Law Regulatory Of The Article 27 Constitutional Nuclear

Original Language Title: Ley Reglamentaria del Artículo 27 Constitucional en Materia Nuclear

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Posted Ultimareforma DOF 09 April 2012 at the margenun seal with the coat of arms, which says: United States Mexicans-Presidenciade Republic.
MIGUEL DE LA MADRID H., constitutional President of the Mexican United States, residents, know: the H. Congress of the Union has served dirigirmeel following decree: "the Congress of the United States Mexicans, decrees: regulatory act of the article 27 constitutional matters NUCLEAR chapter I provisions General Artículo 1.-this law is regulatory article 27 constitutional nuclear and regulates the exploration" draws and the benefit of radioactive minerals, as well as elaprovechamiento of nuclear fuels, the uses of nuclear energy, science and nuclear techniques research, andthat nuclear industry related to the same.
The provisions of this Act are of public order and deobservancia throughout the Republic.
Article 2.-Use give it nuclear energy may have only peaceful purposes in compliance with loestablecido in the article 27 of the Constitution politics of the States UnidosMexicanos.
The Federal Executive shall issue the disposicionesreglamentarias to be fastened both energy and non-energy use give them radioactive materials.
Article 3.-To losefectos of this law refers to: I.-nuclear fuel: material consisting of natural uranium, enriched, or uranium empobrecidohasta grade established by the Ministry of energy, mines and IndustriaParaestatal, or special fissionable material, which is used in nuclear cualquierreactor;
II.-nuclear facility: one that is manufactured, processed, used, reprocessed or almacenacombustible or nuclear material;
III.-radioactive installation: one in which it occurs, manufactures, stores or make use radioactive material or equipment containing it; or treated, conditioned radioactive waste oalmacenan;
IV. nuclear Material: any source material or special fissile material;
V.-Basic Material: a) natural uranium;
(b) the uranium 235 isotope laproporcion is lower than normal;
(c) thorium;
(d) any elements cited in the form of metal, alloy, chemical compound, oconcentrado;
(e) any other material COMPO one or more of the elements cited in the concentration that determinela Energy Secretary and;
(f) the other materialesque the above-mentioned secretariat determine in due course.
Means that the "materialbasico" not means or to the minerals or waste or bargain.
VI.-Material fisionableespecial: to) the plutonium 239 and 241;
(b) uranium-233);
(c) the rich uranium isotopes 235 or 233;
((d) any material COMPO one or several of the above elements, and e) the other materialesfisionables to be determined by the Secretary of energy;
VII.-Materialradiactivo: any material containing one or several nuclides that emitenespontaneamente particles or electromagnetic radiation, or that are fisionanespontaneamente;
VIII.-deradiacion source: any device or substance that emits ionizing radiation was quantifiable;
IX. radioactive ore: the COMPO uranium, thorium or combinations thereof in a concentration equal to 300 parts per million osuperior, and other minerals susceptible to serutilizados for the manufacture of nuclear fuel that determineexpresamente the Secretary of energy.
Also will be considered radioactive ore the COMPO less than 300 parts, as determined by the secretariat mentioned; and X-use non-energy radioactive material: the use of radioactive material and equipment locontenga, and generators of ionizing radiation, research or industrial, medical and agricultural purposes.
The determinations that makes mention of this article, serecogeran in declarations, which shall be issued by the concerned Secretariat, which sepublicaran in the official journal of the Federation.
Article 4.-The Secretary ofenergy apply this law in the field of their competence.
Chapter II the exploration, exploitation and benefit of MineralesRadiactivos article 5.-radioactive mineral, in terms of the article 27 of the political Constitution of the United States Mexican, are the property of the nation; and suexploracion, exploitation and benefit may not be matter of concession ocontrato.
For the exploration, exploitation and beneficiode radioactive minerals defined in the fraction IX of article 3o. deesta law, the Secretary of energy will give the asignacionescorrespondientes to public bodies provided for in the articles 9. and 10 Dela this law. These assignments also include associated noradioactivos minerals.
Article 6.-Any person quetenga knowledge of the existence of deposits of mineralesradioactivos, you must give notice immediately to the Secretary of energy.
