Act On Agricultural Chambers, Which Hereinafter Is Referred To As Agricultural Associations

Original Language Title: Ley sobre Cámaras Agrícolas, que en lo sucesivo se denominarán Asociaciones Agrícolas

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Official Journal of the Federation on 27 August 1932

Last published reform DOF 09 April 2012

On the sidelines, a seal that says: Executive power Federal.-United Mexican States.-Mexico.-Ministry of the Interior.

The C. Constitutional President of the The United Mexican States, the following law has been used to me:

STEP ORTIZ RUBIO, President Constitutional of the United Mexican States, its inhabitants, saved

Which in use of the powers that you have granted me the Congress of the Union by Decree of 21 January of the year in progress, I have had to be issued as follows:



Constitution and object of the Agricultural Associations

ARTICLE 1.- This Law is laying down the basis for the organization and operation of the Existing agricultural chambers, which, in accordance with the provisions of the provisions of the for the following items, they will be called Agricultural Associations.

ITEM 2 °.- The Agricultural associations shall be set up with the union of producers of the country's agricultural policy in order to promote the development of agricultural activities of the Nation, as well as the protection of interests of its members, must be set up in accordance with the first paragraph of Article 4o. of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States and of the Law on Sustainable Rural Development, in accordance with the purposes set out in the following article.

ARTICLE 3.- The Associations Agricultural constituents in the terms of the Act will have the following finalities:

I.- Organize agricultural production within rational standards that are aimed at improving the quality of products, as well as to the best distribution of them, for which the implementation of the more suitable scientific methods of agricultural exploitation.

II.- Manage and promote all measures that tend to improve the agricultural conditions of the producers of the Republic, such as transport charter, development in communications, rational use of electrical power, etc.

III.- Promote the creation, on each of the places where partnerships work, warehouses, mills, refrigerator plants, packaging, etc., to industrialize or conserve agricultural products and to present them to the consumer in the best conditions.

IV.- Get with the greatest facilities economical the granting of credit for its assaulted.

V.- Atorder the transformation of the living conditions in the countryside by making or hygienic the home of the rural classes and educating the country's rural classes on the principles of the Modern production technique.

VI.- Encouraging, when social conditions and producers ' economic activities allow, the development of the organisation cooperative.

VII.- Represent to the authorities the the common interests of its partners and to propose the measures which they consider most appropriate for the protection and protection of such interests.

VIII.- Preventing the participation of of women in economic development, through the organization of chains and marketers of agricultural products, consisting of women; or equal treatment and opportunities between women and men.


Organization of the Agricultural associations

ARTICLE 4º.- The producers of the Republic of the Republic may meet in local associations, regionally and nationally.

ITEM 5 °.- The Local Associations will be called "Local Agricultural Associations", and they will be integrated by specialized producers. For the purposes of this article, specialized producers are understood to be women and men whose predominant activity is dedicated to a crop or a special branch of the rural economy.

ARTICLE 6º.- In each locality shall create the partnerships corresponding to the principal crops or branches of the the rural economy in which it is exploited, the producers are grouped together, in each association, in accordance with the criteria set out in the preceding article.

ARTICLE 7º.- The Associations Local agricultural land, which is constituted under the Act, will have the the obligation to join the regional agricultural unions as soon as they are set.

ARTICLE 8º.- The joins that the previous article, they will be organized when in the region they are working three or more of the Local Agricultural Associations.

ARTICLE 9.- The Agricultural Joins Regionals, by means of delegated representatives, shall constitute the Confederation National Agricultural Producers, which will be able to join the meeting of three or more of those joins.


Operation of the Agricultural associations

ARTICLE 10 °.- They will be able to function Local Agricultural Associations in all those places where ten or more specialised producers want to be grouped under the terms of this Act.

ARTICLE 11 °.- It is defined as agricultural region, which, by the similarity of rural activities and by the means of communication with which it may be capable of forming a unit within the national economy. To regularize the operation of the Agricultural Unions Regional, the Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food, through the Agriculture Directorate, will point out the the economic regions in which it is considered most appropriate to divide the country.

ARTICLE 12 °.- The Confederation The National Agricultural Producers will be based in the capital of the Republic and will work with two proprietary delegates and two duly accredited alternates before it by the Agricultural Regional Unions.

The Regional unions may also be accredited to this Confederation the participation of delegated and alternate delegates, in order to ensure that are represented by women's associations formed by women.

ARTICLE 13 °.- The Confederacy will be the body by which all the agricultural associations directly or indirectly indirectly they form, they will be able to promote before the State the projects, initiatives or démarches that tend to fulfil the purposes of this Law which determines; but for the local authorities the organs will be the Associations Locales or Local Unions according to the location of the and that of the authority to whom it can be managed.


The State and the Agricultural associations

ARTICLE 14 °.- The Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fishing and Food, shall authorize the formation, organization and operation of the Associations Agriculture established in accordance with the provisions of this Law; with this Law the same associations shall enjoy the legal personality in the terms of relative laws.

ARTICLE 15 °.- The Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food will open a Register of the Agricultural Associations to be established in accordance with this Law, which shall establish the constituent act and the statutes of the as well as their amendments and minutes of dissolution and liquidation, in their case.

ARTICLE 16 °.- The State will consider the Agricultural Associations as a cooperation agency and in as a result, the latter will be obliged to provide all the reports request the Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food, relating to agricultural services.

ARTICLE 17 °.- You are in the process of the operation of the Associations referred to is Law is of interest public, the State shall give all its support to these same associations and to the producers, for the purpose of carrying out the objectives stated in the Article 3 of the Act.

ARTICLE 18 °. Illegal use by any Association of the names of the bodies established by This law will give reason to the Agriculture Secretariat, Livestock, Rural Development, Fishing and Foodstuffs imposing a fine of $500.00 that is shall make effective on the assets of the association or group, if it has such assets, or about those of the individuals who show up on their forehead. If you insist on the unlawful use of any of the designations referred to above, shall duplicate the fine, which, for that purpose, may be up to three A thousand pesos.

ARTICLE 19 °. The Secretariat Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fishing and Food is left authorized to provide the services of its technical staff for the the promotion and development of agricultural associations; it is also empowered to to formulate the Rules of Procedure of this Law and to give the terms of this Law, appropriate interpretation.


ARTICLE 1.- The law is repealed on the National Agricultural Cameras of 21 December 1909 and all the provisions that are opposed to the present.

ARTICLE 2º.- A deadline is granted of six months from the date on which this Law is published, in order to the National Agricultural Cameras currently in existence in the Republic, adjust your organization and operation to be prevented by the same law.

Therefore, command is printed, published, Circuit and you are given due compliance.

Given at the Palace of Executive Power Federal, in Mexico, at the nineteenth day of the month of August, a thousand nine hundred Thirty-two.- P. Ortiz Rubio.-Heading.-The Secretary-State and the Agriculture and Development Office, Francisco S. Elias.-Heading.-Al C. Secretary of the Interior.-Present. "

What I communicate to you for publication and other purposes.

Effective Suffrage. No Reelection.

Mexico D. F., Aug. 24, 1932.- Secretary of the Interior, Juan Jose Rios.-Heading.

Al C...