The Rules On The Service Of The Republic Of Latvia Passports

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par Latvijas Republikas dienesta pasi

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 239 in 2012 (April 3. 25. § 18) the rules on the service of the Republic of Latvia Passports Issued under the identity card Act, article 6 of the sixth part i. General questions 1. determines the service of the Republic of Latvia passports (hereinafter service passport), content, procedures and conditions of issue, period of validity, as well as the persons who issued the Passport service. 2. Service passport certifies that the holder is a public officer who occupies a leading position, or a person who has an employment or service relationship with the institutions of the Republic of Latvia and going to foreign countries to fulfil the service of these institutions, or is this person a member of the family. 3. the passport shall be issued by the following persons: 3.1. National Head of Office of the President; 3.2. National Deputy Head of Office of the President; 3.3. State Advisor to the President; 3.4. The President's military aide; 3.5. the Secretary of the National Security Council; 3.6. The Office of the President Pardon services supervisor; 3.7. the State Chancellery of the President press service supervisor; 3.8. the Chair of the Parliamentary staff members; 3.9. The parliamentary Office of the Director; 3.10. the Deputy Director of the Office of the Parliament; 3.11. The parliamentary legal Office Manager; 3.12. The Saeima Inter-Parliamentary Bureau Chief; 3.13. the Central Election Commission members; 3.14. the Ministry State Secretary; 3.15. the Ministry Deputy Secretary of State; 3.16. the Ministry Department Directors; 3.17. the Minister and the Minister of State in the Office of the counsel for drivers; 3.18. the Director of the State Chancellery; 3.19. the Deputy Director of the State Chancellery; 3.20. the State Chancellery department managers; 3.21. The Prime Minister's Chief of staff; 3.22. the State Advisor to the Prime Minister; 3.23. Pārresor Coordination Centre Manager; 3.24. direct public administration employees and officials with the Authority's order asked the driver to provide the Republic of Latvia for the implementation of binding international agreements, participate in working groups or meet with experts, and for these reasons the need regularly to go travelling to foreign countries; 3.25. the Ministry under the supervision of the authorities and leaders; 3.26. the Ministry and under the supervision of the Deputy Heads of the existing institutions, which by order of the Minister asked to provide the Republic of Latvia for the implementation of binding international agreements, and for these reasons the need regularly to go travelling to foreign countries; 3.27. the State controller and the State Control Board members; 3.28. national control Audit Department sector managers; 3.29. the State controller, State Councillor; 3.30. the judges of the Constitutional Court; 3.31. the judges of the Supreme Court; 3.32. the Chairmen of the District Court; 3.33. the Attorney-General; 3.34. The General Prosecutor's Office of the Chief of Department and Division, the Chief Prosecutor of the judicial district and area level of specialized prosecution offices; 3.35. The General Prosecutor's Office of the international cooperation Department of the Attorney General's prosecutors and approved representative (public prosecutor) and his assistant Eurojust; 3.36. the Bank Council members; 3.37. the members of the Management Board of the Bank; 3.38. the heads of administrations of the Bank; 3.39. the national armed forces Commander; 3.40. National armed forces Deputy Commander; 3.41. National armed forces Commander; 3.42. Corruption Prevention and combating Bureau Chief; 3.43. Corruption Prevention and combating Bureau Deputy Chief; 3.44. the financial and capital market Commission President; 3.45. Financial and capital market Commission Vice-President; 3.46. in the financial and capital market Commission of Heads of Department; 3.47. the public service Commission the members of the Council; 3.48. The national electronic media Council members; 3.49. the city councils of the President of the Republic; 3.50. the persons who, in accordance with diplomatic and consular law is working or civil relations, but which are not entitled to diplomatic passports; 3.51. persons exercising the Ministry or the national armed forces or representatives of foreign function in international institutions and the performance of work or duties, reside abroad; 3.52. the civilian experts participating in international missions by the international organization, Union or community resolution, recommendation or request, with which the Republic of Latvia has concluded international treaties, as well as the European Union or