Regulation That Will Be Attached To The Fisico-Militar Instruction, Which Must Be Received By The Civilian Population Of The Country

Original Language Title: Reglamento a que se sujetará la Instrucción Físico-Militar que Deberá Recibir la Población Civil del País

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Published in the DOF on February 13, 1943

On the sidelines a seal with the National Shield, which reads: United Mexican States.-Presidency of the Republic.

MANUEL AVILA CAMACHO, Constitutional President of the United Mexican States, has had the right to issue the following


I.-Object and purpose

1.-The Physical-Military Instruction to be taught to all the country's eligible civilian population, has as its essential purpose, to maintain the spirit of all citizens and to prepare them for the defense of the Homeland if necessary, unifying for it, the methods and procedures of Military Instruction and Physical Education.

It will be taken into account, in order to achieve this, that the physical aspect of the Instruction will occupy a preponderant place, in order to obtain from it, healthy and physically well prepared men to bear the Contingencies that are themselves of any kind of military activity.

II.-Authority to govern this service

2.-The Secretariat of National Defense will assume the direction of this service, centralizing both the organic part and the technical part of it.

3.-For the purpose, the Directorates of Regional Guards, Reserves and Civil Defense, and the National Physical Education and Pre-Military Teaching will be responsible for:

a).-The organization of Instruction Units.

b).-Technical and Administrative Control, and

c).-Harmonization of the physical and military aspects of the instruction.

4.-Both Directorates will perform their functions through the Military Zone Commanders, which will receive the instructions and directives that will normalize this service and increase by all means possible and appropriate the development of the Physical-Military preparation of the Civil Population.

III.-Character of the instruction

5.-The Physical-Military Instruction established by this Regulation shall be voluntary for all young people and citizens of the country physically and mentally fit and shall only be required to receive it. present to the Centers of Instruction and express in writing their desire to obtain it before a Jury of Honor that in each Center will be composed of 3 members who will be; a Director of Physical Education highlighted by the Secretariat of the Defense National, a Military Chief to designate the Command of the Military Zone concerned and a Delegate of the Government of the State or Territory or the Department of the District where appropriate; in the intelligence that the young people of the Class of 1924 who had not been elected in the Sorteo for the respective conscription, who are presented to comply with this civic duty, they will be taught Physical-Military Instruction, in the way that the Law that establishes the National Military Service in its relative part prevents it.

IV.-Organization of the instruction units

6.-In principle, the Maniworkers ' Type Battalion (3 Companies), whose organization will be analogous to the one currently held by the Corps of this kind, is established as the maximum unit of Instruction. forces of the asset, and for identification and control are referred to as "B1", "B2", etc., from the Federal District, or "B1", "B2", etc., from the respective Federative Entity; example: "B1 Jal.", which corresponds to "Battalion Num. 1 of Jalisco."

7.-For the formation of these units will proceed as follows:

a).-Through the leaders of each of the Secretaries of State, Autonomous Departments, Governments of the States and Territories, and

b).-Through also the Executive Committees of the workers 'and peasants' unions, whether or not they are affiliated with established workers or peasants.

The men's personnel lists or relationships will be obtained from their Dependencies, stating the following:

Full name.


Profession or occupation.

Place of work.

Hours of work.

Civil Status.


Nationality, and

Health state in which the result of a medical examination will be recorded with the classifications of "FIT", "CONDITIONAL" or "NOT APTO", according to the prescriptions that will be dictated.

c).-As regards the elements that do not have any union league or dependency, nor relations established with any official or private body, they will be cited as it has been done, in order to which are in attendance at the Instruction Centres, where the requirements relating to their listing shall be carried out.

8.-Known these relationships of all the personnel, the Military Zone Commanders, will proceed to the formation of the Batallones of Instruction, giving them the organization previewed, for which it will be taken into account the ages of the volunteers, so that four gands (sic) groups can be constituted, as follows:

a).-Up to 18 years of age.

b).-19 to 30 years of age.

c).-31 to 40 years of age, and

d).-Over 40 years of age.

9. Military Zone Commanders shall be responsible for the Organization, Instruction, etc., of these units, with the power to designate, after approval by the Secretariat of National Defense, through the Directorate of Regional Guards, Reserves and Civil Defense, to the Commanders of the expressed units.

10.-In the places where it is not possible to organize Batallones, units of the type of the Company or of the Section will be constituted, and for their denomination will be observed the same preventions that are mentioned in Article 6; example: "C1" Milpa Alta, D. F., which corresponds to the "Company Num. 1 of Milpa Alta, D. F.", and "S2" Puente de Vigas, D. F., which corresponds to the "Section Num. 2 of Puente de Vigas, D. F.", in which case the name of the State will be changed to the town where the Company or Section has been formed.

11. With the elements already trained, the units of the units must be formed, and for this purpose a scrupulous selection will be made, taking into account conduct and aptitudes for command.

V.-Time destined for instruction

12.-In order not to hinder the normal work of the elements to be instructed, it will be taken in the initiation of this physical-military preparation, the available time of any business day or public holiday, taking particular account of:

a).-Number of Military Instructors and Physical Education Teachers.

