Regulation Of Operation Of The Contests Protouch

Original Language Title: Reglamento de Funcionamiento de los Concursos Protouch

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DOF Publication 1 September 2003

Last reform DOF 7 March 2012

Chapter I

General Provisions

Article 1o.- This regulation is intended to regulate the Protouch contest in accordance with the Decree of Creation of Forecast for Public Assistance, published in the Official Journal of the Federation on February 24, 1978, its reforms and additions.

Article 2o.- It is called the Protouch contest to the event that on the results of the American football matches will perform Forecast and that it starts at the moment of acceptance of the payment of the amount of the five pairs or combinations selected by each contestant, and which ends with the act called "Winners Selection", in which the winning five and the winning combinations and the corresponding prizes will be determined.

Article 3o.- For the purposes of this Regulation,

following definitions shall apply:

1. Marketer.- The physical or moral person who has entered into a contract with Forecasters to accept five of the public's in the form and terms outlined in the regulations.

2. Terminal.- Any point-of-sale device used for the marketing of contests, sweepstakes, products, and services offered by Forecasting.

3.-Contest.- The process that takes place from the official collection of five trails, including the initial Protouch, to the selection of winners; in which holders or holders of a ticket through the prior selection of a sporting result or competence, obtain the right to participate in a procedure previously stipulated and approved by the Secretariat of the Interior, according to which one or several winners of an award are determined.

4. Flyer.- The document that contains the selected matches for a contest, where the contestant records their results forecasts, as well as the initial Protouch forecast.

5. Five.- The selection of a forecast at least for each and every match scheduled for a contest.

6. Initial protocol.- Forecast by the contestant about the team that will score the first touch down and in which of the quarters, or in its defect if there will be no touch down, in the course of the official time of the match pointed out in the steering wheel respective.

7.-Combination.- The set or combination of two or more five selected ones by the participant.

8. Simple prognosis.- The selection by a contestant of one of the three possible alternatives settled on a flyer for the same match, namely: win of one of the contenders or difference up to 6 points.

9. Double forecast.- The selection of two of the three possible alternatives based on a steering wheel for the same match.

10. Triple forecast.- The selection of the three possible alternatives based on a steering wheel for the same match.

11.-Boleto.- Electronic record of the combination and/or printed document in which the participation is plasma, the which are stored in the central online transaction collection system and credits the right to participate in the draw.

The printed document referred to in the preceding paragraph constitutes a document to the bearer in accordance with Article 6. of the General Law of Titles and Operations of Credit and not a title of credit, since it only serves to identify its holder. This document provides for a contract of accession and will only have evidentiary effects when it is confirmed that the security codes and the numbers contained therein are legitimate.

12.-Registration of shares.- It is the process by which all the five-trails acquired for a particular contest, are integrally recorded in the file of participations for a given contest.

13. Cumulative amount (bag).- The deliverable amount corresponding to the first place that has been declared vacant for lack of winners and which is added to the amount of the first prize of the next contest.

14. -Selection of winners.- It is the event by which, in each contest, using the computer systems, the numbers of the tickets that were awarded and the amount of the same are determined.

15. Guaranteed bag.- Minimum amount that Forecast commits to deliver to the winner or winners of the first place in each of the modalities of the initial Protouch and Protopuch.

16.-Forecasts.- Forecasts for Public Assistance.

17.-Electronic media.- Any electronic device with which Forecasters commercializes their contests.

18.-Ceremony.- The official act of selecting the winning combination.

Chapter II

American football matches base of contests

Article 4o.- Forecast will give the public the parties that will integrate each contest, as well as the period to understand them, in the flyers that for the effect issue Forecast.

With the selected matches, Forecast will print a flyer for each contest. The only valid match to be taken for the purpose of the Touch-Initial selection will be the one that appears in the upper margin of the aforementioned flyer, regardless of the matches of the Protouch contest.

Article 5o.- For the purposes of each contest, the results to be forecast will be:

I. Initial

a) From the party set up by Forecast, the team that scores the first touch down and the fourth in which it will, or in his defect if there is no touch down, in the course of the official time, of the party pointed out in the respective steering wheel.