the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation called on the Member States; 3.53. military service persons in participating in international missions and operations by international organisations, the Union or the community resolution, recommendation or request, with which the Republic of Latvia has concluded international treaties; 3.54. the system of the Ministry of the Interior officials with special ranks that perform Latvian diplomatic and consular missions abroad security or participating in international missions and operations by international organisations, the Union or the community resolution, recommendation or request, with which the Republic of Latvia has concluded international treaties; 3.55. the system of the Ministry of the Interior officials with special ranks, which the Interior Minister or the head of the Authority's order asked to ensure international agreements or the implementation of projects and that for these reasons the need regularly to go to foreign countries or to reside abroad; Ministry of 3.56. system officials with special ranks, which the Interior Minister or the head of the Authority's order asked to ensure the return of foreigners (removal) of the implementation of the measures; these provisions, 3.51, 3.52, 3.53, 3.54 and 3.55.. persons referred to their spouses and dependent family members of citizens of Latvia, where they together with the person who received the Passport service, go to the persons concerned or the place of work abroad for a period longer than six months. II. the Passport model, the content and validity of Passport Services 4. sample is shown in the annex to these provisions. 5. the passport shall contain the following: 5.1 the population register the particulars of the person: 5.1.1 name; 5.1.2. the word (words); 5.1.3. identity number; 5.1.4. citizenship; 5.1.5. the sex; 5.1.6. date of birth; 5.1.7. place of birth; 5.2. the parties face image; 5.3. the signature image of the person; 5.4. for service passports: 5.4.1. document type; 5.4.2. the issuing of the international civil aviation organisation (ICAO) document No 9303 "machine readable travel documents" fixed three-letter code; 5.4.3. the number of the document; 5.4.4. issue date – the date on which the prepared passport is recorded messages about the person and the document; 5.4.5. the period of validity; 5.4.6. the issuing body. 6. the machine readable passport zone established in accordance with the international civil aviation organisation (ICAO) document No 9303 "machine readable travel documents". The names of the machine readable zone indicates not use diacritics.  7. the passport shall include a media-contactless chip that includes the following information: 7.1 from the machine-readable zone on the person: 7.1.1 person name without diacritics; 7.1.2. the legal status of the ICAO code; 7.1.3. date of birth; 7.1.4. the code; 7.1.5. the sex; 7.2. from the machine-readable zone of the Passport service: 7.2.1. type; 7.2.2. The ICAO code of the issuing country; 7.2.3. number; 7.2.4. the period of validity; 7.3. the parties face the digital image; 7.4. personal fingerprint digital images to the person above 12 years of age; 7.5. the information contained in the data protection and automated processing (metadata). 8. the Passport on page 3 after the person's election indicates a person name oriģinālform latīņalfabētisk in the other language transliteration or a family last name historical form. A person shall submit a document certifying the above information, if they are not listed in the population register or identity document. The transliteration of the name latīņalfabētisk is carried out in accordance with the Cabinet of Ministers on 21 February 2012 No 134 of the provisions of the "identity card" of annex 1. 9. the identification of the person recording the State of the service passports 6, 7 and 8 page. 10. the passport shall be issued for a period that is about a year longer than the period for which the person was appointed, under which it has the right to receive a service passport, but not less than two and not more than 10 years. 3.57. These rules to the person referred to in subparagraph service passports shall be issued for the same duration as this provision 3.50., 3.51, 3.52, 3.53, 3.54 and 3.55.. the person referred to, but not more than 10 years. III. the Passport procedure and conditions