Article 7.-The owners deconcesiones and mining allotments who discover radioactive minerals in respective loslotes, shall give notice in writing to the Secretary of energy, within the ten days following the discovery that this dependence: I.-appoint, immediately, an auditor so that it protects the property of the nation on the mineralesradiactivos;
II. carry out necessary lostrabajos to determine if the exploitation of the mineralesradiactivos discovered is technically and economically exploitable, hope the Council of mineral resources and the FomentoMinero Commission's view;
III. If determination referred to in the above fraction is positive, will be amodificar award or allocation to that given to organisms publicoscompetentes allocation of radiactivosexplotables minerals. In this case, the licensee or assignee may continue fueradel affected area, with the exploitation of the other minerals.
If by the high concentration of mineralradioactivo the Secretary of energy determines that comes lacancelacion of concession or allocation, this will be in the terms of law article 27 constitutional réglementaire field mining, and IV-if esnegativa determination not to be technically and economically exploitable exploitation discovered radioactive delmineral, owned by the nation, the dealer oasignatario will remain as the depositary of the tailings containing it.
Article 8.-Lostitulares of the concessions or allotments of exploration, exploitation ybeneficio that, contrary to the previous provision, have exploited obeneficiado discovered radioactive ore will be creditors to lacancelacion of the concessions or allotments and a fine up to five milveces the daily minimum wage in the Federal District. Who hubierenomitido give the notice referred to in the preceding article, shall acreedoresa a fine up to 5,000 times the daily minimum wage in the Federal District.
Article 9.-Radioactive deminerales exploration will be exclusive and direct the organism decentralized publicofederal called the Council of mineral resources, both enterrenos free not to be free. This activity is set to program and technical conditions to be determined by the Secretariat of energy the cualasignara the mentioned body lots that are required for laprospeccion and exploration of these minerals.
Article 10. The Secretariat of energy may be granted assignments only to organism decentralized publicofederal named Commission on building mining draws of radioactive minerals, in accordance with quepara policies to the achievement of the objectives or priorities of national planning ysectorial of the development established. Likewise, it may grant, only mentioned alOrganismo authorisations for the installation and operation plants of benefit that take advantage of mineral substances referred to in esteprecepto.
The Commission on building mining take place mentioned in a direct and exclusive activities.
Chapter III the industry Nuclear article 11.-to losefectos of this Act the nuclear industry includes: I.-the phases of the cycle fuelsystem ranging from "refining" prior to the "burning" of the same, or up to the manufacture of elementoscombustibles, including the enrichment of uranium;
II.-the "burnt", or the use of fuel elements energy boundaries resulting in the generation of electricity or other use of released heat;
III.-the "reprocessing" of fuel;
IV.-the final stages cycle of fuel, including final storage and temporary delcombustible radiated or derived radioactive waste delreprocesamiento;
V the production of aguapesada, in their case, and their use in nuclear reactors;
VI.-the design of nuclear steam supply systems;
VII.-Design and manufacture of equipment and components of the nuclear system of supply conductors steam of nuclear or other nuclear reactors;
VIII.-production and applications of radioisotopes, as well as the processing, conditioning and final disposal of radioactive waste, and IX. Design, manufacture and use of nuclear reactors and radiation for research anddevelopment technological sources.
The nuclear industry is of public interest.
Article 12.-The activities to which family the previous article with the exception of the fraction IX, will be held in accordance with the guidelines and programmes approved by the EjecutivoFederal through the Secretariat of energy in accordance with policies that are established for the achievement of the objectives and priorities of the national development planning.
Article 13.-National activities of research and technological development in materianuclear Guide to achieve self-determination scientific and technical, as well as the optimal use of nuclear ycombustibles materials and applications of radioactive materials, in order to defortalecer the economic and social advancement of the nation.
The use of nuclear reactors is subject rules that to do so issued by the Secretariat of energy and theguarded of it.
Article 14.-Accordance with the fourth subparagraph of article 28 Constitution are the following strategic consideranactividades: I.-benefit radioactive deminerales;
II.-the cycle nuclear fuelsystem comprising at the same time: "refining" delconcentrado of uranium, "conversion", "enrichment", "conversion", "pills", "fuel rods" manufacturing manufacturing, and manufacturing of "fuel assemblies";
III.-the "reprocessing" fuel, which consists of a series of chemical deprocesos to recover the uranium not used as well as the plutonioproducido;
IV.-the definitive or temporary storage, and transport of irradiated fuel or losdesechos product of its reprocessing;
V aguapesada production and its use in nuclear reactors, and VI.-the application of nuclear energyefficiency in order to generate steam for use in complejosindustriales of salacion of water and other applications that can be resultarnecesarias to boost economic and social development of the country.
