Regulation Which Shall Be Subject To The Temporary Importation Of Special Barley For The Elaboration Of Malta For Beer

Original Language Title: Reglamento al que se sujetará la Importación Temporal de Cebada Especial para la Elaboración de Malta para Cerveza

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Published in the DOF on October 31, 1933

In the margin a stamp that says: Federal Executive Branch.-United States of Mexico.-Mexico. -Secretariat of Government.

The Constitutional Substitute President of the United Mexican States, the following Regulation has been addressed:

" ABELARDO L. RODRIGUEZ, President Substitute Constitutional of the United Mexican States, to its inhabitants, known:

That in use of the powers granted to me by Articles 89, fraction I of the General Constitution of the Republic, and 383 of the Aduanal Law in force, I have had to issue the following

REGULATION to which the temporary importation of special barley for the manufacture of malt for beer will be subject.

ARTICLE 1. -The temporary importation of barley to be used as raw material in the production of malt for beer, and the export of the processed product, as well as that of the raicilla obtained in the germination process, is permitted.

ARTICLE 2. -Imports to be verified under this franchise should be carried out with exclusive documentation.

ARTICLE 3. -imports of the raw material may be checked in bulk, but the gross, legal and net weight of each item to be imported shall be declared in the respective order, with the expression of the generic or specific name.

ARTICLE 4. -where the imported raw material is not used for the purposes referred to in this Regulation or is not reexported within the time limit which is granted to the product produced, the corresponding import duties shall be made effective.

ARTICLE 5. -the processed products to be exported must be covered with exclusive documentation relating to the import, in which the discharge of the imported raw material must be made.

ARTICLE 6. -Customs shall keep an account of each import operation of that raw material, as well as of the malt and raicilla which is exported.

ARTICLE 7. -The export of the products manufactured with the imported raw material must be carried out within a period not longer than one year, which shall be counted from the date of import.

ARTICLE 8. -The amount of the duties to be caused in the import of the raw material must be guaranteed to the satisfaction of the C. Chief of the respective Customs, at the time of the introduction, and the guarantee will remain until the products are exported elaborate.

ARTICLE 9.-On the export of the products already made, the Customs will require that in the relative pediments the gross, legal and net weights are declared, data that will serve to establish the percentages of production and waste as set out in the following Article.

ARTICLE 10. -For the purposes of the preceding article the following percentage of performance is fixed:

80% for roasted malt.

5,,,,,, raicilla.

Therefore, the percentage of waste per elaboration will be 15%, without this percentage being understood to be no margin for faulty elaboration.

This waste will not be affected by any class rights.

ARTICLE 11. -The persons concerned, in the operations authorized by this Regulation, must also observe both the provisions on the subject of Chapters I and V of Title XI of the current Aduanal Law, and the other provisions thereof. rules that apply to them.

TRANSITIONAL ARTICLE.-This Regulation shall enter into force from the last day of August.

In compliance with the provisions of Article 89 (I) of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States and for their proper publication and observance, this Regulation was enacted in the The Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, charged with the Office, Marte R. Gomez.-The Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, charged with the Office, Marte R. Gomez. Heading.-Al C. Secretary of Government.-Present. "

What I communicate to you for publication and other purposes.

Effective Suffrage. No Re-election.

Mexico, D. F., at October 28, 1933.-The Secretary of the Interior, Eduardo Vasconcelos.-Heading.