11. the passport shall be issued by the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (hereinafter referred to as the Department). 12. the passport issuing reasons: 12.1 first service service passports; 12.2. the previous service passport is lost; 12.3. the previous service passport has become unfit for use because: 12.3.1. changed the name of the person or the last name (first name and last name); 12.3.2. the Passport is damaged, which makes it impossible to visually identify its holder or read the information it contains, or the document does not conform to the model laid down; 12.3.3. the Passport laws made the unexpected or the original content changes; 12.3.4. changed service specified in the passport details of the holder or found inaccuracies in its records. 12.3.5. expired passport validity period of service; 12.4. a person wishing to receive a new passport because the service changed the appearance of the person; 12.5. service passport is not valid for traveling (lack of space for new foreign competent institution marks for entry and residence permits of foreign and (or) border crossing marks, or its period of validity is less than the journey or the receipt of a visa required). 12.6. the passport holder has reported the loss of the Passport identity document in accordance with the procedure prescribed by law, but it is found. 13. for the service passport holders, this provision in paragraph 3 that person or the person's legal representative shall submit to the Department the following documents: 13.1. institutions with a request to issue a letter to the person's passport, giving the authorities the basis of issued, unless the Passport service receives this provision 3.50. the person referred to the spouse or dependent family member; 13.2. the previous service passports, if such person has been issued; 13.3. notice of loss of Passport service with an explanation of the document theft, loss or destruction, if that document is lost; 13.4. the photograph produced according to Cabinet 21 February 2012 rule no 134 "identity document" 11. the requirements referred to in the annex, provided that: 13.4.1. a person or a child up to the age of 15 legal representative wishes to submit a photograph; 13.4.2. taking pictures of children up to the age of five years in the Department, it is not possible to get high-quality digital images. 14. service of documents a passport, a person produce: 14.1.  birth certificate, if the person has not been issued an identity document; 14.2. the identity card, if the person has been issued. 15. If you changed the service included in the passport of the person, the person shall submit to the State Department's Passport Department news supplement, adding authorities a letter attesting to the accuracy of the information. 16. The Person submitting or the production of documents, Department officials electronically prepare an application for the issue or service passports News Supplement (hereinafter application). In preparing the application, the officer identifies a person and check the submitted or the authenticity of the documents presented, using the reports submitted by parties and the documentation presented, as well as the national information system and the information available to the Department. 17. for a person to be included in the Passport service's digital image: 17.1 person photograph Department.; 17.2. scanning the photograph submitted by a person under this rule the 13.4. 18. the passport shall include a person's fingerprint digital images obtained from the hand index finger. If the person does not have the forefinger or it is damaged in such a way that it is not possible to obtain fingerprint digital images, digital fingerprint acquisition using the middle finger, ring finger or thumb. If the person is not at all a finger or corrupted so that it is not possible to obtain a high quality fingerprint image, service passports chip personal fingerprint digital images are not included. 19. the pass is included in the signature image of the person is obtained from the signature of the person signing the application area. Person to 10 years of age or a person who is unable to sign, the lack of physical health or affected due to the signature image and not acquire the signature field blank. 20. the Person or child until the age of 15 legal representative declares in writing in the application are correct, a message indicates that you agree to the application are specified in the messages and confirm it with a signature. If a person is unable to write and sign a physical shortage, health or affected due to personal interpretation that agrees with the submissions listed in the news. 21. the passport shall be issued within three working days after submission of the required documents. 22. Service passports are not allowed to use the trips to foreign countries, which are not related to the performance of the duties of the authorities of the Republic of Latvia on behalf of the institution. An exception is the case when a service Passport uses this rule 3.50., 3.51, 3.52, 3.53, 3.54 3.55..., and 3.57. the person referred to by going to another foreign trip from work or the place of business in a foreign country. 23. the Passport is not valid after the election of the person left holding the person, before cancelling it and caurumoj. 