Article 15.-Elaprovechamiento of nuclear fuel elements with late energeticoscorresponde, in any case, to the nation.
The generation of electricity from nuclear decombustibles use be held exclusively by the Federal Electricity Commission. It corresponds to Commission the design and construction of power plants hearing, to the effect, the opinion of the InstitutoNacional of nuclear research.
The use of nuclear reactors for noenergeticos purposes, only be held by the Public Sector and lasUniversidades, institutes and research centers autorizadosconforme this law.
Article 16.-Production, use and application of radioisotopes as well as manufacturing give them components of the nuclear supply system of steam, except nuclear delcombustible, are priority activities for the development economiconacional in accordance with the fifth subparagraph of article 25 constitutional.
The above-mentioned activities may be realized out by the public sector, by itself or with social and private sectors, previaautorizacion of the Secretariat of energy. The production deradioisotopos, through the use of nuclear reactors, only be held by the public sector, universities, institutes and the centrosde research approved in accordance with this law.
The authorizations for the production deradioisotopos, based on the use of nuclear fuel, shall be issued by the holder of the Ministry of energy in accordance with statutory provisions, and will be published in the official journal of Lafederacion.
The previous authorizations be issued previaopinion of the National Institute of nuclear researches and competent authorities, according to it will make the use of radioisotopes inthe areas of health, industry or agriculture.
Article 17.-Nuclear Elcombustible is property of the nation; the Federal Executive may only authorize its use under the terms of this law and always under the supervision of the National Nuclear safety and safeguards Commission.
Article 18.-The Federal Executive, porconducto of the Secretariat of energy: I.-fixed loslineamientos relating to the utilization and development of ytecnología energy nuclear, according to national energy policy;
II. promote, monitor and, where appropriate, approve work programmes of Mineralsand resources Council of the Commission for promoting mining, related to radioactive minerals, so that they are consistent with the programmes and projects of research, application in the generation of energy, and development of the nuclear industry;
III.-regulated nuclear, radiological and physical security, and safeguards, as well comovigilara its fulfillment;
IV.-will be the diversasetapas of the nuclear fuel cycle, and its reprocessing, except elquemado, and arrange and supervise, in his case, those that are not posibleefectuar in the country;
V carry out laimportacion and export of materials and nuclear fuels, with participation corresponding to other units.
Exports of minerals or materialesradiactivos you always attend the self-sufficiency of the country. In your case, laautorizacion may not exceed, annually, to 5 per cent of the reservasprobadas the country will require, according to the program which is formulated according to the National Plan of development referred to in article 26Constitucional.
VI. establish policy for research and technological development in the nuclear industry;
Asu VII.-you will need to charge the storage, transport and storage of nuclear fuels yde radioactive waste either that its source;
VIII.-may authorize the public bodies concerned temporalde storage fuels nuclear and radioactive wastes from suutilizacion and IX. will be responsible for observance of treaties and other legal instruments internacionalessuscritos nuclear, in the area of its competence.
Chapter IV Nuclear, radiological and physical security, and lasSalvaguardias article 19.-Security is paramount in all activities involving nuclear power and must be considered from the planning, design and construction yoperacion, until decommissioning and dismantling of the instalacionesnucleares and radioactive, as well as in the provisions and final destination of waste todossus.
Article 20.-Nuclear security is the set of actions and measures to avoid chelae equipment, materials and nuclear facilities and its funcionamientoconstituyan risks for men's health and their property, or detriments on quality of the environment.
Article 21.-Radiological security aims to protect workers, lapoblación and their property, and the environment in general, by preventing ylimitacion of the effects that may result from exposure to ionizing radiation.
Article 22.-Physical security at nuclear or radioactive facilities is objetoevitar intentional acts that cause or may cause damage or alteracionestanto to theft or unauthorized use of nuclear or radioactive material, public health or safety.
Nuclear and radioactive facilities must be having nuclear, radiological and physical security systems that meet the requirements that are established in other laws and regulatory provisions of this law in this regard.
Article 23.-Any person quetenga knowledge of an incident that involves materials combustiblesnucleares, radioactive materials or equipment containing them, or condicionesque in their view can cause it, must give notice immediately to the National Commission of Nuclear safety and safeguards for the Secretary of energy. Physical or moral Laspersona authorized to perform any of the actividadesreguladas by the present law, shall be carried out immediate medium forany communication, as soon as they are aware the facts to which family this article, and must make it formal written presenting wing cited Commission at the latest within 24 hours. In estoscasos, the concerned Commission may order or carry out removal of the equipment, utensils or materials that involve some risk, for their deposit in lugaresque meet the safety conditions.
