Amendments To The Cabinet Of Ministers Of 22 November 2005, Regulations No 886 "natural Park" The Age Of The Forest "personal Protection And Terms Of Use"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 2005.gada 22.novembra noteikumos Nr.886 "Dabas parka "Vecumu meži" individuālie aizsardzības un izmantošanas noteikumi"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 593 in Riga august 28, 2012 (pr. No 49 22) amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers of 22 November 2005, regulations no 886 "natural park" the age of the forest "personal protection and terms of use" Issued in accordance with the law "on especially protected natural territories" of the second subparagraph of article 14 and the second subparagraph of article 17 to make the Cabinet of Ministers of 22 November 2005, regulations no 886 "natural park" the age of the forest "personal protection and terms of use" (Latvian journal, 2005, 2007 189 no; , 84 no). the following amendments: 1. To supplement, on the basis of the provisions of the Act, issued after the word "areas" with a number and the words "the second paragraph of article 14 and". 2. Replace paragraph 1, the words "functional zoning," with the words "the name of nature park-special information mark, its creation and use of order". 3. Make paragraph 3 by the following: "3. the natural park area has 7842 ha. Functional area of natural park scheme set out in annex 1 of these provisions, but functional zone limits – this provision in annex 2. The boundary of the natural park of nature represents a special informative sign, a model of which, and the procedures for using these provisions set out in annex 3. " 4. Delete paragraph 5.
5. Supplement with 6.1 points by the following: "6.1 the nature protection authority by issuing a written authorisation following these rules, use the nature protection plan and the information contained in the latest available information on specially protected species and habitats in the territory of the nature park. Nature protection management authorization is not required, this rule 12.14.,.,.,., 19.5.1 19.5.2 14.3. and in 24.4.2 following, that in accordance with the laws and regulations on environmental impact assessment in national environmental service shall issue technical rules or carry out an environmental impact assessment. " 6. Delete paragraph 7. 7. Express 8.1. subparagraph by the following: ' 8. move by motor vehicles, including cars, implements, motorcycles, tricycles, quads, mopeds, as well as with animals and cart outside the roads and driveways a natural forest, except where the movement has been associated with the management of the territory, or national defence tasks, or rescue and search work; ". 8. Delete 8.2. and 8.4. 9. Replace the words "in paragraph 8.7. generators" with the word "plant". 10. Express 8.8. subparagraph by the following: "8.8. burn dry grasses and reeds, as well as repetitions of the forest, except where it is necessary to specially protected habitat restoration and conservation received government permission in writing, and writing knowledge of fire safety and the institution responsible for fire-fighting;" 11. Express 8.12. the introductory part of point as follows: "8.12. Nature conservation administrations, without the written permission of:". 12. Express point follows 8.12.4.: "8.12.4. install publicly available nature tourism infrastructure inquiry and objects (such as trails, view towers, resting places, campfire places, camping, parking areas, visitor center and information centers)." 13. Express 12.2. subparagraph by the following: "12.2. scientific studies by the environmental protection administration's written authorisation;". 14. Express 12.4. subparagraph by the following: "12.4. ecosystem, especially protected species Habitat, and specially protected habitat protection and conservation of the implementation of the measures required by the environmental protection administration's written authorisation;". 15. Express 12.9 12.10. subparagraph and the following wording: "12.9. educational activities. Organising events involving more than 30 people, allowed by the environmental protection administration's written permission; 12.10. the public inquiries take the installation in accordance with the provisions of annex 1 of the environmental protection administration following the written authorisation; ". 16. paragraph 12.14. To express the following: "the road of reconstruction of 12.14.15 august until 1 March by nature protection management written authorisation;". 17. To supplement the provisions of this paragraph 12.15: "12.15. environmental monitoring, national forest monitoring and forest inventory." 18. Add to paragraph 14.1., after the word "except" with the words "not the value of forest wood extraction". 19. Make 14.3. subparagraph by the following: "14.3. carry out activities that result in changes in land use, with the exception of category: 14.3.1. natural apmežojuš land use categories to change land use category" forest "or" Bush "; these provisions referred to action; 14.3.2. the nature protection management written permission: regeneration of forest planting or sowing of agricultural lands; specially protected habitat, and specially protected species habitat restoration; road reconstruction, if you change the path or location (subject to the provisions of paragraph 17 of these conditions); other utilities or building reconstruction, if you change the width of the track or position; ". 20. Make 14.5. the introductory subparagraph by the following: "14.5. parental lock to cut trees in stands aged:". 21. Make the following paragraph in 9.1: "stands to cut withered 14.7. trees and remove fallen trees, krital, or parts thereof, with a diameter more than 25 centimeters in space, except hazardous tree felling. Kaltuš and dangerous trees after felling left the stand, except 20 meters wide band along the trails, roads, stig, recreational areas and natural park of infrastructure objects. Allowed to remove fresh wind fallen ash and spruce, if it is more than five cubic metres per hectare; ". 22. Delete paragraph 14.12. 23. the express section 14.14. as follows: "split land 14.14. ground units of less than 10 hectares. This condition does not apply to ground units that are separated in the infrastructure and utilities for construction or maintenance and building conditions which determine the local government planning as well as in cases where the property is separated from ground unit with housing and outbuildings, courtyard and land required for the maintenance of the farm; ". 24. Make 14.19. introductory part of subparagraph by the following: "14.19. Nature conservation management without the prior written permission of:".
