Regulation Of Operation Of The Instant Sweepstakes Forecasts Online For Public Assistance

Original Language Title: Reglamento de Funcionamiento de los Sorteos Instantáneos en Línea de Pronósticos para la Asistencia Pública

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Published in the DOF on September 22, 2005

Last reform published DOF 30 September 2011

Alonso Pascual García Tames, President of the Board of Directors of Forecast for Public Assistance, in exercise of the powers that I confers the 8o. Sections IV and V of the Regulation of the Board of Directors and of the Director General of Sports Forecasts for Public Assistance and Article 4 of the Decree published on 16 November 2004, for which the various amendments of 30 May 1979 are reformed, published on 15 June of the same year, for which the Decentralized Agency Forecasts for Public Assistance was created, based on articles 2o. of the Regulations of the Board of Directors and of the Director General of Sports Forecasts for Public Assistance, second and sixth indent (a) of the Decree of Creation for which the diverse of 14 February 1978 was reformed published on 24 of the same month and year, for which the Decentralized Agency Forecasts for Public Assistance was created, 58 of the Federal Law of the ParaState Entities; as the Board of Directors of Forecast for Public Assistance agreed to approve the Operation of the Online Instant Sweepstakes for Public Assistance The Regulation on the Functioning of the Super Forecast Concourses for Public Assistance published in the Official Journal of the Federation on 19 November 2003, I have had to dictate the following:


Article 1o.- This Regulation is intended to regulate Online Instant Sweepstakes, in accordance with the Decree of Creation of Forecasts for Public Assistance, published in the Official Journal of the Federation on February 24, 1978, its reforms and additions.

Article 2o.- It is called Online Instant Sweepstakes to the Sweepstakes that Forecast simultaneously and additionally in the purchase of a ticket for the Tris, Melate, Chispazo or any other that subsequently determines Forecast, by means of an additional payment to the price established for these and that gives the right to participate in the respective draw and to obtain, if appropriate, prizes in cash under the terms of this Regulation.

Online Instant draws are initiated at the time of acceptance of the additional payment mentioned by the participant, and ends with the printing of the ticket, in which it is appreciated whether the ticket was a winner and how much, if any, the corresponding prize is awarded.

Article 3o.- For the purposes of this Regulation, the following definitions shall apply:

1.-COMMERCIALIZER.-The natural or moral person who has entered into a contract with Forecasting to accept five of the public in the form and terms identified in the regulatory provisions.

2.-TERMINAL.-Any point of sale device used for the marketing of contests, sweepstakes, products and services that offers Forecast.

3.-Sorteo.-The process that starts at the moment of acceptance of payment by the participant, and that ends with the printing of the ticket, in The number of participants and the numbers generated by the system, as well as the amount of the corresponding prize.

4.-Boleto.-Electronic registration of the combination and/or printed document in which the participation is plasma, which are stored in the central online transaction collection system and credits the right to participate in the draw.

The printed document referred to in the preceding paragraph constitutes a document to the bearer in accordance with Article 6. of the General Law of Titles and Operations of Credit and not a title of credit, since it only serves to identify its holder. This document provides for a contract of accession and will only have evidentiary effects when it is confirmed that the security codes and the numbers contained therein are legitimate.

5.-Sorteo base.-The contest or draw of Tris, Chispazo, Melate or any other that later determines Forecast in which originally intervenes the participant and whose selection of numerical combinations will be compared to the numbers generated by the system.

6.-Lot.-The universe of prizes within which the winners are selected using a random algorithm that counts the system.

7.-Product reservation.-Amount of expired prizes in terms of item 25o. of this Regulation, which shall be used to pay any prize or difference in the amount of the prize, occasioned by an imponderable circumstance.

8.-Prize.-Amount to which, in case of success, the participant is awarded, according to the pyramid of awards that is part of the lot corresponding.

9.-Forecasts: Forecasts for Public Assistance.

10.-Electronic media: any electronic device with which you predict to market your sweepstakes.

11.-Ceremony: official act of random selection of winning combination.

Article 4o.- It will be a requirement to carry out the batch load on the central computer system the presence of the Inspector designated by the Secretary of Government, of a representative appointed by the Director General of Forecasting, of a representative of the Subdirectorate General of Informatics and of a representative of the Subdirection of Concourses and Soretés.

Article 5o.- For the purposes of the start of sale of each batch, Forecast shall inform the public by means of a notice in the media mass and/or Forecast Web page:

a) Start of sale of the lot;

b) Cost of ticket;

c) The percentage of the sale for prizes;

d) The award pyramid;

e) The amount of the prize for each category;

f) The number of prizes for each category;

g) The probabilities for each category;

h) The total value of prizes for each category;

i) The percentage of the prize amount for each category, and

j) The Tax on Prizes.