Article 24.-Lassalvaguardias aims to organize and maintain a national system I deregistration and control of all nuclear materials, to effect check queno there is deviation of the materials, from peaceful uses to nuclear weapons lamanufactura or other unauthorized uses.
The Federal Executive shall adopt the rules applicable alrespecto, and monitor compliance with agreements or treaties internacionalesfirmados by Mexico on the issue.
Article 25.-Nuclear and radioactive facilities must satisfy the requirements for elemplazamiento (selection, study and evaluation of the location), design, construction, operation, modification and cessation of operations, decommissioning ydesmantelamiento, established in the regulations of this law.
Requirements that referred to shall be determined according to the risk associated with operations that are involucramaterial radioactive, and depending on the activity and radiotoxicity of losisotopos who are present.
Article 26.-The location, design,
construction, operation, modification, cessation of operations, decommissioning of nuclear and radioactive facilities ydesmantelamiento, requires laautorizacion of the Secretariat of energy.
Authorisations for construction and operation Delas reference systems will have a certain validity and its renewal, modification, suspension, and cancellation will be regulated by the disposicionesque are contained in the respective regulations.
Article 27.-Physical or moral persons authorised in terms of this law and susreglamentos, to operate nuclear and radioactive facilities must having radiation safety staff required, who will be responsible for laasesoria, the training, the evaluation of procedures of work, preparation of safety manuals, their monitoring and enforcement, in lorelacionado with radiation protection within work center. Holder of the authorisation shall be directly responsible for the seguridadradiologica.
Both the personal radiation safety and the holder of the authorization must comply with the requirements and obligacionesestablecidos in the regulations of this law.
In nuclear installations you will need with nuclear and radiological safety staff required, and the titular corresponding public delorganismo is responsible for the strict enforcement rules.
Article 28.-Lasautorizaciones for construction and operation of a nuclear facility only will be awarded when certifying, through the presentation of relevant information, are to achieve the objectives of the security and what are the procedures and methods to be used during the phases deemplazamiento, design, construction, operation, modification, closure definitivoy dismantling of the installation. In addition, the corresponding radiological emergency plan will be presented. This information must observe terms and forms provided for in the regulations of the presenteLey.
In addition, the request shall contain the necessary information about the impact arising from the installation in the environment, for academic by the National Commission of Nuclear safety and safeguards and porlas other authorities in accordance with their powers.
Article 29.-The acquisition, import, export, possession, use, transfer, transport, storage and destination or final disposal of radioactive material generators ydispositivos of ionizing radiation, may only be carried to cabocon authorization, which shall be issued by the Secretariat of energy through Dela National Commission of Nuclear safety and safeguards, with independence be authorizations. Radioactive materials and devices aludidosutilizados medical purposes require the prior authorization of the Ministry of health.
Article 30.-Handling, transport, storage ycustodia of materials and nuclear fuels and radioactive materials andequipments that contain them, shall require authorization and shall be governed by statutory provisions of this law.
Article 31.-Draws of radioactive minerals, plants processing of such minerals, its tailing dams and the areas of work her asociadasse subject, as regards radiation safety is concerned, provisions that are issued by the competent authorities, without prejudice to give it established by other jurisdictions in the field of security.
Article 32.-Nuclear and radioactive facilities shall be inspections, audits, verifications and surveys by the National Commission of safety Nucleary safeguards, to check the condition of nuclear, radiological and physical security, and compliance with the safeguards in the same.
Article 33.-with frame the result of inspections and proceedings referred to in the Articuloanterior, the National Nuclear safety and safeguards Commission will issue undictamen that be designated deficiencies and anomalies that if found sehubieren and deadlines for correction. Subsequently, the Organomencionado monitor that measures taken to correct the anomalies odeficiencias, comply with established markers.
Article 34.-on loscasos of danger or imminent risk to staff in a radioactive nuclearo installation, or society in general, the National Commission for SeguridadNuclear and safeguards will order and run according to the case, retention, assurance, or deposit of sources of ionizing radiation or lascontenga team, as well as any contaminated property, in the respective regulation terms.
You can also order and run, as medidapreventiva, the closure temporary, partial or total, of the instalacionesnucleares and radioactive, as well as real estate contaminated, fixing deadlines to correct the deficiencies or anomalies. In the case that no sesubsanen deficiencies or anomalies within the term which is granted, Commission referred with support in the corresponding technical report shall wing permanent closure.