25. Delete.,., 14.19.6 14.19.1 14.19.2. and 14.19.7.. 26. To complement the rules with 14.1 14.2 points and by the following: "natural zone barring 14.1 sanitary harvesting only allowed where forest diseases, pests, animal or otherwise damaged trees pose large-scale threats and attacks from parasites can cause destruction stands volume production outside the nature area and barring a national forest service sanitary opinion. Doing curls, keep all the augtspējīgo trees. 14.2 to prevent danger to natural park visitors and infrastructure, natural forest area, barring disease, pests, animal or otherwise damaged, wind fallen trees cut and hack their way to curl. In this case, the national forest service tree felling receipt shall be issued by the environmental protection administration has given its approval. " 27. Express 16. the introductory paragraph by the following: "Regulation mode 16 zone and natural area prohibited closed Beaver hunting and Beaver Dams and damage to their homes, except in the following cases after administration of natural protection written authorization". 28. Make 17 the following: "17. Natural area road closed refurbishment and reconstruction allowed from 15 august until 1 March."
29. Make 19.2 and 19.3. subparagraph by the following: "19.2. bonfire outside the specially-built sites that provide no further spread of the fire, except the fire fire yards and the incineration of residues of digging under the fire protection and fire control laws and regulations;
19.3. to divide the land into land units smaller than five hectares. This condition does not apply to ground units that are separated in the infrastructure and utilities for construction or maintenance and building conditions which determine the local government planning as well as in cases where the property is separated from ground unit with housing and outbuildings, courtyard and land required for the maintenance of the farm; ".

30. Make 19.5. the introductory part of point and 19.5.1. subparagraph by the following: ' 19.5. Nature conservation administrations, without the written permission of: 19.5.1. carry out activities that result in changes in the forest, scrubland, swamp or agricultural land use category, except: apmežojuš Earth naturally use categories to change land use category "forest" or "scrub" (including this provision in the cases referred to in 19.1.1); these rules 19.1.2. the activities referred to in (a); ". 19.5.4. subparagraph be deleted 31., the words "and slapped by state sanitary forest service health opinion". 32. Delete 19.5.6. section. Express the point as follows: "19.7.3. maximum clear cut area, account, lopinga green, damp, wet damaksn mētrāj, into the damp, wet marshlands, reeds, lopinga, Marsh, liekņ, blue āren, blue āren, broadleaved and broadleaved kūdren kūdren in less than one hectare;". 34. To supplement the rules with 19.8., 12.4 and 19.10. subparagraph by the following: "the sanitary felling of 19.8. augtspējīgo cut trees; 12.4. to damage or destroy (also ploughed or cultivating) floodplain, patio and forest meadow and lauc, except game follow-on lauc; 19.10. the tree felling in the main lock: 19.10.1. reduce stumpage ground-floor stocking level below 0.4, not including dry standing trees; 19.10.2. stand in the way of openings greater than 0.1 hectare. "
35. Make 20 and 21 by the following: "20. Natural park area per hectare of stands maintain not less than 20 cubic meters of dry standing trees, fresh wind toppled trees and krital, with a diameter more than 25 centimeters in the space. If the total amount is greater, you must first save the resnāko trees. Allowed to remove fresh wind fallen ash and spruce, which is more than five cubic metres per hectare.
21. Natural park area and the main parental lock retains at least 15 of the oldest and largest plate size trees (ecological trees) to felling hectares, first save the resnāko (tree, bigger than the average predominant tree species tree of average average), the Linden oak, pine, ash, Elm, Vaughn, melnalkšņ and Maple. If such a tree stand is not, first save the Aspen and birch, as well as trees with large and thick branches, dobumain trees and trees with burning scars. "
36. To supplement the provisions and paragraph 21.2 21.1 as follows: "dry trees, krital 21.1 and nocirsto hazardous trees 20. these provisions referred to in paragraph 1, as well as the severed tree stump left stand to ensure the (dead) rotting wood as his residence in forest ecosystems important species.
21.2 The stands where vējgāz, vējlauz, infectious disease or pest infestations result in stand šķērslaukum has become less of a critical šķērslaukum and wind toppled, damaged, dry standing trees and krital are not gone, not subject to reforestation and care requirements of the coppice. " 37. To replace the words in paragraph 23.2. "alien" with the word "encompasses". 38. To supplement the provisions of the following paragraph 24.3.1: "24.3.1 take actions that result in the change of land use category;". 39. Express 24.4. the introductory paragraph of subparagraph by the following: "15.2. without nature protection management written permission:". 40. Delete 24.4.3. section. 41. Express 25.3. the introductory part of point as follows: "no natural 25.3 management written permission:". Delete. 43. To delete the words in subparagraph 25.3.4. "and the sanitary slapped (after the national forest service in the opinion of health)". 44. Delete paragraph 26 and 27.4. section.