The notice referred to in this Article may be published after the end of 75% of the preceding lot to which it shall be put up for sale, when these are of the same price; or, with at least one day in advance in those cases where there is no previous batch of the same price for sale.

Article 6o.- The Subdirector General of Marketing or who is appointed shall be the public servant empowered to authorize the pyramid of awards for each batch of the Online Instant draws, referred to in the previous article.

Article 7o.- Forecast may at the same time carry out the loading of one or more batches into the central computer system.

The start of sale for each batch will be determined by Forecast.

Forecasts may be able to sell one or more batches at the same time, as long as they have a different price.

You will not be able to start the sale of a batch of the same price, without having consumed the preceding batch in its entirety.

Article 8o.- Concluded the validity of the lot, in the presence of the Inspector designated by the Secretariat of the Interior, of a representative appointed by the Director General, a representative of the General Secretariat of Informatics and the other of the Subdirectorate of Concourses and Sweepstakes, the minutes shall be drawn up in which the data for the identification of this, quantity and amount of prizes shall be entered paid, amount and amount of expired prizes and, if applicable, any incident that occurred during the life of the same, which will be signed by the Public Servants mentioned.

Article 8o. bis.- If the inspector appointed by the Secretariat of the Interior does not attend the event due to the causes of force majeure, and by virtue of the day and hour, a public fedatary could not be hired, the representative of the Directorate General will be in charge of carry out the activities that correspond to the development of the draw.

In the case referred to in the preceding paragraph, the minutes shall be given to the General Directorate of the Games and the Sweepstakes, within the following three business days.

Article 9o.- You will be available to the person who participates in a Sorteo Base the mode of the Online Instant draws, prior to the issue of the ticket and the payment of the respective price.

For this purpose, the system after producing the ticket for the Base Sorteus, will generate for the Online Instant draws an instruction of random search on your central computer, to identify whether the ticket containing the participant's number bet is a winner or not, with respect to the Online Instant Sweepstakes. The result will be known when the terminal prints the corresponding ticket.

For the purpose of the draw, only a selection of numbers from the Base Sorteus per ticket may be printed.

Article 10o.- Forecast may empower your Marketers to register stakes and catch the Online Instant Sale by using:

a) Terminals that by means of the digitalization made by the Marketer this print, number and issue the ticket that, against its payment will be delivered to the participant as a voucher for their participation, keeping the corresponding electronic register stored in the central online transaction collection system.

(b) Electronic means linked to the central system for the collection of online transactions that allow the transmission of the units to the computer central to which the corresponding electronic record is stored.

Forecasts will be able to empower its marketers to receive and capture the sale of the draw by other electronic means of communication, in the terms of the contract they have for that purpose by transmitting the data from the units sold to the central online transaction collection system.

Marketers will receive payment of the corresponding price from the participants and will forward it to Forecast under the terms and conditions established in the contract and in the Marketers Regulation.

Article 10o. bis.-Where, due to force majeure or a duly proven accident, the participation in the central system for the collection of online transactions has not been recorded, the holder of the participation has not been registered in the terms (i) shall be entitled to the refund of the amount actually paid.

Item 11o.- The sales captured will be distributed as follows:

10% (ten percent) to the Marketers as a commission for the sales they make.

A minimum of 50% to be awarded to the winners, creating a reserve to be fed during the lifetime of the product, with the amount of the expired prizes.

Of the remaining amount, as well as of the other amounts determined for the purpose of other products and revenues of the entity, the amounts shall be covered investments contained in the annual budget authorized by the Secretariat of Finance and Public Credit, as well as the amounts to be used to form the Contingency Reserve, and the other amounts agreed to constitute its Board of Directors, and the balance is will hand over to the Federation's Treasury to be used for assistance public, through the items of the Federation's Government Budget, which correspond to social development programs.

Item 12o.- The ticket must contain the following data:

1. Base Sorteo number and date.

2. The record of the numbers predicted by the participant in the Base Sorteus.

3. The combination of printed numbers for the identification of the prize amount for Online Instant Sweepstakes.

4. The amount of the prize to which the success of each printed issue referred to in the previous paragraph for the Online Instant Sweepstakes.

5. The ticket identification number and amount paid by him.

6. Security keys.

7. The abbreviation of the fact that it is a document to the bearer deriving from a contract of accession with the rights and obligations that are indicated in this Regulation, which the acquirer declares to know, being held to the same and to the conditions special offer to the public.