The head of the Secretariat of Energiaigualmente may order to the safety National Commission Nuclear ySalvaguardias the temporary occupation of nuclear or radioactive facilities, which must be observed at all times the provisions issued by the EjecutivoFederal in this regard.
The above measures taken do not exclude liability civil, penal or labour which, where appropriate, are carried out deltitular of the authorization for damage to persons or their property.
Article 35.-Lasuspension or cancellation of authorisations granted will involve the adoption of the security measures referred to in the previous article in the regard to the supplies or equipment. The same measures may be applied when secancelen or suspend the authorizations for construction, adaptation opreparacion of the installation concerned, and therefore such nopodran actions continue. These measures are also applied and implemented by National Nuclear safety and safeguards Commission in cases in which serealicen activities that engage materials and nuclear fuel radioactive materials and equipment containing them, without authorization, permisoo license required by this law and its regulations.
Article 36.-Granted authorizations ycancelaciones suspensions, as well as fines and measures safety will be imposed by the Ministry of energy through National Nuclear safety and safeguards Commission based on the does inspections, audits, inspections or examinations to seefectuen and taking into account the evidence and allegations of stakeholders. Todocaso the resolutions issued in this matter shall be motivated yfundadas in the provisions of this law and its regulations, and other applicable laws.
Article 37.-Lasinfracciones to the precepts of this law and its regulations, whether they are grounds for suspension, cancellation or revocation of the authorizations granted, will be sanctioned with a fine of five to five milveces the general minimum wage in place and type in which laviolacion is committed. Where the infringement persists and the expired concedidopara its correction, the aforementioned Commission may impose fines for each day quetranscurra unless the respective mandate, obey provided that does not exceed listed maximum ellimite.
Article 38.-for lacuantificacion of the fines referred to in the preceding article, the gravity of the offence committed; be taken into consideration the condicioneseconomicas of offender, and recidivism, if any.
Article 39.-In case dereincidencia will double the fine imposed originally, without which his montoexceda double the maximum set out in article 37 of this law.
Recidivism for the purposes of estaLey means its regulations, each subsequent violations of the mismoprecepto that are not continuous, committed within two years of wing date of resolution that did have a previous breach, unless this had not been averted.
Article 40.-Resolutions that sedicten based on this Act or in other provisions deriving from lamisma, may be appealed within a period of 15 working days following wing date of its notification. The resource will be directed and presented by escritoal head of the Secretariat of energy, in which should be given trialshas related to the contested administrative act. Health trialshas and exhausted the orderly proceedings, within the following 30 diashabiles, will dictate the resolution that corresponds.
The filing of the appeal will only suspend implementing the decision appealed against, when this involves payment for fines and elafectado ensure it in accordance with the Fiscal Code of the Federation.
Chapter V the National Institute of nuclear research article 41.-Institute national of nuclear research is a publicodescentralizado of the Federal Government with legal personality and patrimoniopropios.
Article 42.-National Institute of nuclear research purpose shall be realizarinvestigacion and development in the field of nuclear science and technology, as well as promote the peaceful uses of nuclear energy and spread reached losavances to link them to the development of economic, social, scientific technology in the country.
The research and development that made the Institutodeberan be consistent with national policies and develop agree with programmes for this purpose is to pass.
Article 43.-For compliance of its National Institute of research Nuclearestendra the following functions: I.-make and drive them activities leading to scientific and technological development in theField of Sciences and nuclear technologies, as well as to promote latransferencia, adaptation and assimilation of technology in this field;
II. provide asistenciatecnica units and public and private entities that require it, enel design, construction and operation of radiation facilities and, where appropriate, in the recruitment of such services; also, it will pay them to the organismosautorizados in the field of nuclear facilities;
III. promote national development of technology in the nuclear industry making yfomentando innovation, transfer and adaptation of technologies for design, manufacturing, and building components and equipment;
IV.-perform activities relating to the applications and use research and development desistemas nuclear and radioactive materials for non-energy uses requeridospor national development. In addition, it will promote radioisotopes and applications of lasradiaciones in their various fields;
V promote specific activities that research and development in science ytecnología nuclear, carried out the research institutes and sufficient of higher education in the country, in congruence with the programasde disclosure and projects of the Institute;
VI.-carry out programs training and updating on use and application of nuclear techniques thatthe national development may be required; as well as agreeing with the institucionesnacionales of higher education teaching specialized courses, enciencias and nuclear technology;
VII. propose and agree related coninstituciones of the country and from abroad or organismosinternacionales, projects of joint research and Exchange ofinformation, prior authorization from the Ministry of energy;
VIII.-maintain documentation, whose objectives are to capture, analyze, and disseminate information center and development in nuclear matter;
IX. opinion in losconvenios that research and technological development in the materiacelebre the Secretariat of energy and in general, advising the La, all queries relating to its object, and x.-perform other activities related to the above; which are determined in the laws or applicable endisposiciones, their internal rules, and that resolve, standards its object, its Board of Trustees.