45. To express point following 27.5.: "17.1. destroy natural repetitions." 46. Delete 17.1. section. 47. To supplement the rules with 27.1 point as follows: "If the protected trees 27.1 suppresses or shades under trees and shrubs, it allowed cutting wood in a protected Crown plane and adjacent area of the trees, creating a free bar of 10 metres wide, measured from the protected wood Crown projection to the tree crown cover, in accordance with the laws and regulations governing the felling of trees in the forest, and out of it." 48. in paragraph 28, replace the words "the regional environmental governance" with the words "Government of nature protection". 49. Make subparagraph by the following: "2.2.4. 248.5, 6, 4 (part of the nogabal to a line formed by the points with coordinates x, y 351415 350808, 730235 730249 and x y) "50. Express 3. name the following:" special informative signs, and they use this sample for the creation ". 51. To replace paragraph 1 of annex 3, the words "protected areas" with the words "natural park". 52. the supplement to annex 3 paragraph 4 by the following: "4. the mark (preparation) and deployment provides the management of nature protection, in cooperation with the relevant authorities." 53. Make annex 4 by the following: "4. in the annex to Cabinet of Ministers of 22 November 2005, regulations no 886 protected trees – local and encompasses his species (by the circumference or altitude) No. PO box The name of the Latvian language in the Latin name of 1.3 m in circumference (m) height (m) (I). Native species 1. Outdoor Birch (the Birch warty) the pendulum Betul (Betul-verrucos) 3.0 33 2. The Moose of the incan 1.6 Baltalksn 25 3. Blīgzn (pūpolvītol)-1.9 capre Salix 22 4. European Euonymus Europaea-1.0 segliņš 6 5. Hybrid Alder Alnus x pubescens 1.5 32 6. Melnalksn the Alnus glutinosa 2.5 30 7. Wild Pear Pyrus pyraster 1.5 13 8. Wild Apple tree Malus sylvestris 1.5 14 9. The usual Aspen Populus tremul 3.5-35 10. Picea abies Picea abies 3.0 37 11. Elm Ulmus glabr normally a 4.0 28 12. The usual Eve-Avium 1.7 Pad 22 13. Normal (Berry) yew Taxus baccata 0.6 8 14. Common Juniper Juniperus communis 0.8 11 15. Platanoid of the normal Maple Acer 3.5 27 16. Normally the Tilia cordata Linden 3.5 33 17. Normal OSIs Fraxinus excelsior 3.5 34 18. Common oak Quercus robur 4.0 32 19. The usual aucupari of Rowan Sorbus 1.5 21 20. Plain pine Pinus sylvestris 2.5 38 21. Common Rowan Carpinus betulus 1.5 20 22. Normally Truscott Ulmus laevis 4.0 30 23. Swamp Birch (birch fuzzy) of Betul pubescens (Betul Alba) 3.0 32 24. Salix pentandra of 1.6 22 25 Šķetr. The delicate Willow Salix fragile States – 4.0 II. species Encompasses 26. White willow Salix alba 4.5 20 27. Robīnij of the white pseudoacaci of 1.9 Robini 20 28. Balsam spruce to Both the 1.5 balsame 24 29. European spruce Abies alba 2.7 32 30. The European ciedrupried Pinus-1.6 produced 22 31. European Larch Larix decidu-3.2 39 32. Holland bean Tilia Europaea 2.8 x 26 33. Mountain Maple Acer pseudoplatan to 2.2 20 34. The larch Larix Lēdebūr for 3.0 ledebouri 34 35. The Crimean Linden Tilia x euchlor-1.9 20 36. Field Maple Acer campestris is 1.5 18 37. Mandžūrij of the mandshuric of Walnut Juglan 1.6 18 38. Black pine Pinus nigra 1.9 23 39. Mount Menzies in the Pseudotsuga-Douglas menziesi 2.4 30 40. Poplar Populus spp. 5.0 35 41. Zirgkastaņ of Aescul of hippocastan in the plain of 3.0 23 42. European Beech Fagus sylvatica 3.8 30 43. Pennsylvania pennsylvanic-OSIs Fraxinus 2.0 23 44. Broad-leaved lime Tilia platyphyllo in the 3.1 27 45. The gray of Juglan cinerea 2.8 Walnut 20 46. West of Thuja occidentalis 1.5 tūj 16 47. Sweet cherry cerasus Avium 1.6 12 48. Red oak Quercus Rubra 1.9 27 49. The Willow Salix x blushing Rubens 3.1 25 50. Siberian spruce sibiric Abies-1.8 30 51. Siberian ciedrupried of Pinus sibiric-1.9 22 52. Silver Maple Acer 3.2 26 53 of saccharin. Eastern white pine Pinus strobus 2.7 36 54. Monochrome Abies concolor 1.7 spruce 32 "Prime Minister v. dombrovsky environmental protection and regional development Minister Sprūdž in the E.

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