II. Prototype.

b) Local.-The local team wins by more than 6 points.

c) Difference.-The result is a difference of up to 6 points, in favor of either team.

d) Visiting.-May the visiting team win by more than 6 points.

Article 6o.- It will be considered as the final result of each party, as well as of the initial Protopuch, those that are officially declared and of which knowledge will be taken before the selection of winners.

In case the official result of a match is not known or known in advance for any reason either has been suspended or because it has not been concluded in the regulatory time whatever the time is missing, or because it has been brought forward or postponed to the date of its scheduled celebration and whenever that date comes out of the conclusion of the other parties contained in the scheduled five or that by any cause, motive, reason or circumstance, the official result of a match is not known before the Selection of Winners is made, immediately a contest will be held in the terms of the articles 11o. and 12o. of this regulation, regardless of what the regulations of the League of American Football or any other regulation in this regard could point to.

Article 7o.- In any match that is scheduled and must be concluded with the determination of a winning team, Forecasts for the purposes of this Regulation shall only be taken as a final result, obtained on the ground, excluding any extra quarters and any other conditions agreed between the competing teams and what is to be achieved. could point to the regulation of the relevant League or any other regulations.

Article 8o.- The cancellation or modification after the date of the result of the selected American football game, by the sports or judicial authorities that have competence for it, will have no effect in relation to the contest the default, which will always be based on the result recorded before the Winners ' Selection, in accordance with the provisions set out in Articles 6o. and 7o. of this Regulation.

Article 9o.- If after starting a football match scheduled for a contest, be suspended for any reason, and the final result thereof shall not be determined before the Selection of Winners, shall be considered as a valid result by the procedure referred to in Article 11o. of this Regulation.

Article 10o.- The party shall not be deemed to have been made when the party is not initiated for any reason, including the failure to appear on the equipment and the statement by the sporting authorities of an official result of the equipment which has been presented.

Item 11o.- If after starting a football match scheduled for the initial Prototype mode, be suspended for any reason, and the final result of this shall not be determined prior to the Selection of Winners, shall be considered as a valid result by the drawing procedure referred to in Article 13o (a). of this Regulation.

In cases of suspension, or when a match is considered not performed, for the sole effect of carrying out the Selection of Winners of a contest, will be held as soon as possible and before the celebration of this act a public draw, in the place that the effect indicates, in the presence of the Inspector designated by the Secretariat of the Interior, to obtain a formal result of the party not completed or not concluded, consider it, as the draw turns out, in favour of either team or with a difference of 6 points or less.

The result of the draw will be taken into account in the Winners ' Selection as if the match has been completed or completed.

Article 12o.- The public draw for Winners Selection effects referred to in Article 11o. of this Regulation, will be carried out in the place that the effect indicates, in the presence of the Inspector designated by the Secretariat of the Interior and its result will be recognized as the own of the unrealized party, not officially concluded, advanced or postponed.

The result so determined will be the only one that will be validly taken into account for the Winners ' Selection, as if the party would have been completed and concluded, regardless of what the relevant American Football League regulations or any other regulations might indicate.

Article 13o.- For the purposes of the public sweepstakes referred to in Article 11o:

a) Initial Prototype

For which the first paragraph of the article refers 11o. of this Regulation shall be placed in the presence of the Inspector designated by the Secretariat of Government, on the machine that for the draw has Forecast, first 3 spheres marked with the initials "L" (local), "ST" (No touch), "V" (visitor).

Once these spheres are placed in the drawing machine, a first and only one-off procedure will be obtained under the electromechanical procedure. sphere, whose initial will correspond to the team that will be awarded the initial Protopuch, or without touch at the meeting.

finished the above and if the result was from local or visitor 4 new numbered areas from 1 to 4 will be introduced, with the object of obtaining with the same electromechanical procedure a first and only sphere, the number of which corresponds to the fourth in which the initial touch down was scored. This will result in the initial Protouch scoring team in the scheduled match, and in which room the same was scored; or, if there was no touch down, which will be considered as an official result by Forecast for the effects of the selection. of Winners of this contest and as set out in Article 5o (a). of this Regulation.

b) Protopic

For the purposes of the second paragraph of Article 11o, they shall be placed in the presence of the inspector designated by the Secretary of Government, in the machine that for draws has Forecast, three spheres that correspond to the three possible results, described in points (b), (c) and (d) of the article 5. of this Regulation; these areas will be marked with the letters "L" (local), "D" (difference and "V" (visitor), respectively. Once these spheres have been placed in the sweepstakes machine in the presence of the Inspector of the Interior Secretariat, the first of the spheres will be obtained under electromechanical procedure, with the official result being determined Forecasts, for the effects of the match result.