Article 44.-Institute will have the following organs: I.-Board of Directors;
II. General direction, and III-Committee deVigilancia.
Article 45.-The Board of Directors will be chaired by the Assistant Secretary of energy and seintegrara designated with the Directors General of the Comisión Federal de Electricidad, of the National Council of science and technology and the Politecniconacional Institute, and the rectors of the National Autonomous University of Mexico and Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, as well as two persons appointed by the mentioned elSecretario. An alternate shall be appointed by each Director.
The Board of Directors shall meet ordinarily, porlo, once every three months; Special meetings will be held at many times is necessary.
Article 46.-The Council of Directors is the supreme body and will have the following functions: I.-pass the reglamentointerior of the body;
II. to enact general loslineamientos for the proper performance of the functions delOrganismo;
III. review and, where appropriate, authorize medium and annual work programmes and largoplazos, of the entity;
IV.-know and, where appropriate, authorize the draft budget required for the execution of relevant programs;
V approve a proposal of the Director General the appointment of officials of hierarchy inmediatainferior;
VI. monitoring activities carried out by the Institute that conform to the legal, administrative and technical provisions, as well as programs and presupuestosaprobados;
VII.-verify it correct application of economic resources and approve the estadosfinancieros;
VIII.-assess administrative operation and the results obtained by the agency common to their own ends and national objectives, regional osectoriales;
IX. authorizing any act acquisition and disposition of real property belonging to heritage, and x.-delegate in the DirectorGeneral powers deemed appropriate for the best performance to give them functions of the Institute.
Article 47.-The Director General delOrganismo will be appointed by the Secretary of energy and will have the siguientesfunciones: I.-represent legalmentea the entity before all kind of authorities, public bodies and private ydemas in general, people without any limitations, with the sum of facultadesgenerales and the special ones that require clauses expresses as law, including to replace or delegate such representation as well as grant poderesgenerales or special to perform acts of administration in materialaboral delegate their powers of legal representation so in name delorganismo appear to audiences of conciliation, of demand yexcepciones and other proceedings in procedures and labour trials;
II. implement and promote compliance of the agreements and resolutions of the Board of Directors;
III. Proponeral Consejo appropriate measures for the better operation of the Institute;
IV. formulate and presentaral Council draft internal regulations and budgets are and disbursements;
V formulating and presentaral Council programs annual and medium and long term, in accordance political wings, priorities and objectives of national planning;
VI. submit anualmenteun report of the activities carried out and the results obtained in tornoa the objectives defined in their programmes;
VII.-name yremover to public servants of the Agency, as well as contract services required, according to the provisions in force, propose to the Board of Directors appointments and removals of losfuncionarios of the next lower level, and VIII-the other arising from the provisions applicable to the parastatal public administration entities and entrusted by the Board of Directors.
Article 48.-The Monitoring Committee will be responsible for monitoring compliance with approved ypresupuestos programs, as well as the measures to be taken for laeficiente administrative management and proper handling of resources. To the efectopodra practice inspections and audits as it deems necessary. Estecomite will pay each year a report to the Board of Directors prior to laautorizacion of the programs for the following year, and any time shall inform the Court of the queencontrare irregularities, so this has relation.
The Committee shall consist of a representative of the Institute, one by the Secretariat of energy and one porla Secretaría de la Función Pública; the latter shall be responsible lacoordinacion of the Committee and will be the conduit to inform the Council Directivosobre the results of the work which made.
Article 49.-The heritage of the Institute national deInvestigaciones nuclear integrates with goods received, lasasignaciones that the Federal Government makes in its favour perceptions queobtenga for the provision of services related to its object and, in sucaso, any returns and contributions at the terms give them rules.
