Amendments To The Cabinet Of Ministers On 15 April 2008, Regulations No 264 "provisions On State Test Procedures Accredited Education Programs"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 2008.gada 15.aprīļa noteikumos Nr.264 "Noteikumi par valsts pārbaudījumu kārtību akreditētās izglītības programmās"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 357 in Riga 2009. on 28 April (pr. Nr. 33) 27 amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers on 15 April 2008, regulations No 264 "rules on national test procedures accredited education programs" Issued under the Education Act, article 15, paragraph 16, and the General Education Act, paragraph 12 of article 4 to make a Cabinet of 15 April 2008. Regulations No. 264 "provisions on State test procedures accredited education programs" (Latvian journal, 2008, 61 no) the following amendments: 1. Express 8.1. subparagraph by the following : "8.1. national test material envelope opening, and State inspection work electronic versions of materials receiving and opening."
2. Supplement with bottom point 8.1.1 by the following: "national labour inspection 8.1.1 material electronic versions of paper creating a derivative form;".
3. Add to paragraph 11, after the word "only" with the words "accredited educational institution".
4. a add to chapter II with 18.1 points as follows: "Collect and refine information 18.1 the municipal education department stores until July 31 the year."
5. Make the following chapter VII: "VII. Ieskaiš material delivery 57. Center ieskaiš materials are supplied using the following modes of delivery: 57.1. a paper version of a particular educational institution;
57.2. paper version of a particular municipal education administration;
57.3. the electronic version of a specific local education authority.
58. the Centre shall determine that the provisions referred to in paragraph 57 of ieskaiš material delivery and inform each local education administration manager until the April 15.
59. for a particular educational institution of ieskaiš of materials delivered to the paper version (this rule 57.1), being packed: 59.1. paper or polymerised materials in envelopes (envelope) according to the number of trainees in accordance with the provisions referred to in paragraph 18 of the Center. On each envelope is a label that contains the name of the education administration, educational institution name, including the name and date, Nori ses learners applied for and including material;
59.2. the packages addressed to specific educational institutions (hereinafter cartons) and consists of one or more envelopes. On each envelope is a sticker that shows the educational institution name and address of the educational institution Manager's first name and last name (hereinafter referred to as the educational package).
60. Ieskaiš transfer material, educational Manager provides the Centre with any natural or legal person with whom the Centre entered into an agreement for the delivery of national examinations (hereinafter supplier). If material is not possible to transfer educational institutions via the supplier Manager, Manager of the Centre may provide that the supplier perform the duties of an authorized officer of the Centre.
60.1 Center supplier or an authorised official of the Centre puts educational packages and draws up the shipment. Packing slip indicates the type of package, the number and condition of the package. The supplier or an authorised officer of the Centre's educational package handed to educational institutions. Educational Manager shipment notes that educational packages the packaging is intact and the signature on the receipt. If handover is found during the educational package damage, the head of the educational institution draw up legislation, which records the amount and nature of the damage. About the damage the supervisor of education authorities shall immediately inform the Center. Guidance for future action by including material going downtown.
60.2 educational Manager provides storage envelopes and packages not integrity after the receipt of the package from the authorized officials of the Centre or supplier to the opening of envelopes in accordance with the relevant national verification activities of the work period.
Ieskaiš material paper 60.3 version specific municipal education administration (this rule 57.2) Center delivered in accordance with the provisions laid down in Chapter VIII of the exam material supply arrangements.
60.4 Ieskaiš material specific to the electronic version of the municipal educational administration (this rule 57.3) Center delivering PDF files. PDF file included in ZIP format with password-protected files (hereinafter referred to as the e-archives).
60.5 E-archive as an electronic letter, internet address e-archive passwords and authorization data to this address (referred to as e-post) by using the Center's electronic mail, sent to a particular local education authority in accordance with the national inspection of the activities of the work period.
Education Administration Manager 60.6 under State inspection work of the time, using electronic mail, transfer of e-mailings to specific educational Manager or his authorised person.
37.7 educational leader after authorization of the Act in accordance with the State inspection of work activities.
If the Education Administration Manager 60.8 this rule 37.6 points in the specified time not received e-mailing, shall immediately inform the Center. The Centre gives instructions for future action by e-mailing.
If education authorities 60.9 Manager 60.6 points in those provisions have not received specified electronic mail letter, shall immediately inform the relevant education authorities. If the problem persists, the education administration manager of the contact centre, which gives guidance for future action.
60.10 educational leader of the receipt to the e-archives authority provides for receiving e-archive storage and integrity. "
6. Replace the words "in 61.1 polymerised materials in envelopes (envelope)" with the words "envelopes".
7. Replace paragraph 64, first sentence, the words "the envelope" polymerised materials with the word "envelope".
8. Supplement with 70.1 and 70.2 70.3 points, as follows: "70.1 E-archive with the State inspection of work materials the electronic version of the educational Manager or his authorized person opens under the national tests of operation time.
the State tests of 70.2 material derivatives of the electronic version of the paper-making in accordance with the national inspection of the activities of the work period.
70.3 educational head of national inspection work electronic version of derivatives are created to ensure information is not disclosed to third parties. "
The Prime Minister, the children, family and integration Affairs v. dombrovsky, Minister of education and science t. koķe Editorial Note: with the entry into force of the provisions of 7 May 2009.

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