Chapter III

Procedure for concur

Article 14o.- When you organize Forecast an oncourse Protouch, you will determine the American football matches you need integrate it, the date of its conclusion, as well as the amount of each participation and period within which it may be based.

Article 15o.- You may participate in the contest, using the official flyers issued by Forecast, by the participant's dictation to the Marketer or by any other means or electronic device authorized by Forecasting.

Article 16o.- Forecast will inform the public, with every opportunity, the minimum and maximum number of five can be placed in a single bet.

The contestant will select his/her five insoles and initial touch.

Only the selection of a single forecast for the initial touch option will be accepted from the participant. of the number of combinations you acquire for the Protouch contest.

Article 17o.- Forecast may empower its Traders to register stakes and to capture the sale of Protocol by using:

to) Terminals that by optical reading of the flyer filled by the participant indicating their forecast selection, by means of the digitalization that the Marketer of this data does in the terminal, this print, number and issue the ticket that, against its payment will be delivered to the participant as proof of its participation, the electronic register being stored corresponding to the central catchment area of the online transactions.

b) Electronic media linked to the central online transaction fetch system that allows you to transmit the units to the central computer in which the corresponding electronic register is stored.

Forecasts will be able to empower your Marketers to receive and capture the sale of the draw by other means of communication electronic, in the terms of the contract they have for that purpose, by transmitting the data from the units sold to the central online transaction collection system.

Marketers will receive payment of the corresponding price from the participants and will forward it to Forecast in the terms and conditions set out in the contract and in the Marketers Regulation.

Article 17o. bis.- When, due to force majeure or a duly proven accident, the participation in the central system of online transaction collection has not been recorded, the holder of the participation has not been registered in the terms (i) shall be entitled to the refund of the amount actually paid.

Article 18o.- The ticket must contain the following data:

1.- The name, number, and date of the contest.

2.- The record of the matches predicted by the contestant on their five-als.

3.- The ticket identification number and amount paid by the.

4.- Security keys.

5.- The indication that it is a document to the bearer that is derived from an accession contract with the rights and obligations which are indicated in this Regulation, which the acquirer declares to be aware of, subject to it and the special conditions of its offer to the public.

6.- The expiration term of the right to collect the corresponding prize is from

60 (sixty) calendar days, counted from the day after the contest was held.

Article 19o.- Forecasts through its central online transaction collection system, will suspend the sale unfailingly before the start of the first match of those scheduled in the respective contest; and also before such start will be integrated the contestants betting register.

Before the presence of the Inspector of the Secretariat of the Interior, of the representative of the Director General, appointed in the terms of Article 22o. of this regulation, of a representative of the Subdirección General de Informática and other of the Subdirection of Concourses and Sorteal will proceed to effect the closing of sales of the contest, in order to inhibit the entry of new records of participations in the central system of capturing transactions online and prior to the celebration of the first of the scheduled American football matches and immediately after a file will be generated with the information corresponding to all the shares that have been registered for the contest; to this file the system assign an electronic signature that guarantees its integrity.

The electronic signature of the shareholdings file will be recorded on a data storage device, which will be prior to the ceremony, the representative of the Subdirectorate General of Informatics shall deliver to the Inspector designated by the Secretariat of the Interior, who shall deposit that device in the security box assigned for that purpose, to which only have access to the Internal Control Body.

The file with the information corresponding to all the participations that have been registered for the contest in the The central system for the collection of online transactions shall be recorded on a data storage device and deposited by the representative of the General Computer Sub-Directorate in the security box referred to in this Article.

Article 20o.- Only in case of fortuitous or force majeure, Forecast will suspend or cancel a contest already started. In this case, Forecasting will inform the public widely and will reimburse the interested parties for the amount of their tickets, without incurring any further responsibility.

Chapter IV

Selection of winners

Article 21o.- All ceremonies shall be verified in a place to which the public has free access.