24. the Department held a valid service passports not kept in one year and then destroyed. IV. final question 25. Service passport issued before the entry into force of this day, is valid until the expiry of the period specified in it, if it does not become invalid for another reason. Prime Minister v. dombrovsky Foreign Minister E. Rinkēvič attachment Cabinet 3 April 2012 regulations no 239 service passports model I. passport cover (Figure 1) color: black the European Union the Republic of Latvia national symbolism: the great State coat-of-arms in gold service passport chips symbol (according to ICAO) II. inside front cover of the Passport (picture 2A) Latvian ethnographic district four coats of III. page 1 (Figure 2B) the European Union Unión Europea Европейски Съюз Evropská Unie Union Europæisk Europäische Union Euroopa liit ' Еυρωπαϊκή Ενωση European Union European Union tAont of the United Union Europea European Eorpach a Sąjung a Ewrope a európai Unió Unjon to the Unit of Europes and the Commission of the União Parlamentas Uniune Europeană a Európsk a Evropsk a unij a únia, the European union Unionen Euroopan great national coat-of-arms of the Republic of Latvia de Letoni-Латвия Република República Lotyšská Republic Republikken Letland die Lettland inglise Vabariik Republic Δημοκρατία της Λετονίας Republic of Latvia la République de Anglais Poblach Laitvi the na Lettoni Latvijo Repubblica di of the Respublika Lett Köztársaság Repubblik tale-de Republiek Slavic Republic of Łotewsk Letland República da Letóni- Republica Letonă Latvia Latvian Lotyšská Republic Republic of Lettland Republiken tasavalt service passport Служебен паспорт pasaporte de servicio Tjenestep Dienstpas of Teenistuspas of the Passport Služební will Υπηρεσιακό Passepor διαβατήριο service passport Passport de service-Seirbhís Passaporto di Servizio a Tarnybin of the passport of passaport útlevél Szolgálat it in to Paszpor to Dienstpaspoor-Servizz Służbowy Passaporto de Serviço de servici Služobný of the Paşapor Služben of the Passport list Virkapass in the Tjänstepas potn IV. page 2 (data page) (Figure 3A) – information on the datasheet field name in Latvian , in English, in French, the index information for the knowledge in the field and to find the corresponding translation service passport Passport/PASSEPOR/service DE service Latvia/Latvia/ANGLAIS-type/type/type PDA country code/code of Issuing State/Code du pays EN Passport no/Passport Of 1 passepor./№ du. Name/surname/Nom 2. Name (s)/Name (s)/Prénom (s) citizenship/Nationality/3 Nationalité 4. date of birth/date of birth/date de naissanc 5./Personal ID code/Code d ' identité From. 6. Place of birth/place of birth/ Lieu de 7 naissanc. Sex/Sex/Sex 8. Date of issue/date of issue/date de délivranc 9. Issuing Authority/Authority/Autorité 10. Valid until date of expiry//date d ' expiration 11. Holder's signature/signature/signature du members a personal signature (scanned) personal photograph (scanned) machine-readable zone v. page 3 (b) of the names of the holder of the transliteration is oriģinālform latīņalfabētisk/the original form of the name of the holder of the passport in the Latin alphabet is transliterated/La form original du nom du members» de ce à l ' passepor en translittération alphabet latin I passport holder a person name or the name of a family of historical form is the form of the historical/the name or surname of the holder of this Passport is a form of historiqu/La prénom du ou du nom de famille du ce de passepor a Member I VI. page 4 (Figure 4A) and Index field name translations in all the countries of the European Union. 2. p. and 4 p. information field name translations (also in English and French) BG 1.2.3 Имена Фамилия. Дата на раждане Националност 4 Единен граждански 5 Място 6 раждане 7 на номер. Дата на издаване Пол 8.9.10. Дата на Издаден от валидност на притежателя Подпис 11 EU 1.2 Apellid. Nombre (s) 3.4 de Nacionalidad Fech nacimient 5. de identidad Númer Lugar de nacimient 6, 7.8. Fech's Sex de expedición journeys of 10.9 de caducidad Fech Firm 11. del titular CZ

1. Přijmení 2. Jmén 3. Státní Datum narození občanství 4.5.6. Míst čísl the Rodné narození 7. Datum vydání Pohlaví 8.9.10. vydal Platnos Passport do DA 11 a držitel Podp 1.2.3. Efternavn Fornavn Nationalite 4. Fødselsdat 5.6 Fødested Personnummer 7.9.8. Udstedelsesdat Køn Myndighed 10. of the 11 Indehaveren Gyldig indtil underskrif DE 1.Name 2.3.4. Vornamen Staatsangehörigkei George Clooney Starportrait 5. Identifizierungsnummer 6. Geburtsor of the Persoenlich 7.8. Ausstellungsdat Forum Geschlech 9.-10. Behörd Ausstellend Gültig bis 11. The Unterschrif der Inhaberin EE 1. Perekonnanim 2. Eesnimed 3. Kodakonds 4. Sünniaeg 5. Sünnikoh 6 7 Isikukood species 8. Välj antud Väljaandj 9 of 10 of the 11 Kuni Kehtiv Kasutaj allkir EL Επώνυμο ' Ονομα Iθαγένεια γέννησης ταυτοποίηση 6 Προσωπική 5 Ημερομηνία. γεννήσεως Τόπος Φύλο 8 7 έκδοσης 9 Εκδούσα Αρχή Ημερομηνία 10. λήξης Υπογραφή κατόχου GA Ημερομηνία 11.1. Sloinn 2. Réamhainm (ach) 3.4 the Náisiúntach. 