8. The expiry term of the right to charge the corresponding prize is 60 (sixty) calendar days, counted from the day after the draw is held.

Article 13o.- The corresponding prize will be awarded to that participant whose number selected in the Base Sorteo is in one or more multiple digits that make up the number generated by the system, with the effect of matching the digit of the Sorteo Base with the vertical printed at the bottom. The prize won will be the sum of the economic amounts printed at the foot of them.

Article 14o.- Participants who have a legitimate interest, may challenge the outcome of their participation, through the presentation by written of their inconformities to Prognostic, in which they expose their reasoning accompanied by the proof in which they merge their claim.

Article 15o.- The Prognostic Claims Commission will be integrated with the officials of the Institution that designates the Director General, and session with the assistance of the inspector of the Secretariat of the Interior.

Article 16o.- The Claims Ruling Commission must meet on the date, place and time of its President, and accept or shall discard any claims or inconformities which are submitted at the latest within four working days following the day on which it meets.

The resolutions shall be taken by a majority of the votes of the members of the Commission and shall be final.

Article 17o.- If any or some of the claims were deemed to have been made, the Claims Committee will agree to the payment as appropriate.

Article 18o.- The Prognostic Marketers will faithfully address the content of this Regulation and other regulations issued by Forecasts. Omissions, errors or faults attributable to the Dealers or their dependent personnel, for non-compliance or violation of the applicable regulatory standards, shall not constitute liability for the purposes of Forecasting.

Article 19o.- It is applicable to the Forecast Dealers to effect the sale of the tickets, the Marketers Regulation in effect.

Article 20o.- If the ticket is awarded, the amount corresponding to the gross prize will be adjusted to the award pyramid predefined and will be printed on the body of the ticket itself.

Article 21o.- The payment shall be made against the presentation and material delivery of the ticket. The payment shall be deducted and shall retain the amount of the taxes to be imposed by the respective laws.

Once the payment has been made, a voucher will be given to the participant containing the original combination selected for the Base Sorteo, in case if it has not yet been concluded, to accredit its participation in it.

Article 22o.- For no reason may a non-winning ticket be cancelled, nor can the participant request the refund of the amount paid by the same.

Article 23o.- Whatever the amount of the prize may be, it may be effective at the General Forecast Offices or in the institutions or bodies which it points out and which shall be made public through the means of communication determined by the Agency.

Article 24o.- The payment of the prizes may be suspended only by the express order of the judicial authority; however, Forecast may be refuse to cover the amount of the prizes where the data entered on the ticket in question does not correspond fully with those of its records, do not contain the particulars indicated in this Regulation or are mutilated, altered or maltreated in such a way as to render impossible the verification of their legitimacy or authenticity.

Article 25o.- The expiration term of the right to collect an Online Instant Sweepstakes prize is 60 calendar days, counted from the day following the celebration of the same.

The amount of the expired prizes, will be taken to the booking account for later, if not used as a reservation, with the approval of the The Board of Directors and according to the results of the actuarial studies to be carried out to determine, if necessary, the surplus of accumulation in the balance of the same, its final destination is that of adding to the integers that are concentrated to the Treasury of the Federation for the benefit of public assistance.

Article 26.- As long as a batch is not put up for sale, Forecast can replace it in your central computer system, following the same load requirements as set out in this Regulation.


First.-This Regulation shall enter into force on the day following that of its publication in the Official Journal of the Federation.

Second.-The Rules of Operation of the Super Forecast Concourses for Public Assistance are repealed, published in the Official Journal of the Federation on 19 November 2003.

Third.-Articles 3o., 10o are reformed. and 31o. of the Melate-Revancha Sweepstakes Regulation, articles 3o. and 25o. of the Rules of Procedure of the Sweepstakes, Articles 3o., 11o. and 28o. of the Sweepstakes Regulation Tris of numbers, all of the Forecast for Public Assistance, when in them reference is made to the denomination "Super Contest" will be understood as the Online Instant draws.

Fourth.-Matters which are in the process of the date of entry into force of this Regulation, will be resolved in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation of the Super Forecast Concourses for Public Assistance, abrogated.

This Regulation was reviewed and approved by the Secretariat of Government; it was approved by the Board of Directors of Forecasting for the Public Assistance.

Mexico, D. F., as at 20 September 2005.

Chairman of the Board of Directors

C. Alonso Pascual García Tames


Secretary of the Board of Directors

Lic. Eduardo Antonio Ancona González