Law Organic Of The Lottery National For The Assistance Public

Original Language Title: Ley Orgánica de la Lotería Nacional para la Asistencia Pública

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Official Journal of the Federation January 14, 1985

Last Reform Published DOF 09 April 2012

On the sidelines a seal with the National Shield, which reads: United Mexican States.-Presidency of the Republic.

MIGUEL DE LA MADRID H., Constitutional President of the United Mexican States, to its inhabitants, known:





ARTICLE 1o.- The National Lottery for Public Assistance is a decentralized body of the Federal Public Administration, with its own legal personality and its own property and its home. Mexico City, Federal District.

ARTICLE 2o.- The object of the agency is to support economically the activities of the Federal Executive in the field of public assistance, to that end the resources it obtains through the celebration of draws with cash prizes.

Such resources, after deduction of the amount of the prizes, refunds and administrative expenses, as well as the amount allocated to form and increase the reserves and guarantees referred to in this Law, they will be entered into the Federation's Treasury for the fulfillment of their specific destiny.

ARTICLE 3o.- The National Lottery's heritage for Public Assistance integrates with:

I.- The goods and rights that you have acquired for any legal title;

II.- The cash and in-kind contributions you have received or received from the Federal Government;

III.- The resources you obtain for the performance of the activities that constitute your object to defray your administrative expenses;

IV.- The reservations and warranties established under this Act; and

V.- In general, the goods, rights, and income that any other concept acquires or receives.

The National Lottery for Public Assistance will be considered as an accredited solvency, so it will not be required to constitute deposits or legal bonds, nor even for the trial of protection, and in relation to the goods and rights referred to in this Article, the provisions of the first paragraph of Article 4 (o) shall apply. of the Federal Code of Civil Procedures.

ARTICLE 4.- The administration of the National Lottery for Public Assistance will be in charge of:

I.- The Board of Directors, and

II.- The Director General.

The agency will have two commissioners, appointed by the Secretariat of Finance and Public Credit, and the other by the Secretariat of the Comptroller General of the Federation.

ARTICLE 5o.- The Board of Directors will be composed of six members and will be chaired by the head of the Secretariat of Finance and Public Credit, with the other members of the Board of Directors. Holders of the Secretariats of Government and of Health and two persons appointed by the President of the Republic, one of whom will serve as Director General.

In their absence, the Chairman of the Board of Directors shall be replaced by the member of the Board who follows him in accordance with the order referred to in the preceding paragraph.

The members of the Board shall appoint an alternate. In the case of the Secretaries of State, the appointment of an alternate shall be made by an official of immediate administrative hierarchical grade lower than that of the holder.

In order for the Board to be validly sessionable, at least four of its members are required to attend. Decisions shall be taken by a majority of votes. In the event of a tie the Chair of the Board shall have a vote of quality.

ARTICLE 6o.- Corresponds to the Board of Directors:

I.- Approve the structural and functional organization of the Institution by issuing its internal regulations to the effect;

II.- Approve, monitor and evaluate the agency's programs;

III.- Approve the annual revenue and revenue budget bills;

IV.- Approve the basis for the realization of the various classes of draws;

V.- Approve the constitution and the increases in the reserves and guarantees, as well as the bases for its operation, in accordance with the authorizations that the Secretariat of Finance will issue to the effect Public Credit;

VI.- Determine the guarantees to be provided by fixed-character vending machines and ticket vendors, in order to obtain the corresponding ticket allocation;

VII.- Approve the half-yearly draws and prize-sharing calendars of the draws;

VIII.- Analyze and approve, where appropriate, the annual report of activities and results to be provided by the Director General;

IX.- Approve the basis for the return of tickets that fail to dispose of fixed-character vending machines or street ticket vendors, and

x.- Exercise the other privileges that correspond to the laws.

ARTICLE 7o.- Corresponds to the Director General:

I.- Direct, administer, and legally represent the body;

II.- Name the staff of the entity;

III.- Develop and propose to the Board of Directors the programs and budgets of the body;

IV.- To give the Board of Directors an annual report of activities and results; and other reports to be determined by the Board itself.

The annual report shall be submitted no later than the last day of the month of February corresponding to and after approval shall be published;

V.- Carry out all the necessary acts to meet the objectives of the body, which are not reserved under this Law to the Board of Directors, and

VI.- The other administrative privileges granted to you by the Board of Directors.

