanders.

X.-Give in all cases, with your personal behavior, example of the highest morality and self-mastery.

XI.-Organize and supervise the Committees for the provision of public services.

XII.-Take the books of the Civil Registry

XIII.-Other than the laws, regulations and provisions of the Secretariat of the Interior.

ARTICLE 5o.-To enforce its determinations and those emanating from the Secretariat of the Interior, the Delegate may use the following means of aaward:




IV.-The help of the public force.

V.-Arrest, for up to thirty-six hours.

ARTICLE 6o.-All penalties arising from non-compliance with this Regulation shall be construed as being imposed without prejudice to the entry into the the relevant authority, if the offender's conduct is deemed to be a criminal offence or a penalty to be determined by other laws or regulations.

ARTICLE 7o.-For what it does to crimes that are committed or made that are presumed to be criminal, the civil and military authorities will make them of the knowledge of the competent Public Ministry with greater geographical proximity to the island, as long as there is no agency of such Ministry.

ARTICLE 8.-The island's internal surveillance will be in charge of an island guard, which will be organized militarily and whose functions will be the own of the preventive municipal police. Its members will depend on the Delegate of the Secretariat of the Interior.

ARTICLE 9o.-All the inhabitants of the island are obliged to sweep the front of their houses or shops daily, between five and eight. hours.

ARTICLE 10o.-All works that are intended to be run on public roads, such as telephone, telegraph, or telephone installation Electrical conduction, drainage, distribution networks of drinking water, gas and other similar ones, must be approved in advance by the island authority, and the replacement of sidewalks and pavement must be guaranteed.


ONLY.- This Regulation shall enter into force on the following day of its publication in the Official Journal.

Given in Mexico City, at 26 days of the month of October of a thousand nine hundred and eighty-two. -Interior Secretary, Enrique Olivares Santana-Heading.