(b).-Number and capacity of the Centers for Instruction or of places intended for this purpose, in the concept that all sports, official or private fields, according to the needs, may be used by the authorities that govern this service.

c).-Instruction Equipment and Material, and

d).-Facilties that have been agreed with the Patron Sector or with the leaders of the Official Dependencies, are obtained as a result.

13. In this way, Military Zone Commands will set the sites, days, and times when the Instruction units are to be met, to receive it.

14. -Initially for the first period covering the basic aspect of the individual Instruction of the Fighter and the School of the Peloton in closed order and preparatory exercises of combat, as well as the development of the conditioning program physical, the Instruction sessions must not exceed two hours, distributed as follows:

An hour for Military Instruction in its technical and tactical aspects, as appropriate, and

An hour for Physical Education, discounting between both the indispensable rest.

15.-This period can be modified, increasing if the requirements imposed by the development of the general program fixed by the corresponding authorities merit it, fixing the fees of agreement with the time of the year in which it is practiced and with the climatology of the region.

VI.-Instructor staff

16. Military Zone Commanders will use as Military Instructors the personnel to their orders, and if necessary, the Directorate of Regional Guards, Reserves and Civil Defense, will make available of them:

To the Heads and Officers of the Dependencies of the Secretariat of National Defense.

To the Chiefs and Officers of the Military Education Plantation and Training Centers.

To the Heads and Officers currently serving in the Military Public Education service.

To the Metropolitan Police Chiefs, Officers and Trained Classes.

To the students of the different Military Education Plantation who are studying the second year of studies.

To the Officers and Classes of the University Military Sports Pentthathlon.

17.-As far as the teachers of physical education are concerned, they will be requested by the Military Zone Commanders to the National Directorate of Physical Education and Pre-Military Teaching, whose dependence may be using the following elements:

Physical Education Teachers dependent on the National Directorate of Physical Education and Pre-Military Teaching.

Physical Education Teachers dependent on the Secretariat of National Defense.

Central Department-dependent Physical Education Teachers.

Physical Education Teachers, dependents of the Ministry of Public Education.

Physical Education Teachers, dependents of the Governments of the Federal States and Territories.

Physical Education Teachers of all the Official and Private Institutions and Clubs, and

Second-year students of the Normal School of Physical Education.

All this personnel specialized in Physical Education in the country will be assigned to the National Directorate of Physical Education and Pre-Military Teaching, in order to use its services according to the needs to be presented.

18. With the staff mentioned above, groups of Instructors will be organized, with each Maniworkers Battalion a Chief or Officer of the Army with three more helpers from the Armado Institute and a Professor of Physical Education. This staff at the same time imparts practical Instruction to all the elements of its Unit, will allocate from its working hours, some to impart the theoretical-practical instruction to the officers and the qualified classes of each Corporation, according to the programs that are edited for the effect. Once the elements in Instruction are trained to take command of the Companies, Sections or Pelotons, a selection will be made, with the object of replacing the frames that originally had the command of the Units in the form that is prevented by Article 11 of this Regulation.

VII.-Organization of Specialist Units

19.-As far as the use of groups possessing a specialty that is adaptable to the aims of National Defense is concerned, they will be organized:

Units of cyclists, motorcyclists, transports, railers, mechanics, hikers, shooting clubs, equestrian associations, etc., who after having received the basic instruction Individual Physical-Military, as well as the knowledge inherent in the School of the Peloton, in closed order and preparatory combat exercises, will be instructed to take into account their specialty in relation to war-related matters.

20.-As far as the Professionist Sector is concerned, the same criterion is based, in such a way that they receive prior technical and tactical Military Instruction and physical education before they are used. his services within the specialty of his profession.

21.-It is considered that the use of all the specialized elements will cover two aspects:

1 °.-To research and apply your own technical and practical knowledge of your specialization to the scientific problems of war.

2 °.-With the training they receive from this Instruction, in line with the technical characteristics of each of these groups, the application of their specialty to the services of the war will be achieved, such as:

Artillery shooting.

Fortification Jobs.

Technique of the Transmissions.

Bridges and material works in general.


Chemical and war industries.

Military Health.

Aeronautics, and

Army services in general.

These jobs considered to be of specialization will remain under the control and responsibility of the major states of the different Military Zones.

VIII.-Instruction Centers

22.-The places marked for the development of these practices will be called "Centers of Instruction" and will be directed by a Chief (General, Chief of Army Weapons), who will be assigned to him. the personnel required for the absolute control of the contingents to attend.

IX.-Of the obligations of the Heads of Instruction Centers

23.-The Heads of the Instruction Center will depend directly on the Military Zone Commanders.

24. -They will be accountable to these authorities for the exact fulfillment of the Military Instruction and Physical Education Programs, which are entrusted to their development.

25.-They will monitor the personnel of Military Instructors and Teachers of Physical Education, to comply with the respective programs, which must be made of the prior knowledge of all the managers to impart the Physical-Military Instruction, adding all those points and guidelines which, according to their criteria and the provisions of the relevant authorities, must be taken into account.