5. Dát breith aitheant the phearsant 6 Uimhir Ái a bhreith Gné-8.7. Dát eisiún Údará of the eisiún of the 9 10.As feidhm Síniú UN tsealbhór IT 11 1. Cognom 2.3.4 Cittadinanz Lease. Data di Codice-5 fiscal nascit 6.7 the nascit Luog di sesso di rilasci Data 8 the Autorità di rilasci 9 10. Data di scadenz del titolar 11 Firm in LT 1. Pavardė 2. Frog (-OH) 3.4 Gimim Pilietybė. 5 data code of 6. Gimim blade-place the 7 8 Išdavim data Lyte 9. Išdavus to 10 Galioj every institutions 11. Blade custom VII. 5. page (Figure 4B) HU in név 2 Család. 1 Utónév (-EC) were Születés Állampolgárság 3 4 5 6 in the Személy idö. szám. 7.8 in helya Születés Nem. 9. by Kiállitó dát Kiállítás of hatóság. 11.10 in Érvényesség Aláírá idő MT 1.2.3. Kunjom Ismij 4. Ċittadinanz data tat-twelid Numr ta ' 5 identifikazzjon 6.Post tat-twelid, personal 7. Ses 8. Data tal-ħruġ fejn inħareġ Uffiċċj 9 min 10. Meta Data jiskad 11. Firm then-NL detentur 1.2.3. Voornamen Na Nationalitei 4. 5. Persoonsnummer of Geboortedat Geboorteplaat Geslach 6 7 8. Datum van 10.De afgift 9. Instant geldigheidsduur van dit paspoor the a to op 11 eindig Handtekening van de houder PL 1.2.3. Imię Nazwisk Obywatelstw 4. urodzeni. 5 of the Data Number of urodzeni 6 Miejsc identyfikacyjny 7. Płeč 8. wydani. 9, Organ of Data wydający data upływ of 10 waźnośç 11. posiadacz PT 1 by Podp. Apelid 2. Lease (s) própri (s) 3 of 4 Data de Nacionalidad Nascimento 5. de pessoal-identificaçã Númer 6. Local de Nascimento 7. Sex the Data da emissã-8.9.10. Journeys of the ate 11. Use Válid do titular RO 1.2.3 Prenumel Numel. 4. Naţionalitate data naşteri 5. Cod numeric personal 6. naşteri Locul in 7. of 8. Înălţime data eliberări Organul 10 9 emiten. Data Semnătur a titularulu expirări. 11 see Priezvisk 1.2.3-príslušnos Štátn Meno 4. narodeni. 5 of Rodné Dát čisl narodeni of the Town of 6.7. Pohlav 8. vydani Forum 9. Pas Dát vydal Dát platnost 11 of 10. a ' a SL 1 držitel Podp. Priimek 2. the IME 3. Rojstn in the Državljanstv 4. EMŠ 5-6 datum. Rojstn kraj, 7. Reel 8. Datum izdaj 9. Pristojn 10. Vella of organ do a FI Lastnoročn, 11 1 Sukunim in podp 2. Etunime 3. Kansalaisu. 5 Syntymäaik 4. Henkilötunn 6. Syntymäkotikunt 8 7 Sukupuol. 9. Myöntävä Myoennetty 10. Viimeinen voimassaolopäivä viranomainen Haltijan nimikirjoit of SV 11 1.2.3. Nationalite Efternamn Förnamn 4. Födelsedat 5. Födelseor of 6.7. Personnummer Kön 8. you Utfärdand the myndighe 9 Utstedt a Sista giltighetsdag 11.10 in Innehavaren namnteckning VIII. 6. , page 7 and 8 (5A and 5b) SERVICE State/OFFICIAL status/STATUE the OFFICIEL IX. 10. page and the next page (6A and 6B) visa/ALL/all X 34. page (figure 7A) for the Republic of Latvia, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs requests and invites all, from which it depends, allow this service passports to travel freely and unhindered, and to provide him with the necessary assistance and protection. This Passport is the property of the Republic of Latvia.
On behalf of the Republic of Latvia, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs requests and requires all those whom it may concern to allow them the holder of this service passport to pass freely without let or hindranc, and to afford the holder such assistance and protection as may be not cessary. This Passport is the property of the Republic of Latvia.
Au nom de la République de le Ministèr des Anglais by Etrangèr Affairs of the à tous ceux demand qui peuven a être bien vouloir laisser passer concerné de libremen et sans le members of entrav to the passepor du présen et de Lui prêter en cas de besoin Aide et protection nécessair. CE passepor la propriété de la I République de Anglais. XI. Passport cover-back, inside the other (figure 7B) passport number of pages in all the languages of European Union countries in the Passport is a 34 page 34 страници съдържа Този паспорт Este pasaporte a 34 page of Awning contien Passport obsahuj is 34 stran. Dett pass består af 34 pass to 34 enthäl sider Dieser Seiten Passé one the διαβατήριο το περιέχει Αυτό lehekülg 34 34 σελίδες this passport contains 34 pages to the Ce passepor contien 34 pages 34 Tá leathanach sa ph SEO. Questo of the 34-page passaporto contien at 34 numeruot puslapi to a passport in Az oldal útlevél 34 a IP-fih tartalmaz Dan passaport paġn Di paspoor 34 a the bev paszpor zawier Ten to a 34-34 bladzijden stronie Este contém page 34 of the passaporto Acess to conţin of the paşapor page in the Passport Sheet 34 de obsahuj-34 vsebuj strán Ta potn list of 34 strani Tämä sivu on 34 of the Passo sisältää Dett pass innehåller 34 sidor figure 1 2A and 2B picture 3 a and 3 b picture 4 (a) and 4. 5. (a) and (b) figure 5b Figure 6 (a) and 6 (b). Figure 7A and 7B picture Foreign Minister e. Rinkēvič in

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