ARTICLE 8o.- The tickets issued by the National Lottery for Public Assistance are documents to the bearer which, in the terms of Article 6o. of the General Law of Titles and Credit Operations, they only serve to identify their holder as a participant in the draw indicated on the same tickets.

ARTICLE 9o.- The payment of prizes and reintegrals obtained in each drawing shall be made solely against the presentation and material delivery of the tickets.

The right to collect the prizes and reintegrals obtained, will be prescribed for the year counted from the day following the celebration of the respective draw.

ARTICLE 10.- The National Lottery for Public Assistance will carry out the sale to the public of the tickets it issues, directly or through fixed-character vending machines or sellers. Banknotes with which you are engaged in the performance of the activity.

The ticket dealers and ticket sellers will receive a fee for the sale of banknotes, which will be fixed by common agreement with the body, without exceeding 10% of the nominal value of the banknotes.

Venders and sellers referred to in this article will not be subordinate to the body in the sale of banknotes, so they will be able to perform other activities simultaneously and use the services of one or more persons assisting them, without any legal relationship being established between such auxiliaries and the body itself.

ARTICLE 11.- To obtain tickets for fixed-character vending machines and street ticket vendors, they must deposit their amount with the National Lottery for Assistance Public, or constitute guarantees that the Board of Directors will have in effect.

The ownership of the tickets will correspond to the National Lottery for Public Assistance, as long as they are not put to third parties. However, the dealers and sellers will automatically become owners of the tickets which they do not have to dispose of, and whose return to the body does not take them within the period and form which, in general, will establish the Board of Directors.

Given the characteristics of the Lottery tickets referred to in Article 8. of this Law, the vending machines and vendors will be responsible for their loss, even if this happens by chance or cause of force majeure.

ARTICLE 12.- The National Lottery for Public Assistance in order to protect your right over tickets given to fixed-character vending machines and street vendors. banknotes, to monitor the proper sale of the same and to preserve the good name and fame of the body, will be empowered to monitor and verify the due compliance with the stipulated in the contracts that it celebrates with such vending machines or vendors, in which the case may be agreed, including cases where the body will have the temporary administration of the stipend.

ARTICLE 13.- The relations between the National Lottery for Public Assistance and its workers will be governed by the Federal Law of Workers to the State Service, Regulatory of the "B" of Article 123 of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States.

ARTICLE 14.- The National Lottery for Public Assistance will have sufficient reserves to guarantee the payment of prizes obtained by the banknotes issued by the agency. with the guarantees that they will be used to ensure their solvency at all times.

The reserves and guarantees referred to in the preceding paragraph shall be constituted and operated in accordance with the provisions of Article 6o., fraction V.


FIRST.- This Law will enter into force on the day following its publication in the Official Journal of the Federation.

SECOND.- The National Lottery Act of January 15, 1943 and the other provisions that oppose this Law are repealed.

THIRD.- The street vendors of banknotes that receive directly from the body the lottery tickets for sale, will continue to enjoy the benefits set out in the Decree for which incorporates the compulsory Social Security Scheme for the street vendors of National Lottery tickets for Public Assistance of 10 December 1974, published in the Official Journal of the Federation the following day.

Mexico, D.F., November 21, 1984.- Genaro Borrego Estrada, D.P.- Salvador J. Neme Castillo, S.P.- Jesus Murillo Aguilar, D.S.- Mariano Palacios Alcocer, S.S.-Rubicas. "

In compliance with the provisions of Article 89 (I) of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States and for their proper publication and observance, I hereby express this Decree in the residence of the Federal Executive Branch, in Mexico City, Federal District, at the twenty-two days of the month of November of a thousand nine hundred and eighty-four.- Miguel de la Madrid H.-Rubrica.-The Secretary of Health and Assistance, Guillermo Soberon Acevedo.-Heading.-The Secretary of Finance and Public Credit, Jesus Silva Herzog Flores.-Heading.-The Secretary of Programming and Budget, Carlos Salinas de Gortari.-Heading.-The Secretary of the Comptroller General of the Federation, Francisco Rojas Gutiérrez.-Heading.-The Secretary of Energy, Mines e Industry Parastate, Francisco Labastida Ochoa.-Heading.-The Secretary of Commerce and Industrial Development, Héctor Hernández Cervantes.-Heading.-The Secretary of Government, Manuel Bartlett D.-Heading.