Forecasts will publish in mass media and/or on the Forecast Web site, no later than the day after that in which the contest has been verified, the combination of the winning five and the amount of the award for a simple five-way for each of the categories established.

The official winning results are:

1. Those who settle in the minutes referred to in Article 22o. of this Regulation;

2. For the case of results obtained in accordance with the provisions of the Articles

11o, 12o. and 13o. of this Regulation, the video recording of such a draw that will keep Forecast is an integral part of the official results, of the contest that


The following results will be informational only:

1. Those issued by the Terminal;

2. Those mentioned on the phone line of the Forecast switch;

3. Those published on the Forecast Web page;

4. Those published in the Forecast Results Mask.

If there is any difference between the published results and the official results, the latter will prevail.

Article 22o.- Known the results of the American football matches, the basis of a contest or determined by draw In the form indicated in Chapter II of this regulation, the winner or winners of the first, second and third prizes of Protouch will be selected; as well as the winner or winners for having also successful the forecast of the Protouch initial.

These will be determined according to the information contained in the betting log file, which will be valid only for these effects. This act is called the Winners Selection defined in the terms of the article 14 numeral

3o. of this regulation.

The ceremony shall be completed and the winning five shall be drawn up; the minutes shall be drawn up. contest, its results and any incidents that occurred during it. Such minutes shall be drawn up with the participation of the Inspector appointed by the Secretariat of Government and the officials referred to in the second paragraph of Article 19o. of this regulation, who must intervene and subscribe to the document, for all legal purposes.

The Director General will appoint his representative, among those officials who occupy up to the fourth level less than that of the Director General.

Article 23º.- The joint value of all combinations that have been captured is considered the background of each contest. controlled, registered and insured in the central online transaction collection system, for the purposes of participating in the contest.

This fund will be applied as follows:

Up to 10% (ten percent) for marketers, as retribution for sales they make.

The 55% to be awarded to the winning contestants.

Of the remaining amount, as well as of the others that are determined for the effect of other products and revenues of the Entity, cover the costs and investments contained in the annual budget authorized by the Secretariat of Finance and Public Credit, as well as the amounts to be used to form the Contingency Reserve, and the other amounts agreed to constitute its Board of Directors, and the balance will be delivered to the Federation's Treasury to be destine to public assistance, through the items of the Federation's Eglances Budget, which correspond to social development programs.

Article 24o.- Of the 55% allocated to awards, as mentioned in the previous article, four categories are instituted:

a) Initial Prototype.

First place (unique prize) for him or the winners who having hit the 13 results of the five-way Protouch, also The result of the initial Protopuch.

b) Protopic

1. First place for the or the holders of the registered five-trails that will be the result of the total results of the Protouch contest.

2. Second place for the or the holders of the registered Protouch five that have been successful at the highest number of results, immediately lower in number, to the minimum number of hits required for the first place.

3. Third place for the or the holders of the registered Protouch five-trails that have hit the highest number of forecasts immediately below the number, the minimum number of hits required for the second place.

When there are a plurality of holders of five winning entries at any award level, the amount of the award distribute among all of them equal parts, rounding up amounts in accordance with the provisions of the Monetary Law of the United Mexican States.

When making the Winners ' Selection will result in the third place prize being lower than the cost of the five-wheel simple, it will be taken from the reservation for prizes of Forecast, the difference that would result. Third place will not be paid a prize less than the value of the simple five, and with the explained criterion will be considered as drawback for these cases.

Each simple five-way can only get an award in one of the specified categories.

Article 25o.- The Forecast Board of Directors will authorize the allocation of the fund for the awards of the participating participants, each category of the prize structure referred to in Article 24o. of this regulation and will make it known in advance to the public in mass media and/or on the website of Forecast. This authorization shall be valid until the Board of Directors itself does not modify it and give it the publicity indicated in advance.

Article 26o.- If any or some of the claims were deemed to have been made, the Claims Committee will agree to the payment as appropriate.

Article 27o.- If none of the participants came close to the total of the results of Protopuch, the desert will be declared First place, and the amount for this concept, integrated, will go on to accumulate the bag of Protouch destined for those who have it in the following immediate contest. The same will happen if in the next contest there is no winner and so on.