26.-By Delegation of the Directorate of Regional Guards, Reserves and Civil Defense, they will issue the Identification and Control Cards of the Instruction to the elements that are to receive it, making that the requirements specified in the Official Model are met that will be given with every opportunity.

27.-The Heads of the Center and Military Instructors, as well as the Teachers of Physical Education, will be in contact with the Committees and Sub-Committees of the Civil Defense, in order to help these organizations in the planning and implementation of all the works entrusted to them and that by Decree that establishes the Civil Defense, they fundamentally understand:

Raising the morale of the population and

Develop your civic aspect for your own protection.

28.-The Heads of Center, Military Instructors and Teachers of Physical Education, according to the Committees and Sub-Committees of the Civil Defense, will proceed to the organization, Instruction and Use of the Femenil Sector, for the purposes set out above.

29.-After each Instruction session they will give a written report to the authority that it depends on the following main points:

Part of the program developed.

Assistance to the Center, both Military Instructors and Physical Education Teachers, and staff at Instruction.

The nominal relationship of the missing staff, in order to make the knowledge of the respective authorities dependent on them, so that they can make the case.

Annotations on all kinds of observations aimed at reforming or modifying the requirements contained in the Regulation, as well as on the needs to be presented in relation to the weapons and teaching material in general, as well as the Instruction of the civilian population.

X.-Of the obligations of the Military Instructors and Physical Education Teachers staff

30.-The Heads, Officers and Classes, as well as the Teachers of Physical Education of any Dependence or Corporation that are in charge of the Instruction, will depend directly on the Heads of Center of Instruction, with the exception of those places where the presence of a Head of Centre is not required by the conditions of assistance.

31.-They are obliged to comply with the Instruction programmes, as well as the other provisions which, through their immediate heads or the corresponding authorities, are given for the purpose of normalise their activities.

32.-They shall communicate to the Head of the Centre or to the respective authority, the nominal number of missing unit of the unit they instruct. This communication must be done through the corresponding Unit Commander.

XI.-Awards and Rewards

33.-Every act of distinction on the part of the Units or in particular of each of the citizens who prepare physically and militarily, will be a reason for encouragement and reward from the highest Authorities of the Nation and the Military that govern this service.

34.-The granting of honorary mentions of Instruction or the standard-bearer, of a Unit in Instruction, should be considered as a fair reward for constancy, discipline and faith The second of these acts will only be carried out when, in the opinion of the respective military authorities, the Unit is deemed to be sufficiently instructed and capable. to be a faithful guardian of our Fatherland. The flag act of each of these Units considered as Army Reserves shall be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements for such cases contained in the Military Ceremonial Regulation, in force, in Article 29.

35.-As regards the components of these Units, in addition to the promotions within the same ones that will be granted on the proposal of the respective Commanders, with the approval of the Regional Guards, Reserves and Civil Defense, and the National Physical Education and Pre-Military Teaching in the part that corresponds to it, for meritorious facts, constancy and aptitude in the Instruction, the following rewards are created:

a). -Honorable mention of Instruction.

b).-Medal of Instruction.

c).-Shooting medal.

d).-Sports Medal, and

e). -Honorable mention of constancy.

36.-The Honorific Mention of Instruction will give the right to carry in the wallet of the left bag of the camisola, a yellow gaffe with red central bar.

37.-For the Medal of Instruction, a gaffe will be carried with two horizontal, white and red bars.

38.-For the Tiro Medal, a blue gaffe.

39.-For the Sports Medal, a green gaffe.

40. Each of these gaffes will have the dimensions marked by the Military Heraldica.

41.-With the exception of promotions, medals and honorific mentions will be awarded after each period of Instruction, at festivals or ceremonies of a sports-military character.

XII. -uniforms, badges and flags

42.-UNIFORMS. -The elements in Instruction shall provide for their account the acquisition of uniforms, bearing in mind that they must be adjusted in their clothing and other characteristics, as prescribed in the orders issued by the Secretariat of Defense National.

13 (sic).-The change in the colour of the fabric of the current uniforms is foreseen in a reasonable period, seeking the uniformity of these, and therefore the elements that currently have uniforms, will be able to continue using them, subject to change where appropriate.

44.-BADGES AND FLAGS.-As regards the use of badges and badges, they will be used exclusively in the circular number 43, rotated by the Secretariat of National Defense, dated November 3, 1942.


ONLY.-This Regulation shall enter into force from the date of its publication in the Official Journal and repeals all the Instructives or Regulations which it objects to it.

In use of the faculty that I am granted by the I fraction of article 89 of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States.

Given at the National Palace, at the twenty-fifth day of the month of January of a thousand nine hundred and forty-three.-Manuel Avila Camacho.-Heading.-Fulfill: the Secretary of National Defense, Lazaro Cárdenas.- Rubric: The Secretary of the Interior, Miguel Aleman.-The Secretary of Public Education, Octavio Vejar Vázquez.-Rubrica.-The Head of the Federal District Department, Javier Rojo Gómez.-Rubrica.