Chapter VI the Commission national security Nuclear ySalvaguardias article 50.-the Commission National Nuclear safety and safeguards is a decentralized body energy Secretariat with the following responsibilities i.-monitor the implementation of the nuclear safety standards radiological, physical and safeguards so the operation of the nuclear and radioactive facilities to take just with maximum safety for the inhabitants of the country;
II. monitor that complies with the disposicioneslegales and the international treaties to which Mexico is a signatory, in territory of the United States of Mexico matters nuclear, radiological, physical safety and safeguards;
III. reviewing, evaluating and authorizing the bases for the siting, design, construction, operation, modification, cessation of operations, close final ydesmantelamiento of nuclear and radioactive facilities; as well as all lorelativo to manufacturing, application management, storage and ytransporte of materials and materials, nuclear fuel reprocessing radioactive andequipments containing them; processing and packaging, dumping radioactive waste yalmacenamiento, any provision which of them sehaga;
IV. opinion, previously to the authorization granting the Secretary of energy on elemplazamiento, design, construction, operation, modification, cease deoperaciones, decommissioning and dismantling of nuclear facilities.
V issue, revalidate, replace, modify, suspend and revoke, permits and licenses requeridospara radioactive facilities according to the legal provisions, as well
as collect and remove if necessary utensils, equipment, materialesexistentes and, in general, any movable contaminated, in dichasinstalaciones;
VI. recommended and asesorarrespecto of the measures of nuclear, radiological, physical security, desalvaguardias and administrative proceeding in abnormal conditions or subject, in the case of nuclear and radioactive; facilities Thus comodeterminar and run in these cases, when technically it is recommended laretencion, insurance or deposit of sources of ionizing radiation or equipmentthe contain them, or the partial or total, temporary or definitive closure, based they are or those others who have been affected, sinperjuicio of the measures adopted by other competent authorities;
VII.-Previamenteal home operations, review, evaluate and authorise the plans that for elmanejo emergency or abnormal conditions should be in facilities nuclear and radioactive;
VIII.-Establecery managing the national system of registration and control of nuclear ycombustibles materials;
IX. opinion previaa the authorization of imports and exports of radioactive materials andequipments that contain them, as well as materials and nuclear fuels, for the purposes of security, registration and control;
X propose standards, review, evaluate and, where appropriate, authorise the basis for design, laconstruccion, adaptation, preparation, operation, modification and cessation deoperaciones of facilities for the extraction and treatment of mineralesradiactivos as well as lay down the criteria for the interpretation of the normasaludidas;
XI. propose standards, yfijar interpretation criteria, relating to nuclear, radiological, physical security and safeguards, as regards activities here concerns the fraction above III. as well as proposing criteria, safety, registration and control governing the import and export of materials and nuclear fuels;
XII.-sort ypracticar audits, inspections, checks and acknowledgements merge compliance and enforcement of the laws on land nuclear, radiological, physical security and safeguards; as well as imposing them urgency measures and administrative sanctions that apply according the provisions of this Act and its regulations;
XIII.-require yverificar information and documentation that it considers relevant to the exercise of the powers conferred by this Act, under the terms of applicable provisions;
XIV.-intervening in guaranteed of conventions or agreements of cooperation carried out by the Secretariat of energy with other national entities in the field of seguridadnuclear, radiological and physical, and safeguards;
XV.-establish the requirements that must satisfy technical training programs sobreaspectos related to nuclear, radiological and physical, security and lassalvaguardias, and advise on them;
XVI.-auxiliary wings authorities responsible for prevention, law enforcement and administration dejusticia, in cases in which materials and combustible radioactive nuclear omateriales, are the subject of crime, suffer losses or loss or sevean involved in incidents, as well as customs authorities in terms of the respective law;
XVII.-ask elauxilio of enforcement where necessary to enforce custody, in accordance with law, and XVIII-the others that will confer him in this law and in the legal provisions in force.
The Federal Executive, through deltitular of the Secretariat of energy may also exercise lasatribuciones contained in the above fractions.
Article 51.-The National Commission of Nuclear ySalvaguardias security will be headed by a Director-General, and will feature a ConsejoConsultivo, as well as with the necessary staff to exercise the privileges it has mandated. The Director-General shall be appointed and removed by elSecretario of energy. To carry out such charge is required to be Mexican pornacimiento that does not acquire another nationality, living in full enjoyment and ejerciciode their civil and political rights; greater than 30 years of age; own tituloprofesional, and have a minimum five years experience in matter.