By no means, the simple five-way that gets the first prize can also be the winner of the second and/or third awards.

A simple second prize winner will also not be eligible for the third prize.

Forecasts may modify the bases mentioned in this article in those contests that, by their nature and for profit of the public, so require; in such cases, the procedure will be given to follow the widest spread.

Article 27º bis.- If, by chance or force majeure, the inspector appointed by the Secretariat of Government does not attend the event, the ceremony must be held in the presence of a Public Fedatary.

Addition dated September 22, 2005.

Chapter V

Of the claims

Article 28o.- Within five working days of the publication of the results, which defined the Winner, contestants who have legitimate interest, will be able to challenge the results of the Selection of Winners by submitting in writing of their inconformities to Forecasting, in which they expose their reasoning accompanied by proof that they merge your claim.

Article 29o.- The Prognostic Claims Commission will be integrated with the officials of the Institution designated by the Director General, who will serve as President of the Director General, and will be in session with the assistance of the Inspector of the Interior Secretariat.

Article 30o.- Should there be any claim, the Complaint Ruling Commission shall meet on the date, place and time of the complaint by its President and shall accept or discard any claims or inconformities that are filed, notifying the Resolution of the claimant within thirty working days.

The resolutions shall be taken by a majority of the votes of the members of the Commission and shall be final.

If any or some of the complaints were considered, the Commission

Claims Ruler will agree to the payment that proceeds.

Article 31o.- If any or some of the complaints were considered to have been received, the Complaint Opinion (s) will inform the Director General that he/she will order the payment to be made, from the established guarantee fund.

Article 32o.- The Prognostic Marketers will faithfully address the content of this Regulation and others Standard issued by Forecast. Omissions, errors or faults attributable to the Dealers or their dependent personnel, for non-compliance or violation of the applicable regulatory standards, shall not constitute liability for the purposes of Forecasting.

Article 33o.- It is applicable to the Forecast Dealers to effect the sale of the tickets, the Marketers Regulation in effect.

Chapter VI

From Payment of Awards

Article 34o.- From the following business day to the date of the corresponding contest, Forecast will pay prizes up to $9,999,999.99 (nine million nine hundred and ninety-nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine pesos

99/100 M.N.), in national currency.

The payment shall be made against the presentation and material delivery of the ticket corresponding to the combination that has resulted winner or once corroborated the authenticity of the same, in the case of electronic registration.

For those tickets whose prize is higher than the amount indicated in the first paragraph of this article, Forecast have 5 (five) working days to identify, verify and validate them by means of the means deemed appropriate, prior to payment of the same.

The payment will be deducted and will retain the amount of taxes that the respective laws will set.

Awarded ticket holders will be able to charge their amount to any Marketer, provided their amount does not exceed the sum to authorize Forecast.

Whatever the prize money will be able to make it effective at the General Forecast Offices or in the institutions or bodies that it points out and that will be made of the public's knowledge.

Article 35o.- The payment of the prizes may be suspended only in the express order of the judicial authority; however, forecasts may refuse to cover the prizes when the data entered on the ticket in question does not correspond entirely with those of the records, lack the particulars indicated in this Regulation or are mutilated, altered or maltreated in such a way as to render impossible the verification of their legitimacy or authenticity.

Article 36o.- The right to collect the prize will expire within sixty calendar days counted from the day following the conclusion of the contest.

The amount of the expired prizes, will be taken to the booking account for later, with the approval of the Council Management and according to the results of the actuarial studies to be carried out to determine, if appropriate, the surplus of accumulation in the balance of that reserve, its final destination is to add to the integers that are concentrated to the  Treasury of the Federation for the benefit of public assistance.

Article 37o.- Only by chance or force majeure, Forecast will suspend or cancel a contest already initiated. In this case, the institution will reimburse the persons concerned for the amount of their tickets, without incurring any further liability.


FIRST.- The article 19o. of this Regulation shall enter into force on 11 September 2006.

THIRD.- This agreement will take effect on the next day of its publication.

FOURTH.- All provisions that are opposed to this agreement will be repealed.

QUINTO.- The matters that are in the process of the date of entry into force of this Agreement shall be resolved in accordance with the Repealed provisions.