Law That Declares Reserves Mining National Them Deposits Of Uranium, Thorium And The Other Substances Of Which Is Get Isotopes Hendibles That Can Produce Energy Nuclear

Original Language Title: Ley que declara Reservas Mineras Nacionales los Yacimientos de Uranio, Torio y las demás Substancias de las cuales se obtengan Isótopos Hendibles que puedan producir Energía Nuclear

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Law declaring National Mining Reserves the Uranium Deposits, Thorium and the other Substances of which Cleft Isotopes are obtained that can produce Nuclear Energy


Official Journal of the Federation January 26, 1950

Last reform published in the DOF on January 12, 1972

On the sidelines a seal with the National Shield, which reads: United Mexican States.-Presidency of the Republic.

MIGUEL ALEMAN, Constitutional President of the United Mexican States, to its inhabitants, known:

That the H. Congress of the Union has served to address the following


" The Congress of the United Mexican States, decrees:

ARTICLE 1 °.- This Law governs the uranium, thorium and other substances from which it is possible to obtain cleft isotopes or radioactive materials which may produce nuclear power.

ARTICLE 2 °.- National mining reserves are the deposits of the substances mentioned in the previous article, which are in free terrain.

The Regulation of this Law will determine the percentages to be contained in the minerals with radioactive substances referred to in the previous paragraph, to be included in the provisions of the same.

ARTICLE 3 °.- The exploitation of the deposits to which the previous article is contracted will only be carried out by the State, through the Federal Executive or the official institution. that it determines.

ARTICLE 4 °.- The holders of mining concessions, when in exercise of their rights they discover the existence of the substances to which the article 1 ° of this Law refers and which fulfil the characteristics indicated in the Regulation referred to in the second paragraph of Article 2, shall make them available to the Federal Executive or the official institution designated for that purpose, giving the relevant notice, within the Thirty days after discovery.

ARTICLE 5 °.- (Repeals).

ARTICLE 6 °.- Only the Federal Executive, or the official institution, designated by it, may own, transfer for any title, export and import the substances that specify in Article 1 of this Law, as well as plutonium Pu-239.

ARTICLE 7 °.- (Repeals).

ARTICLE 8 °.- The transport of radioactive substances to which Article 1 of this Law and plutonium Pu-239 is contracted, may only be carried out by means of a permit issued according to the provisions of the Rules of Procedure.

ARTICLE 9 °.- In case of infringement of the provisions of Article 4 °, regardless of the criminal sanctions established in this Law, the Federal Executive may proceed to the rescue of the respective concession, in accordance with the provisions of Article 14 of the General Law of National Goods.

ARTICLE 10.- A prison of one to ten years will be imposed and a fine of one hundred to ten thousand pesos:

I.- To which it explodes, in national mining reserves, uranium deposits, thorium and other substances from which it may be separated, produced or obtained with cleft isotopes or radioactive substances which may produce nuclear energy, and

II.- To which it trades, owns, extracts, refines, buys, enacts, ministrates, free, transport, and, in general, carries out any act of acquisition, extraction, refining, supply or trafficking of uranium, thorium, plutonium Pu-239 and other substances of which cleft isotopes or radioactive substances capable of producing nuclear energy may be separated, produced or obtained without being subjected to the provisions of this Law.

ARTICLE 11.- If any of the acts listed in the previous article are executed by merchants, labor, chemicals, or physicists directly or by other means persons, in establishments where such substances are stored or used, shall be closed for a term not less than one or more than three years, without prejudice to the application of the appropriate penalties.

ARTICLE 12.- The one that performs any of the acts mentioned in the two immediately preceding articles and exercises, in addition, the medicine, the engineering, the chemistry or the physics in any of its branches, shall, apart from the corresponding penalties, suffer the disqualification for the exercise of its profession by a term of not less than two or more than six years.

ARTICLE 13.- To which it amounts or exports uranium, thorium, plutonium Pu-239 and other substances from which it may be separated, produced or obtained Radioactive substances producing nuclear energy shall be imposed for a period of six to twelve years in prison and a fine of five hundred to twenty thousand pesos, without prejudice to the disablement referred to in the previous article.

ARTICLE 14.- To which I shall cease to give the notice ordered by Article 4 ° of this Law, within the period indicated by the Law, you will be given a three-day prison term of one year and a fine of 100 to thousand pesos.

ARTICLE 15.- The uranium, the Torio, the plutonium Pu-239 and other substances from which can be separated, produced and obtained with cleft isotopes or radioactive materials that may (a) to produce nuclear energy, and other objects to be used in the commission of the offences covered by this Law, shall, in any event, be seized, and immediately placed at the disposal of the Federal Executive or of the official institution designated by the this.

ARTICLE 16.- The courts of the Federation are competent to know of the crimes provided for in this Law.


ONLY ARTICLE.- This Law shall enter into force three days after its publication in the "Official Journal" of the Federation.

Francisco Hernandez and Hernandez, D.P.- Gustavo A. Uruchurtu, S.P.- Rafael Suarez Ocana, D. S.- Alfonso Corona del Rosal, S.S.-Rubicas. "

In compliance with the provisions of Article 89 (I) of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States, and for its proper enforcement and enforcement, I hereby exempt the present Law, in the residence of the Federal Executive Branch, in Mexico City, Federal District, at the thirty-one day of the month of December of a thousand nine hundred and forty-nine.- Miguel Aleman.-Heading.-The Secretary of the Economy, Antonio Martinez Baez.-Heading.-The Secretary of Finance and Public Credit, Ramon Beteta.-Heading.-The Assistant Secretary for National Goods and Administrative Inspection, Encharged to the Office, Hugo Rangel Couto.-Heading.-The Secretary of Health and Assistance, Rafael Pascasio Gamboa.-Heading.-The Secretary of Governor, Adolfo Ruiz Cortines.-Heading.-The head of the Federal District Department, Fernando Casas Alemán.-Heading.