Article 52.-The Consultivosera Council chaired by the holder of the Office of energy or the servidorpublico that for that purpose appoint, and will integrate with a representative of Lassecretarias of the Interior, Foreign Affairs, national defense, marine, agriculture, livestock, Rural Development, fishing and food, communications yTransportes, the environment and natural resources, health, and Social Yprevision work.
They may also be part of the ConsejoConsultivo, consent of the holder of the Office of energy representatives of other departments and organizations of the Administration publicafederal, the federal entities and municipalities, as well comoprofesionistas of recognized ability and experience in the nuclear field.
They may also be part of the Advisory Council, consent of the holder of the Office of energy, mines and IndustriaParaestatal, representatives of other agencies and entities of the Federal public administration, the federal entities and municipalities, as well comoprofesionistas of recognized ability and experience in the nuclear field.
TRANSIENT article and first-EstaLey shall enter into force the day after its publication in the official journal of the Federation.
Article second.-Seabroga the regulatory law of the constitutional 27 article in the Nuclear field, published in the official journal of the Federation on January 26, 1979.
Article third-secretariat of energy, mines and State-owned industry will relocate to workers of the National Atomic Energy Commission in areas which, according to its experience, allow the best use of their capabilities, respecting their rights, under the terms of the disposicionesaplicables. The secretariat will also determine, the top destination of the goods quoted Commission.
Article fourth.-Itexecutive Federal, through the Secretariat of programming and Presupuestoy with the participation of the secretariats of the General Comptroller of Lafederacion and of energy, mines and State-owned industry, will have the conducentea effect that formulated the uranium Mexican settlement program, ydictara standards and guidelines that regulate it, including the relative alaprovechamiento or use of the property. The liquidation process should be concluded before 31 December 1985.
The labour rights of workers of UranioMexicano will be safe, in accordance with the provisions contained inthe Federal law of labour and in the relevant collective agreement.
On the proposal of the coordinating unit of the sectorcorrespondiente, the Federal Executive shall appoint the liquidator which held such a process, which will have the powers inherent in suresponsabilidad, same which shall be entered in the designation document.
Article fifth.-Lasuniversidades, institutes, research centres having combustiblesnucleares in property or lease, may retain such fuels, always fit the rules of this law and the disposicionesque effect issued by the Ministry of energy, mines and industry Paraestatal.Dicha secretariat will not allow extensions to contracts for arrendamientomencionados or any act which allow the use or possession of nuclear decombustibles , except those laid down by this law.
The Federal Government, under ypoliticas of the national development planning programs, will provide the combustiblesnucleares that require institutions for the realization of susproyectos.
Article sixth.-Itexecutive Federal may authorize the Federal Electricity Commission temporary part of some of the activities contained in lasfracciones IV and V of article 18 of this regulation, as long as the Secretariat that does mention the precept is in possibility to carry out the same.
Mexico, D. F., December 27, 1984.-Enrique SotoIzquierdo, D. p. Celso Humberto Delgado Ramirez, S. p. Angelicapaulin Posada, D. s.-Rafael Armando Herrera Morales, S. S.-headings.
In compliance with the provisions of section I of article 89 of the political Constitution of the Mexican United States and foryour due publication and enforcement, promulgate this Decree in laresidencia of the Federal Executive power to twenty-eight day of December one thousand nine hundred and eighty-four month.-Miguel of the Madrid H.-header-the Secretary of the Interior, Manuel Bartlett D. rubric-ElSecretario of Foreign Affairs , Bernardo Sepúlveda Amor-header-the Secretary of the Defense national, Juan Arevalo Gardoqui.-header-the Secretary of Navy, Miguel Angel Gómez Ortega-header-ElSecretario of finance and public credit, Jesús Silva Herzog Flores-header-the Secretary of programming and budget, Carlos Salinas deGortari-header-the Secretary of the Comptroller General of the Federation, Francisco Rojas Gutierrez-header-ElSecretario of energy, mines and State-owned industry , Francisco LabastidaOchoa-header-the Secretary of trade and Industrial development, Hectorhernandez Cervantes-header-the Secretary of agriculture and Recursoshidraulicos, Eduardo Pesqueira Olea-header-Secretary Andworkshops and transport, Daniel Díaz Díaz-header-the Secretariode development urban and ecology, Marcelo Javelly Girard-header-ElSecretario of public education, Jesus Reyes Heroles-header-ElSecretario of health and assistance, Guillermo Soberón Acevedo-header-the Secretary of labor and Social Welfare , Arsenio FarellCubillas-header.

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